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August 10, 2010

Crazy Cocktail Rings [video]

Crazy Cocktail Rings

Check out this video I took of some really cray cray cocktail rings I saw at a shop in Taipei. I've lost a few days' worth of sleep over them.

The rings are soo beautiful but they're so expensive. We're talking about US$400 and up, as much as US$1500+ each! These are not your ordinary fancy jewelry. Some were made using semi-precious stones and the craftsmanship is incredible.

A friend and I found it funny that we were complaining how expensive they were... because the shop is just an ordinary stall. I can't even imagine how much these would go for if they were sold at a store in North America or in Europe.

I dunno. There were a few pieces that I really, really want but I had to walk away empty-handed because I have other priorities can't afford them whereas my friends who can afford didn't buy them because really, the prices were too much for what they were.

Ah well.

August 09, 2010

Crystal Cellphone Case & Covers [Pimp & Bling Your Phone]

Crystal Cellphone Case & Covers

Have you seen these swarovski crystall cell phone cases and covers?

ELECTRIFYING! I DIED when I saw these in Taipei. DIED. DIED, I TELL YOU.

It's no secret that the Chinese adore anything that's glittery and shiny... cellphones are not spared from this dazzling love affair.

Hello Kitty Swarovski Crystal cellphone iphone cases covers

There's more where they came from. Click click click!

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Nazi Buddha Taipei, Taiwan

Nazi Buddha - Taipei, Taiwan

I'm too lazy to search this on google but I must say that this Buddhist temple with the swastika symbol is the first (and last) striking thing that I saw on the journey to and from Taipei airport.

Swastika on Buddhist Temple, Taipei Taiwan

Swastika on Buddhist Temple, Taipei Taiwan

It's cray cray isn't it? I'm sure it means something different. I think I've read many years ago about all these kids wearing swastika signs on clothing in China.

Totally Taipei

Totally Taipei

How did your weekend go? I've spent my weekend in Taipei with one of my besties and boy, I have heaps of stories to share. It's my first time to go to Taipei (and Taiwan)... and I had lots of fun. It's interesting because Taiwan is just an hour and forty five minutes from the Philippines but I never really had the opportunity to visit until last week. It's a wonderful, wonderful place and I can assure you I'm gonna do my best to go there more.

Bryanboy in Taipei

Bryanboy in Taipei

Please bear with me as I go through hundreds of photos we took while I try to catch up with work. It's gonna be a very busy week.

Happy Monday everyone!

photo credit: thebaghag

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