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March 22, 2011

Birthday Boots

Birthday Boots

It was love at first sight when I saw these snakeskin desert boots at the Acne store in Stockholm. I was planning to buy them before I leave because my good ol' boyfriend's shoebox of an apartment is already cluttered with my stuff.

Acne Snakeskin Desert Boots

Acne Desert Boots

Lo and behold last night, my friend Elin gifted me with these boots. Imagine the delight and surprise!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

March 16, 2011

Grid on Grid

Grid on Grid

Don't try this at home. It takes a very special kind of girl to effortlessly stride on top of a street vent in a pair of high heels.

Stephanie LaCava Nicholas Kirkwood shoes

Stephanie LaCava Nicholas Kirkwood shoes

I took these shots of Stephanie LaCava's Nicholas Kirkwood shoes as we rushed from Hotel de Crillon to the Grand Palais for Chanel's fall/winter 2011 fashion show.

February 21, 2011

Those Prada Shoes...

Those Prada Shoes...

Ciao Milano!

I've been lusting over those spring/summer 2011 Prada shoes the moment they came out of the runway (both men's and women's) but alas, every single pair in the colors I want (black,, and blue + yellow + brown) are all sold out everywhere. It's the shoe of the season, no doubt.

Prada shoes spring summer 2011

Lady luck must be on my side because this pair came in my size so I got them at Montenapoleone. It's not exactly the color combination I want but they're super nice nonetheless. I saw something in New York -- silver leather with huge, pink and white platform soles but they're not for sale. Ah well.

January 17, 2011

A Flat Situation at Prada

A Flat Situation at Prada

Now I know how Tim Blanks felt when he saw me (sans the usual vertiginous heels) the other day. While trying to find our seats at the Burberry Prorsum fall/winter show, he jokingly told me that it was the first time he's seen me at my natural height. I wore my shearling-lined men's Burberry boots at the show.

At the Prada show yesterday evening, another classy and sassy lady traded her signature skyscrapers for something a wee bit more comfortable.

Anna Dello Russo at Prada Menswear Fall Winter 2011

Anna Dello Russo at Prada Menswear Fall Winter 2011

Bryanboy and Anna Dello Russo shoes

My beloved Anna Dello Russo (and Prada seatmate/next-door neighbour) wore a pair of chic Church's while I wore these patent-leather sneakers I bought at the Lanvin store in Singapore last month.

November 26, 2010

Finsk Ambassador

Finsk Ambassador

Say hello to the latest addition to my (slowly but surely) growing shoe collection.

Bryanboy's Finsk shoes

The fabulous gals over at Finsk shoes sent me a custom-made, size 41 European, pair, this time in python-embossed leather. Julia Lundsten's ferociously fierce shoes are shamelessly copied but nothing beats the original.

Bryanboy's Finsk shoes

I can't wait to wear these on my next travels. I've worn my ponyskin Finsk shoes to death. It's time to put them to retirement.

Many, many thanks to Dannell and Julia!

Finsk shoes are available at Farfetch.

August 12, 2010

Don't do to others what you don't want others do to you

Don't do to others what you don't want others do to you

This is quite funny. At the Damir Doma menswear show in Paris, me and my buddy Isaac of had a laugh because someone stole my seat. It was this really, really tall ogre. I pointed to Isaac how big his feet were. When the guy wasn't looking, I asked Isaac to take a stolen snapshot of my sample-sized (that's model size 40/41 women's to you so if you have ferocious shoes, send them my way kthxbye) feet beside his supersized bonanza special.

Bryanboy Kenzo Python Wedges

Fast forward a month and a half later, I received an email earlier today from a reader in Switzerland. His name is Adrien.

Bonsoir Bryan,

I did this video of your lovely shoes at Damir Doma's show on the 26th of June. They seemed very confortable! Then I saw you at Schwuz in Berlin, same shoes you weared, did you? You were busy on the dancefloor, but nice to watching you! you're very inspiring.

So, here at last I send you the video!

If your fashion instinct guide you to Geneva (Switzerland, who knows!) tell me, it will be my pleasure to show you the place.

So while Isaac and I were taking stolen snapshots of my fragile feet, there's this other guy taking a video and masturbating over my lovely Kenzo python wedges. Haha!

Like the old saying goes, don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you.

Oh what am I talking about, I'm a cam whore. I say bring it on haha :P

I kid, I kid you.

Thank you Adrien for bringing a smile to my face!

photo credit:

July 21, 2010

Christian Louboutin Men's Sneakers

Christian Louboutin Men's Sneakers

Shoe lovers, get that mastercard at three paces.

I'm sure you've seen some hot boys sporting around Christian Louboutin's famous studded black and white sneakers. But have you seen these gorgeous babies from his new men's collection? Leopard! Metallic glitter! Crystal!

Christian Louboutin sneakers for men.
Christian Louboutin sneakers for men.

Leopard sneakers (£595), metallic sneakers (£440), crystal-studded sneakers (£1,535).

As much as I want to go for the leopard version, I must say I'm attracted to the crystal-studded one. Let's be honest here... I love shimmery, shiny things!

Just keeping it real, y'all, just keeping it real.

If you live in the UK, they are now available at Harvey Nichols

July 18, 2010

WERQ Those Acne Wedge Boots

WERQ Those Acne Wedge Boots

Rodartesque sweater aside, these 5.5 inch Acne wedge boots caught my eye yesterday night.

Acne Wedge Boots

I just finished doing on a round of bloghopping (mind you, it's Sunday night) and I saw these photos of Yuanyi Jeff Lee sporting them. Gurl you better werq!

Yuanyi Jeff Lee in Acne Wedge Boots

Acne Wedge Boots -- US$583 (472 euros) at Farfetch

photo credits: farfetch, streetfsn, facebook

June 16, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger + Keith Haring Collaboration

Tommy Hilfiger + Keith Haring Collaboration

At the Luisa Via Roma Firenze4Ever event last weekend, Tommy Hilfiger gave away limited-edition sneakers featuring their collaboration with American graffiti artist/activist Keith Haring.

Tommy Hilfiger x Keith Haring Sneakers

They also had someone who customized the sneakers by permanently engraving whatever you want. I had "Bryan" engraved on my pair.

Tommy Hilfiger x Keith Haring Sneakers

At first I was rather hesitant in wearing them but trust me, they came very handy and useful because of my missing baggage issues.

June 14, 2010

Spinetastic Dsquared2 Shoes

Spinetastic Dsquared2 Shoes


That's the first thing I did when I saw these very special ankle booties from (hold on to your seat) Dsquared at Luisa Via Roma.

Dsquared Spine Ankle Boots

They also come in a bandage sandal version...

Dsquared Spine Sandals

Are you getting chills running down your spine?

How amazing are they?

The heel is about 6-7 inches high and the boots were super comfortable.

Trust me, I tried.

June 08, 2010

Finsk Shoes by Julia Lundsten

Finsk Shoes by Julia Lundsten

When I went clubbing over the weekend, the guy who managed the door at Berns (aka 'the pointer' because he points at random people and decides who to let inside) seemed to be unfazed when I wore my glitter playsuit as I walked straight to the front of the queue. "Are those Finsk shoes?" he asked. "Yes," I replied.

Just like that, I was able to get into what I thought was the best club night in Stockholm. How he was able to see my black pony skin wedges in the dark remains a mystery to me.

Finsk Shoes

What I do know is that I fell in love with these babies the first time I saw them online. Even Women's Wear Daily recognized my obsession.

Ask yourself -- when was the last time you had that pulsating feeling? You know, that "oh my god, I really have to have it or else I would die" feeling? I consider myself lucky and privileged to be able to see beautiful things as part of my job. However, it's been a long, very long time since my poor precious heart pounded so hard. That's how I felt when I saw those Finsk pony skin wedges. Finsk designer Julia Lundsten is my fave shoemaker.

If you don't see me eat at nice places this month, I only have these shoes to blame!!! LOL. The price, I must admit, is a bit whack, but every single penny is worth it. They're incredibly well-made and super comfortable to walk in, in spite of the height. I recommend that you size up if you're thinking of buying a pair. It's a bit tight and narrow on the sole... they didn't have size 41 so I settled for 40, which fits me just fine.

Now go! They come in black and gray.

May 04, 2010

Matchy Matchy

Matchy Matchy

Have you been to Topman lately? They have very cute graphic socks which I wore to break that matchy matchy look.

Cole Haan Shoes

Trousers from Zara, shoes from Cole Haan.

April 28, 2010

Henry Holland + Charlotte Olympia Platform Wedges

Henry Holland + Charlotte Olympia Platform Wedges

Electrifying shoes. I want. I need! I love Henry Holland's collaboration with Charlotte Olympia.

Henry Holland and Charlotte Olympia shoes

As you know, Henry is here in Kuala Lumpur to show select pieces from his fall/winter 2010 collection at the MUSA store. When I went to his rehearsal, the first thing he asked me was, "what size are you?". My answer of course, is, model size, which is size 40 women's.

I tried this pair on and for a 6-7 inch high shoe, they're surprisingly very comfortable.

Henry Holland and Charlotte Olympia shoes

Can I borrow a pair during fashion week?

April 14, 2010

These Timberland Boots Are Made For Walking...

These Timberland Boots Are Made For Walking...

I'm packing my bags for my next destination...

Timberland Boots

... can you guess where?

Africa? South America? North America? Middle East? Asia? Europe?

Stay tuned!

November 10, 2009

The Ultimate (Proenza Schouler Shoe)

The Ultimate

I almost had a coronary when I saw this Proenza Schouler shoe featured on Virginia Smith's "Last Look" on Vogue.

Proenza Schouler shoe


It breaks my heart I can't wear (or BUY --- $950!!!!!) such stunning piece.

Well done Proenza, well done.


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