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October 28, 2009

Daphne Guinness' Killer Nina Ricci Shoes

Daphne Guinness' Killer Nina Ricci Shoes

Thank GOD it's the eternally fabulous and ferosha Daphne Guinness who got to wear those killer Nina Ricci shoes.

Daphne Guinness wearing Nina Ricci shoes

As for those McQueens.... please, for the life of god, do not loan those shoes to ANY celebrity (yes, Lady Gaga included) to wear them in public. 

photo credit: easyfashion

Alexander McQueen's Python Armadillo Shoes Spring 2010

Alexander McQueen's Python Armadillo Shoes Spring 2010

The lovely folks over at British Vogue graciously shared the latest arrival in their fashion cupboard: a pair of Alexander McQueen python shoes appropriately named "the Armadillo".

Alexander McQueen Shoes Spring Summer 2010


Alexander McQueen Shoes Spring Summer 2010

Call me crazy but I'd sell my soul just to be able to try them on. Even for one fleeting second.

OK, maybe an hour. Or a day.

photo credit: British Vogue

August 09, 2009

I need those Nina Ricci and Rodarte Fall 2009 shoes NOW. I am begging you.

Nina Ricci and Rodarte Fall 2009 Shoes

The glorious folks over at New York magazine sent "real" women to test-drive some of the finest fall/winter 2009 footwear down the streets of Manhattan. Watch this video.

I'm begging you -- I need, need, need, desperately need, those Nina Ricci and Rodarte shoes NOW! Is there any stylist out there who can hook me up with those? Please? Please, pretty please, with sugar sprinkles on top? I'm a size 40 -- model size -- just for your information.

Thank you.

June 02, 2009

My Baby Found Its Way Home

My Baby Found Its Way Home

The Lanvin shoes I ordered online from Luisa Via Roma finally arrived earlier this week with no delays/taxes/etc. Strange eh? I'm starting to think Filipino customs pick their prey randomly from a hat. In any case, I'm so happy! I love these blue boxes of love. 

Lanvin sneakers blue box

Good thing I bought this a few weeks ago when the euro-to-dollar (€322 = US$439 including shipping) exchange rate was good. Have you been keeping track of the exchange rates lately? It's insane!!!! No wonder Barney's or Aloharag charge around $650 for the same pair. Yikes.

Click click click!

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May 23, 2009

Vogue Shoe Closet

Vogue Shoe Closet.

This shoe closet belongs to one of my favourite Vogue staffers. Can you guess who?

Vogue Shoe Closet

Oh and if you answered Julia Restoin-Roitfeld on last week's poll, you got it right!

No cheating, mmkay? I want you to trust your instinct.
(When I say cheating, I meant no looking it up on internet sites for the answers...)

You can look it up I guess but only after you cast your vote.

photo credits: the selby

May 19, 2009

Sorry to see you go...

Sorry to see you go...

After two weeks of painfully dealing (or should I say 'negotiating') with the worst customs in the whole world (they refuse to budge and insisted on charging an arm and a leg in duties and taxes... for a pair of shoes!!), the Lanvin sneakers I bought finally arrived. 

Lanvin men's Sneakers

But alas, they are the wrong size.

What a beautiful pair of sneakers... I saw the knock-off version at Zara a few weeks ago and it pales in comparison to the real deal.  Now I'm gonna have to send them back and wait for another pair to be sent to me. I'm soo sad. I honestly feel like I'm parting away with a child!

It's alright. At least it gives me time to find black grosgrain ribbon to use as shoelaces.

May 17, 2009

Solefood Canal Street Air Force One

Canal Street Air Force One

What is it with everyone doing "designer" mash-ups these days? Remember those Slow & Steady Wins the Race hybrid bags? Well, ladies and gays, meet the ultimate in men's sneakers: SoleFood's custom sneakers named "Canal Street Air Force One". How many brands can you spot in one photo? I spy with my Fendi Spy... Rolex, Chanel, Nike, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Solefood NYC Canal Street Air Force One

This has got to be the worst pair of sneakers on the face of the planet.

Solefood NYC Canal Street Air Force One

How does it make you feel? I betchu five dolla Rick Ross owns a pair.

photo credits: kicksonfire

May 13, 2009

Guess Who: Sea of Shoes

Guess Who: Sea of Shoes

The first one to guess whose shoe collection this is shall win an oreo cookie and a kiss on the cheek from me.

Sea of Shoes

No, it's not who you think it is.

Meanwhile, the answer to the previous entry is no other than Ukrainian model Snejana Onopka. If you know how to read Cyrillic, the answer is literally right in front of your face!

photo credits: the selby

April 30, 2009

Michelle Obama's Lanvin Sneakers

Michelle Obama's Lanvin Sneakers

Woah woah woah. The First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, wore Lanvin sneakers!

Michelle Obama wearing Lanvin sneakers.

How funny. I need new shoes and I've had my eyes on these men's Lanvin sneakers for the longest time.

Click click click!

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March 14, 2009

OBSESSED!!!! Pony Play Fetish Boots

Pony Play Fetish Boots

I'm sure you've already seen those stunning shoes at Nina Ricci fall/winter 2009.

Nina Ricci Fall Winter 2009 2010 shoes

Those shoes are definitely stunning but tbh, they're not THAT new. Olivier Theyskens I'm calling you out! Just kidding.

Click click click!

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August 13, 2008

Shoewawa: Pierre Hardy High Top Sneakers


So much for "limited edition". Haha! Just kidding. Jorge sent me a photo of this adorable kid from Barcelona wearing the same shoes. Kids these days eh? Gosh!

According to Jed, Kanye West owns a pair, too. Here's Kanye with Jeremy Scott.

Kanye West, Jeremy Scott

Meanwhile, I bought another pair last week and it should be on its way to me. No more shopping for me, I think. Not for a lonnnnng time. I need to save!!

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