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April 07, 2010

Wikileaks' Collateral Murder

Wikileaks' Collateral Murder

This is just foul.

Click HERE to learn more.

I can't believe US military killed a Reuters photojournalist because they thought his camera was an armed weapon.

I can't believe US military shot people who tried to rescue other people.

I can't believe US military opened fire on a van with children inside.

If you watch the full video, there's this guy who simply could not wait to shoot, asking questions like "Can I shoot?" and "Come on, let us shoot!" in spite of the fact that their targets were picking up wounded bodies. That made me really sick to my stomach.

I wonder if these soldiers... I dunno how to describe them, murderers (?), are able to sleep at night knowing the amount of human lives they took....

Is everything fair in love and war? Unbelievable.

March 29, 2010

Moscow Subway Suicide Bombing

Moscow Subway Suicide Bombing

One of my best friends is currently on holiday in Russia. When I heard the news this morning about the two subway bombings in Moscow, I couldn't help but worry. 

Female suicide bombers detonated explosions that rocked two subway stations in central Moscow during rush hour on Monday morning, killing at least 35 people, officials said.

"It was a terrorist act carried out by the female suicide bombers," said Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, citing Russia's intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service. "They were specifically timed -- for ... the train was nearing the station -- to make the most damage. -- CNN

Moscow Metro Suicide Bombing

Luckily, I've heard back from her and she's doing fine. Thank god she left Moscow yesterday. She's now in St. Petersburg.

One of the two subway stations (Lubyanka and Park Kultury) bombed is very near the Vogue Russia office!

I hope all my other friends and acquaintances in Moscow are safe.

photo credit: cnn

January 16, 2010

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?

Just wondering.

I'm quite stumped as to why my recent call-to-action post about helping Haiti would ruffle a few feathers. 

Bryanboy at D&G Showroom Milan
Me at the D&G showroom in Milan, September 2009

A few Filipino (who else) readers emailed to express their disappointment how I blogged about helping Haiti (whose death toll, according to Reuters, may hit 200,000) and I didn't blog about the time when the Philippines went through two major storms in September of last year, especially typhoon Ondoy (whose death toll reached 337 based on a report dated October 9, 2009).

Click click click!

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January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Victims - How You Can Help + Donations Needed

Haiti Earthquake - How You Can Help

Quick public service announcement... I'm sure you've heard of the massive earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday. Thousands are feared dead and many, many people are left homeless.

Haiti Earthquake photo of injured people at Hotel Villa Creole in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I'm gonna cut this post short and encourage you my dearest and kindest readers to donate ANY amount to go to much-needed relief efforts.

I'm donating a small amount. I hope you guys do, too.

That's all.

photo credit: ap via

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