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September 03, 2009

Grace Coddington Part Deux

Grace Coddington Part Deux

Here's another tidbit from The September Issue.

I'm telling you -- Grace Coddington is the STAR! The bit before this clip where she explained why she's still working with Vogue after all these years almost made me cry. If you haven't seen it yet, run, don't walk, run, to the nearest movie theater where it's showing.

You're welcome.

September 02, 2009

The September Issue

Anna Wintour The September Issue Movie Poster

Here at the cinema about to watch the September Issue with John, Ashley and Jesse.

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August 19, 2009

Andre Leon Talley to Judge Miss Universe 2009!

Andre Leon Talley to Judge Miss Universe 2009!

Oh my god I can't breathe. Dontcha just love it? First you've got Anna Wintour appearing on David Letterman... now this. Our beloved Vogue knight in shining armor Andre Leon Talley will judge the Miss Universe 2009 beauty pageant on August 23!

photo of anna wintour and andre leon talley

New York, NY  August 17, 2009  NBC, Donald J. Trump and Paula M. Shugart, President, Miss Universe Organization, today announced the celebrity judges for the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant live on NBC and Telemundo on Sunday, August 23rd (9 PM ET).
The judges are: Dean Cain, actor and producer best known for his TV portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman; Colin Cowie, author/television personality/designer to the stars; Gerry DeVeaux, award-winning producer, songwriter and style guru; Farouk, Founder and Chairman of CHI Hair Care; Heather Kerzner, philanthropist and ambassador for Kerzner International and their resorts, including Atlantis, Paradise Island; Richard LeFrak, Chairman, President and CEO, LeFrak Organization; George Maloof Jr., professional sports mogul and hotelier;  Valeria Mazza, international supermodel; Matthew Rolston, leading photographer and director; Andre Leon Talley, award-winning writer and editor;  Tamara Tunie, actress, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"; and Keisha Whitaker,fashion maven and founder of the Kissable Couture lip gloss line.

Team Vogue is going all out in the media these days aren't they?

Will someone PLEASE give Grace Coddington her own reality TV show? Please?

And please, for the life of god, invite my favourite Edward Enninful and Steven Meisel to Big Brother or something like that.

Thank you.

[Update - 5:14PM: I realized I left out Hamish Bowles who I love very much. But yes, I'd love to see him come out with exercise videos.]

And Emily Sylvana Soto-Ward?

That's all.

Mwah mwah.

photo via nymag

July 26, 2009

Download Anna Wintour Ring Tones For Free! [do it now]

Anna Wintour Quotes + Free Ring Tones

Anna Wintour, who we all love very much, needs no introduction so let's cut to the chase.

Anna Wintour quotes ring tones

I made these ring tones for my new baby which I'll blog about soon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. All you need to do is download the audio files to your computer and transfer them to your phone. I cannot guarantee whether they'd work on your mobile or not (and quite frankly, I don't care so please don't ask me any tech support-related questions because I do not have the time) but lemme tell you they perfectly work on my phone.

  • [here] Little Houses (my personal favourite; this is my text message tone)
  • [here] Fashion Makes People Nervous
  • [here] Glutton for Punishment
  • [here] Fur
  • [here] Glamorous Girlfriend
  • [here] Needy Bitch
  • [here] People
  • [here] Sunglasses
  • [here] Bonus! Andre Leon Talley - Famine of Beauty
  • [here] BONUS! (as requested by idris) BRYANBOY on LITTLE BRITISH HOUSES

Say the magic words: you're welcome.

PS. If you want to share these lovely ring tones to your own minions, please link to this page instead of linking to the files directly in your site. I'm paying for bandwidth charges not you.

Again, you're welcome. Enjoy! :)

July 11, 2009

Hamish Bowles in Drag... Kinky Gerlinky!

Hamish Bowles in Drag... Kinky Gerlinky!

I died. Died died died died died. I have NEVA EVA seen this side of Hamish Bowles before. Ever! Gurl werqed it hard for the money back in the day!!! I'm telling you... she pretty much outqueened them all!

I love!

You're welcome.

May 16, 2009

Cameron Diaz for Vogue USA Cover June 2009

Cameron Diaz for American Vogue

After the recent stunning cover featuring the models of the moment, American Vogue's gone back to the usual celebrity pool. Cameron Diaz is on the cover of their June 2009 issue.

Photo of Cameron Diaz on the cover of Vogue USA, June 2009 issue.

I like it. There is something about the cover that screams "American chic". Maybe it's the blond in white combo? It's very American Vogue.

I have to admit though I'm not gonna run to the newsstands to buy this issue (unlike what I did to Michelle Obama's). Why buy when you can read it at the salon... for free?

April 13, 2009

US Vogue May 2009 Cover - The Faces of the Moment by Steven Meisel

US Vogue May 2009 Cover

OMG STUNNING! The highly-anticipated May 2009 cover of American Vogue featuring models is out. It's so huge I had to resize it. The front cover went to two of Anna's favourite old pets, Liya Kebede and Natalia Vodianova and *shock* Anna Jagodzinska, who came in as a surprise. Congratulations to HER!

US Vogue May 2009 models cover

Meanwhile, Isabeli Fontana, Jourdan Dunn, Raquel Zimmermann, Lara Stone, Caroline Trentini and Natasha Poly can be found on the pull-out.

Vogue USA May 2009 cover models

So what do you all think?

I love the cover but a few of them look way too photoshopped and I don't like the casting that much.

It's about time American Vogue bust out a cover with models in it but Natalia Vodianova again? Isn't she already too established, too much of a veteran to even be considered as a 'face of the moment'?

Out of everyone in that mix, Natasha Poly deserved the main spot the most. She's the closest thing to a supermodel that we have right now. You know she works harder than most of the girls there...

I can't wait for this issue to hit the newstands here in the third world. I'm gonna buy myself a copy. Ok, maybe two or three copies because it would probably take a decade before we get another 'models' cover.

Diversity watchers rejoice: it's the third consecutive time American Vogue featured a black woman on the cover.

Last observation: how come there's not a single American model there?

scan credit: luxx via tfs

March 14, 2009

Beyonce Knowles Vogue USA April 2009 Cover

Beyonce Knowles for Vogue

I think it was last year when I've finally come to terms that models have no place when it comes to American Vogue covers. It's simply not the magazine for them. I've given up on whingeing and whining because, quite frankly, it's pointless, useless and akin to giving a litany to a brick wall.

Anyhoo, Beyonce "Sasha Fierce" Knowles is on the cover of Vogue's April 2009 Shape Issue. TBH, I thought she's an interesting choice made by Anna. Didn't she just put First Lady Michelle Obama on this month's cover? When was the last time you saw two black women on the cover of Vogue in a row?

Beyonce Knowles for Vogue USA Cover April 2009

I like the simplicity of the cover. It's refreshing to see Beyonce in such an elegant and chic state. Ahhhh the power of Vogue photographers, Vogue airbrushing...

Did Vogue really just said "WORK IT"????

What do you think?

I don't know about you but I think I'm gonna buy a copy.

I know right?

*scan credit: pulse music board

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