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August 10, 2010

Crazy Cocktail Rings [video]

Crazy Cocktail Rings

Check out this video I took of some really cray cray cocktail rings I saw at a shop in Taipei. I've lost a few days' worth of sleep over them.

The rings are soo beautiful but they're so expensive. We're talking about US$400 and up, as much as US$1500+ each! These are not your ordinary fancy jewelry. Some were made using semi-precious stones and the craftsmanship is incredible.

A friend and I found it funny that we were complaining how expensive they were... because the shop is just an ordinary stall. I can't even imagine how much these would go for if they were sold at a store in North America or in Europe.

I dunno. There were a few pieces that I really, really want but I had to walk away empty-handed because I have other priorities can't afford them whereas my friends who can afford didn't buy them because really, the prices were too much for what they were.

Ah well.

August 09, 2010

Crystal Cellphone Case & Covers [Pimp & Bling Your Phone]

Crystal Cellphone Case & Covers

Have you seen these swarovski crystall cell phone cases and covers?

ELECTRIFYING! I DIED when I saw these in Taipei. DIED. DIED, I TELL YOU.

It's no secret that the Chinese adore anything that's glittery and shiny... cellphones are not spared from this dazzling love affair.

Hello Kitty Swarovski Crystal cellphone iphone cases covers

There's more where they came from. Click click click!

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August 05, 2010

Vince Shearling Jacket Fall Winter 2010

Vince Shearling Jacket Fall Winter 2010

Shearling is, without question, one of the biggest must-haves this fall. Everyone sent a shearling look down the fall/winter 2010 runways from the gorgeous aviator jackets at Burberry Prorsum, to Etro, Marc Jacobs, Unzipped-inspired House of Holland, Christopher Kane and yes, Celine (I love the coat).

Anyhoo, I visited the Vince showroom right beside Bryant Park earlier in February during New York fashion week.  To me, Vince is an American brand that makes excellent basics. I'm sure many of us have a tee, a cardigan or a cashmere sweater from them. Imagine my surprise when I saw this shearling jacket. It's super, super soft and super lightweight. I fell in love with it instantly.

Shearling Jacket by Vince

Shearling Jacket by Vince

It's cute, no? I think it would be a great addition to someone's wardrobe. It's one of those pieces you can wear endlessly, especially in cold weather.

You may buy the jacket at Net-a-Porter or Shopbop. Shopbop, btw, offers FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

You're welcome.

July 25, 2010

Lanvin Store - Madison Ave, New York City

Lanvin Store - Madison Ave, New York City

One of my real-life best friends visited NYC and I kindly asked her to take photos of the much-awaited Lanvin flagship store that opened this week.

Lanvin Boutique New York

Lanvin Store New York City

I can't wait to visit the boutique the next time I go to NYC.

The address of the store is:

815 Madison Ave
New York, NY
(between 68th and 69th street)

photo credit: thebaghag

July 21, 2010

Alexander McQueen Underwear [something for the boys]

Alexander McQueen Underwear

I don't think I'll ever get over Alexander McQueen's passing. It's so bittersweet that my first Alexander McQueen show was also his last. With womenswear collections just around the corner, I'm very curious what his successor, Sarah Burton, will come up under his name.

Meanwhile, have you seen McQueen's first underwear collection for men? 

Buy Alexander McQueen Underwear - skull boxers and briefs

Shop Alexander McQueen Underwear - stripes boxers

They are now available for sale at Oki-Ni. Prices range from £40 - £55. A bit pricey for boxers and briefs but hey, they're McQueen! I'm sure it doesn't hurt to indulge from time to time...

SSENSE Sale!! Margiela, Acne, Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane, etc.


God I love July. There are tons of sales going on... too many sales, so little money. That's my story right there.

Anyway, I just bought an MM6 Maison Martin Margiela tank and Kris Van Assche shirt. For less than US$275.

SSense is a Canadian-based shop that sells brands like Acne, Alexander Wang, Comme Des Garcons, Kris Van Assche, Theory, Helmut Lang, Christopher Kane and more. They have a midsummer sale and it's their final week.

They have a special promotion going on. Just enter the code "MIDSUMMER" when checking out and you'll get a discount of anywhere between 20-40% off prices that are already marked down. Shipping is FREE to the USA/Canada.

Seriously, go check it out and tell me if you've bought something.

You're welcome.

Christian Louboutin Men's Sneakers

Christian Louboutin Men's Sneakers

Shoe lovers, get that mastercard at three paces.

I'm sure you've seen some hot boys sporting around Christian Louboutin's famous studded black and white sneakers. But have you seen these gorgeous babies from his new men's collection? Leopard! Metallic glitter! Crystal!

Christian Louboutin sneakers for men.
Christian Louboutin sneakers for men.

Leopard sneakers (£595), metallic sneakers (£440), crystal-studded sneakers (£1,535).

As much as I want to go for the leopard version, I must say I'm attracted to the crystal-studded one. Let's be honest here... I love shimmery, shiny things!

Just keeping it real, y'all, just keeping it real.

If you live in the UK, they are now available at Harvey Nichols

July 18, 2010

WERQ Those Acne Wedge Boots

WERQ Those Acne Wedge Boots

Rodartesque sweater aside, these 5.5 inch Acne wedge boots caught my eye yesterday night.

Acne Wedge Boots

I just finished doing on a round of bloghopping (mind you, it's Sunday night) and I saw these photos of Yuanyi Jeff Lee sporting them. Gurl you better werq!

Yuanyi Jeff Lee in Acne Wedge Boots

Acne Wedge Boots -- US$583 (472 euros) at Farfetch

photo credits: farfetch, streetfsn, facebook

BROdarte versus Acne

BROdarte versus Acne

It's Sunday 4:55AM and I'm window-shopping around teh interwebs. I saw this interesting knit sweater by Swedish brand Acne. At US$234, I thought the price point ain't that bad. 

Acne Sweater

Compare it to this Rodarte piece from last season. Or was it last, last season? Fashion moves so fast these days I have no sense of time whatsoever.

Rodarte Sweater

In spite of the massive online coverage received by BROdarte a few months back, why am I surprised Opening Ceremony is still selling that piece? Oh yes, the $2,800 price tag. DUH! Ooops, my bad.

Meanwhile, I've been told that Rodarte pieces, especially the knits, are hand-made. So...

Point to ponder.

photo credits: farfetch, opening ceremony

July 16, 2010

Prada Backpack

Prada Backpack

Speaking of Prada, have you seen this cute backpack (US$620) on the Prada website? I need this! It should be available to order soon.

Prada Backpack

I also want the printed camouflage saffiano tote but it's US$2,550 + tax. Yikes!

Anyway, I think it's amazing that Prada finally opened their American online store

Now go. Go and buy something. Let me live vicariously through you.

photo credit:

June 15, 2010

Miu Miu Store Florence, Italy

Miu Miu Store Florence, Italy

The Miu Miu store in Florence is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Savoy where I'm currently staying. Even though men's Miu Miu was discontinued a long time ago, Miu Miu remains close to my heart because of all the beautiful, chic things that are available there. 

Miu Miu store Firenze, Italy

Click click click!

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June 08, 2010

Finsk Shoes by Julia Lundsten

Finsk Shoes by Julia Lundsten

When I went clubbing over the weekend, the guy who managed the door at Berns (aka 'the pointer' because he points at random people and decides who to let inside) seemed to be unfazed when I wore my glitter playsuit as I walked straight to the front of the queue. "Are those Finsk shoes?" he asked. "Yes," I replied.

Just like that, I was able to get into what I thought was the best club night in Stockholm. How he was able to see my black pony skin wedges in the dark remains a mystery to me.

Finsk Shoes

What I do know is that I fell in love with these babies the first time I saw them online. Even Women's Wear Daily recognized my obsession.

Ask yourself -- when was the last time you had that pulsating feeling? You know, that "oh my god, I really have to have it or else I would die" feeling? I consider myself lucky and privileged to be able to see beautiful things as part of my job. However, it's been a long, very long time since my poor precious heart pounded so hard. That's how I felt when I saw those Finsk pony skin wedges. Finsk designer Julia Lundsten is my fave shoemaker.

If you don't see me eat at nice places this month, I only have these shoes to blame!!! LOL. The price, I must admit, is a bit whack, but every single penny is worth it. They're incredibly well-made and super comfortable to walk in, in spite of the height. I recommend that you size up if you're thinking of buying a pair. It's a bit tight and narrow on the sole... they didn't have size 41 so I settled for 40, which fits me just fine.

Now go! They come in black and gray.

May 10, 2010

Lady Gaga T-Shirts - I'm A Free Bitch, Baby

Lady Gaga T-Shirts - I'm A Free Bitch, Baby

I'm not surprised there's an opportunistic person out there in the UK capitalizing on Lady Gaga's fame by selling these Lady Gaga "I'm A Free Bitch, Baby" t-shirts for around US$19 each. They come in different colours: red and white, purple, black and neon green, black and gold, black and silver. It also comes in a tank top, too.

Lady Gaga T-Shirt I'm A Free Bitch, Baby!

Lady Gaga I'm A Free Bitch, Baby! Tshirt

Click HERE to view the seller's eBay store.

What do you think? I'm buying one just for kicks. You know, something to wear in private -- at home, on the plane and at hotel rooms. *wink wink*

I want your love and I want your revenge...

photos via: eBay

April 12, 2010

Urban Outfitters $5 SALE

Urban Outfitters $5 SALE

I've just received this mailer from Urban Outfitters. They have a $5 last chance sale going on -- online only.

Urban Outfitters Sale

Run my dearest minions, run! Click HERE to shop the sale.

April 04, 2010

Miu Miu Large Sequined Leather Tote Bag

Miu Miu Large Sequined Leather Tote Bag

It's Sunday night and I'm here on my bed, window shopping away. I don't know about you but the shopaholic in me likes to pretend I'm buying things by adding items in a virtual shopping cart... and then closing the browser window (without buying, of course) once I get my fix. Y'all should try it sometime. It makes great exercise and it doesn't cost a single cent.

Anyway, I need this sequined Miu Miu tote bag to come into my life.

Miu Miu Bag

Miu Miu Sequined Leather Tote Bag

I saw it in real life when I went to the Miu Miu store in Milan last month and that bag is to-die-for.

photo credit: net-a-porter

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