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August 25, 2010

Caption This: Fashion is Not a 24-Hour Job

Caption This: Fashion is Not a 24-Hour Job

Look who went chav scum! I had to haul this much stuff with me when I checked out of the hotel to go to the BF's.

What's your favourite caption?

  • "I'd take you down a darkened urban alley and facefuck you, sure."
  • "Those trainers are the sort of things middle-aged Americans wear. Love has drained you of fabulous."
  • "The Bryanboy Luggage Collection is available exclusively at Walmart."
  • "Ecstasy dealer isdatchu?"
  • "All you need is a VW badge around your neck and the look is totally Madchester circa 1992. It's not fashion-fail, it's fashion guru ahead-of-the-curve amaze."

Outside Berns Hotel, Stockholm

Outside Berns Hotel, Stockholm

Yes I know. I'm sorry.

I know I shouldn't say this but things are doing so great in my life right now that I am increasingly finding it difficult to sit down and blog.

Bryanboy Outside Berns Hotel, Stockholm

Hat by Chanel, sweater by J Crew, shirt by Patrik Ervell, jeans from Uniqlo, bag from Pucci, sunglasses from Gucci, shoes from Kenzo.

Let's me post a few entries. Stay tuned.

photo via stockholm streetstyle

August 22, 2010

Pre-Show Chat at Cheap Monday with FashionToast and Style Scrapbook

Pre-Show Chat at Cheap Monday with FashionToast and StyleScrapbook

Here's a funny video of me chatting to my gurl Rumi of Fashiontoast and Andy of StyleScrapbook at Cheap Monday. It's kind of embarassing that Rumi and I missed the odd show here and there (oops) but we were early birds at most of the shows we attended.

If you ask me, I don't mind being early at shows. In fact, being early is the way to go. When it comes to the big leagues, Anna Wintour, for the most part, is usually the first one to go in, first one to go out. Maybe someday I'll have car service when I go to the shows in NY/Milan/Paris? One could only wish...


August 21, 2010

Hope Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

Hope Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

View from my seat at the Hope spring/summer 2011 fashio show here in Stockholm. Hope is another personal favourite of mine.

I am obsessed with those leather wrap-around wedges. OBSESSED!

August 20, 2010

Berns Hotel Room 212 - Rumi Neely

Berns Hotel Room 212 - Rumi Neely

The spectacular Berns Hotel served as our home here in Stockholm.

Rumi Neely at Berns Hotel, Stockholm

My gurl Rumi Neely (that's Fashiontoast to you) stayed on the second floor and she invited me to visit her room (212). It's funny how she liked my room better than hers while I liked hers better than mine.

Click click click!

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Carin Wester Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

Carin Wester Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

Here's the final walkthrough of the spring/summer 2011 Carin Wester show.

Carin Wester is one of my favourite Swedish designers and I'm so happy to be able to make it to her show.


TV4 Nyhetsmorgon Sweden - Hanneli Mustaparta, Bryanboy and Elin Kling

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon Sweden

Earlier this week, me, Hanneli and Elin made a guest appearance at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon. It's Sweden's biggest morning show on TV.

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon fashion bloggers Hanneli Mustaparta, Bryanboy, Elin Kling

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon fashion bloggers Hanneli Mustaparta, Bryanboy, Elin Kling

Click click click!

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Cheap Monday Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

Cheap Monday Spring Summer 2011 Final Walkthrough Video

Thought I'd share this video I took of the Cheap Monday spring/summer 2011 fashion show finale here in Stockholm.

Keep an eye out for the legendary Kirsten Owen who walked the show. She's iconic! She's been modeling since the late 80s.

It's intriguing to watch this Swedish denim company evolve over the years. Cheap Monday's core DNA and foundation are their trademark skinny jeans, which, next season, comes in zebra stripes in gold glitter.

Filippa K Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Show Video

Filippa K Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Show Video

Here's the view from my seat at the Filippa K spring/summer 2011 fashion show in Stockholm.

Expressen Sweden

Expressen Sweden

Expressen, one of Sweden's most-read dailies, ran a story on fashion bloggers and their favourite style tip.

Fashion bloggers at Expressen, Sweden

Thank you for the lovely mention.

Spring/Summer 2011 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm

Spring/Summer 2011 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm

Hi guys... I'm back!

Fashion bloggers at Whyred spring summer 2011 fashion show in Stockholm, Sweden

Susie, Rumi, Me, Hanneli and Elin at Whyred Spring/Summer 2011

As some of you already know on Twitter, I'm currently here in Stockholm for the spring/summer 2011 Mercedes Benz fashion week.

I apologize for the lack of updates recently as I have been extremely busy. It's not easy being a one-man circus, you know.

I have lots of photos and videos waiting for you so keep an eye out over the next day or so for updates. It's gonna be fun!

photo via Style by Kling

June 08, 2010

Sturehof, Stockholm

Sturehof, Stockholm

A friend and I went to Sturehof for a Sunday afternoon creme brulee and took these pics of random Swedes on the street over a glass of rose.

I love this guy's cardigan.

Sturehof, Stockholm

Click click click!

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June 06, 2010

Hello Stockholm, Hello H&M

Hello Stockholm, Hello H&M

First of all, I am terribly, terribly sorry for the lack of updates. It's very unusual for me NOT to update my blog this long. The whole month of May has been a whirlwind of long-haul plane rides, cross-continent journeys, car rides, etc. I guarantee you regular programming will resume soon.

Bryanboy + H&M

I'm currently in Stockholm, Sweden, home of fast-fashion megabrand H&M (Hennes & Mauritz). Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M's amazing and super gracious Head Designer.

Bryanboy + H&M

Click click click!

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June 29, 2007

Spot the hottie

Spot the hottie!

So tell me, what is more attractive than a hot boy with nice, long hair and a love affair with bright colours, cardigans, skinny jeans, handbags and yes, pink shoes?

hot guy

I know a hottie when I see one. Click click click for more pictures of Jonatan from Stockholm.

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December 11, 2005

Cryanboy, Love Me, Video Surprise, Stockhome Excess



Download gettingclosermp3.mp3

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I have never felt soo stupid.

I did cry for a little bit on my way back from the train station (where I dropped Jakob off cause he has to go back to middle of nowhere, Sweden) to the hotel. Thank god I had my brand spanking new Gucci sunglasses to conceal my tears.

(God I look awful on that picture.)

I'll be honest. I haven't cried in a long time.

Heck, I didn't even cry when my grandfather died last year.

I don't even know why the fuck I'm sobbing like a little bitch. 

It seems soo petty and shallow, you know.

I bet you he'll probably laugh it off (or feel embarassed) when he reads this post. Am I right, Jakob? Hah! *kiddin*

Nah, he's a really cool guy. I'm glad that we met. I have to admit though, the chances of me and him seeing again are pretty much slim to none. History repeats itself and it's ***ALWAYS*** been like that whenever I go on holiday.

I told him yesterday when we were walking around Copenhagen, "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday."

Here's a funny pic taken on Friday (thanks Sebastian!!!!)


I look like a midget compared to all those guys. Ugh! Someone just make me 6 foot 3 already. Please? All I want for christmas is to be 6'3... or 6'4.

Love Me

While true love comes in the form of a Hermes croc birkin bag or a Vacheron Constantin watch, looking at some of these pictures will suffice when I'm feeling shit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for loving me.

(Bryangirl in the making. She's only 16 months old. Thanks Sharon!)

(Here's some Swedish lovin' lovin from Ola and Linn... they're some of Jakob's friends.  The left sign says "Go for it Jaqy" aka Jakob.)

AL from the Philippines even had their maids do the Bryanboy pose. I love it! (Hello to JS!!)

I love girls from the land of kangaroos and gorgeous surfer boys.


Here's a big one from Singapore. Bryanboy LOVES EACH AND EVERYONE of you.


Keep those pictures coming. A lonely, sobbing bitch like me can never have too much love. True love comes in the form of a photograph. Email prima facie evidence of your unconditional love to

Anyway, I need to get my head fixed. I'm gonna roam around Copenhagen for a bit, stock up on Georg Jensen and see more Danish people.

I need a good kick up my ass so I'll *snap* *snap* back to reality.

Video Surprise

I have a little gay video surprise for you all.

I'm cleaning up my digital camera and came across this small video of me posing in a club. Niklas must have pressed the wrong button and took a video instead of a picture.

Click here to download/view it. It's quite dark though. Oh well.

Stockhome Excess

Here's more Stockholm pics for you to look at. Some of the pics were taken at Sturecompagniet. I'm telling you, that FOX goes everywhere!!!!










Ok, ok, I know she's gorgeous. Her chinchilla is better than mine though. I love you NAOMI!



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