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March 07, 2005

Talk is cheap, skype is free!

I've been using voice over IP (Vonage) for my business for quite a while now, almost a year and a half now to be exact. So when I came across Skype not too long ago, not another voip thing, I thought.


After careful thought, considering I've got far too many programs on my computer already -- trust me -- my registry is so fucking large and dirty god knows what disease it carries after all these downloads and installations I made on my PC, I finally downloaded skype today.

You have to have both your speakers and your mic working in order to use skype. Since the idea of my icky voice blaring through someone's speakers halfway across the world is so appalling (NOT appealing) and god knows how other people would feel if they knew THEIR voice is blaring on my speakers, I called my sister and asked her to buy me one of those disgusting headset things -- she was at the mall earlier.

God I despise headsets. They make me look like a

call center worker or a telephone operator. It's so


There's this optional thing where you can allow yourself to receive calls from strangers all over the world. Since I was bored earlier and got nothing to do, I decided to play around and set my skype to receive calls from people I don't know.

Within an hour of joining skype, I got TONS of calls, mostly from Germany, France and Spain.

I even had this 24 year old Germany guy who goes home during the weekends into their village of 3,000 people. I asked him whether he's got a photo and he said he's using his sister's computer to use skype and he doesn't have any on the computer he's using -- at least he's honest. Anyway, we talked about lots of stuff and then he told me this story about the first time he had sex -- he was 14. He said he went swimming one day at this public "swimming hall" and at that time, there were American soldiers who had to use the swimming hall for shower facilities and an American soldier fucked him. Too much information, I think. Block block block.

Then there was this Spaniard who asked me why I'm carrying a handbag on one of my pictures. Hello -- is he insane? I blocked him. Block block block.

Anyway, talk is cheap. Skype is free. If you have skype, drop by and say hello. If you don't have skype, download it, drop by and say hello. My username is bryanboy.

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