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December 17, 2010

Shoes Make Me Happy

Shoes Make Me Happy

Are you enjoying the holiday shopping season? There are tons of SALE promotions everywhere. I swear to god, my heart beats faster every time I see a 'sale' sign and I always have to remind myself "Stop. Must. Save. For. Future."

I saw this hysterical sign at the ION shopping mall in Singapore yesterday morning.

Shoes make me happy.

Suddenly don't feel bad about the treats I got myself: a new pair of Lanvin shoes and a Marc Jacobs bag.

Lanvin shoes, Marc Jacobs bag

I think I've worked VERY hard this year...a treat (here and there) is well-deserved, no?

July 28, 2010

Singapore Straits Times

Singapore Straits Times

Singapore's largest newspaper, the Singapore Straits Times, published a 'what's in your bag' feature on me last week. They took this shot back in April.

Singapore Straits Times

Thank you so much for the kind words and for the lovely feature!

I love Singapore, I miss Singapore and I hope to be in Singapore again soon.

May 08, 2010

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice

One of the things I *always* look forward to eating whenever I'm in Singapore is their famous Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Hainanese Chicken Rice at St. Regis Hotel, Singapore

Hainanese Chicken Rice at St. Regis Hotel, Singapore

I don't think I could ever get sick of it. I had it every day (via room service) at the St. Regis. 

The $64 million question is... who makes the best Hainanese Chicken Rice in Manila? Answers on a postcard...

May 04, 2010

Bryanboy's Room - St. Regis Hotel Singapore Edition

Bryanboy's Room - St. Regis Hotel Singapore Edition

I've added a new category called "Bryanboy's Room" on my blog. It's long overdue considering I've been spending a lot of time at airports, hotels and sometimes, airport hotels (yes!!) lately. Now that I have a new camera (how I wish it's a dslr but I can't afford one hu hu hu), I'm gonna take tons of photos of my hotel rooms over the next few months.

St. Regis Singapore Hotel Room

St. Regis Singapore Hotel Bryanboy

With that being said, say hello to the temporary International Global Worldwide Superpower Headquarters of

Click click click!

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Vintage Roberto Cavalli - Audi Fashion Festival 2010 Finale Video

Vintage Roberto Cavalli - Audi Fashion Festival 2010 Finale Video

In addition to showing select pieces from his fall/winter 2010 collection, Italian designer Roberto Cavalli, who's celebrating his 40th anniversary, closed this year's Audi Fashion Festival with vintage pieces from his archive.

Vintage Roberto Cavalli at 2010 Audi Fashion Festival Singapore

Vintage Roberto Cavalli at 2010 Audi Fashion Festival Singapore

I had chills running down my spine when that oversized white feather number came out. Want. NEED. Gagging for it!

St. Regis Hotel, Singapore [pictures and photos overload]

St. Regis Hotel, Singapore

It doesn't matter whether I'm staying for a night or a week but I love hotels. I often find them inspiring. I'm usually a big fan of boutique hotels because each property has its own unique style and character unlike massive, multinational hotel chains where they have a cookie-cutter approach. However, it's also nice to stay at ultra luxxe traditional hotels, like the amazing St. Regis in Singapore for instance. All my whims and desires were catered for during my stay. The level of service and their standards are very high.

St. Regis Hotel Singapore

St. Regis Hotel Singapore

Click click click for more photos!

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May 03, 2010

Why Singapore, Why?

Why Singapore, Why?

The image you are about to see after the jump is quite graphic. You've been warned.

Click click click!

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May 02, 2010

alldressedup singapore fall/winter 2010

alldressedup singapore fall/winter 2010

Took this video of the finale of Singaporean fashion label alldressedup's fall/winter 2010 show.

Pieces that caught my eye: Waikupu pant, Upolu jumpsuit, Haiku bermuda shorts and Vidawa scarves, Hauraki fur jacket, Noname skirt with the bow detail on the front.

Lady Melbourne

Lady Melbourne

Aussie bloggers represent! Phoebe, aka Lady Melbourne, is here in Singapore.

Lady Melbourne

I've met her in Melbourne last year so you can only imagine how great it was to see her once again at the Henry Holland show last night.

Visit her blog,

Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Singapore slings ahoy! Alistair (of Esquire Dubai) and I went to the Raffles Hotel last night for a quick drink.

Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Click click click!

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April 29, 2010

Third of May or May 3? That's the £64.64 Question [hh + bb video]

Third of May or May 3?

Listen to these traveling queens speak to one another. Nails on the chalkboard much? Hahaha ;-) Henry's adorable!

HH and me are here at the Lion City. We flipped (that term is soo wrong and dirty, like 'versatile') each other on our way from the airport to our hotel.

See you guys during Audi Fashion Festival?

December 16, 2009

Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 Singapore [video]

Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 Singapore

I took this video of the Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 fashion show in Singapore over the weekend.

There were lots of prints, stripes, sequins and yes, the gold lamé dress Kate Moss wore to the Met Ball... but my favourite piece from the collection is this super embellished navy blue cardigan with floral appliques. It was love at first sight.

Marc Jacobs cardigan Resort 2010

If you live in Singapore, be sure to visit the new Marc Jacobs store at ION shopping center on Orchard Road. I went there for a quick visit and they already have select pieces from the Resort collection.

photo credit: marc jacobs

December 14, 2009

It's a Wrap!

It's a Wrap!

Home sweet home. Just got back a few hours ago here in Manila. I'm done with the traveling this year. 2009 brought me to so many countries: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, United States of America, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Qatar (well, it was a stopover lol). I was supposed to go to Hong Kong this week but I'm gonna resched that trip. I find it interesting because not to long ago, I'd be lucky to go overseas like twice or thrice a year. Now I only have several empty pages left on the new passport that I just got in October of last year, my Canon G9 got smashed and lastly, my Globetrotter suitcase gave up on me. Yikes.

Changi Airport Singapore
View from the smoking area at Singapore's Changi Airport

I know I sound like I'm complaining but really, I'm not. All I'm saying is that I'm exhausted and drained. It's not fun having bloodshot eyes constantly. The first thing people say when they see me is "are you ok? you look tired". Not good. I know lots of people have crazier travel schedules compared to mine... I wonder how those jetsetting queens:

a) remain on top of their game
b) keep being productive
c) still manage to look immaculate all the time

I need time to recover and lift my spirits up.

I hope I get to travel to even more places next year. I love traveling so much and I also love meeting people. The world is so big and there's always somewhere new to discover.

But I need to start taking myself, both my health and my financial health, more. 

With that being said, the traveling might be over (for now) but my super backblogged work only just begun.

Higher and higher and higher, higher and higher and higher!

November 04, 2008

Channel News Asia (Singapore) Primetime Morning - The Insider

Channel News Asia (Singapore) Primetime Morning - The Insider

It's 9:30AM and I just finished watching Channel News Asia interview (live, if I may add) the lovely and adorable Sharon T. who is Style: Magazine Singapore's Fashion Editor. She was there to talk about Fashion Blogs.

Guess who got a great plug in Singaporean televeeeeeshonnnn beamed across Asia? Unfortunately, I don't have a tv in my room so I watched the whole thing via streaming video online. Click click click for screenshots!

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October 17, 2008

Viktor Jeans in Singapore

Viktor Jeans in Singapore

Calling my Singaporean readers... my friend Ino Caluza, who runs his own custom-made denim line, Viktor Jeans, is currently in Singapore.

Pop by tomorrow afternoon, October 18, 2008, at the Momentous Art Gallery in Lorong Telok.

Trust me when I say Ino Caluza will make anything (denim at least) for you. He specializes in jeans and he'd be more than happy to make a pair (or more) for you based on your specifications (choice of fabric, details, stitching, etc). He'll measure you up for the perfect fit.

For more information, visit or call +65 8343 2330.

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