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August 01, 2010

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Photos

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Photos

Some dubbed it the American wedding of the century.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Photos - dress by Vera Wang

Chelsea Clinton's dress, as previously reported on WWD, was made by Vera Wang.

Click click click for more photos!

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May 12, 2010

Nikki Teodoro in Comme des Garcons Play?

Nikki Teodoro in Comme des Garcons Play?

I think it's disappointing that Philippine presidential candidate Gibo Teodoro lost the election but the question on my mind right now is.... is that a Comme des Garcons Play t-shirt on his wife, Nikki Teodoro? I can't tell from this photo.

UPDATE from DaphneOP: Yes, it is!

Nikki Teodoro


Nikki Teodoro


photo credit: Joel Lacsamana via DaphneOP's blog.

May 10, 2010

Who's The Next Philippine First Lady?

Who's The Next Philippine First Lady?

It's election day in the Philippines. I thought about making a blog entry about the wives of male presidential candidates (potential first ladies) and then I realized, none of them are stylish. Some are pretty, yes, but pretty doesn't cut it. Pretty is too easy. 

Can you imagine Nikki Teodoro in Peter Pilotto? Cynthia Villar in Alaia? Loi Estrada in Christian Dior Haute Couture?

Who do you see competing being photographed side-by-side along the likes of the iconic Michelle Obama and the stunning Carla Bruni?

Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni

Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni

All I can say is, win or lose, them politican wives will shop. See you at Gucci! See you at Hermes! See you at Louis Vuitton!

The burning question of the moment perhaps is, who did you vote for today?

photos via: nydailynews

January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day Ball Gown by Jason Wu (Photos, Pics, Video)

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day Ball Gown by Jason Wu

American First Lady Michelle Obama wore a one-off white dress designed by 26-year old Taiwanese-American designer Jason Wu to the Inauguration Ball last night. Phenomenal woman is dat chu? Good god gracious, I officially love Michelle! You have to hand it out to her. I'm 104% sure she received many, many, many proposals from fashion's big guns but no, she went out of her way to support young talent. Isabel Toledo recently said she's levitating when she heard the news that Mrs. Obama wore her yellow dress at the swearing-in ceremony. Well, now that the Inauguration ball is over, Jason Wu must be on cloud nine!

Michelle Obama's inauguration ball dress by Jason Wu.

More photos of Michelle Obama's Jason Wu Inauguration Ball dress after the jump. Click click click!

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Michelle Obama's Shoes are by Jimmy Choo Photos Pictures

Michelle Obama's Green Jimmy Choo Shoes

For Michelle Obama watchers out there, those green shoes she wore with the embroidered Isabel Toledo yellow Inauguration Day dress are from Jimmy Choo.

Michelle Obama Shoes on Inauguration Day are from Jimmy Choo.

Browse a selection of Jimmy Choo shoes from Net-a-Porter or eBay.

photo credits: reuters

December 15, 2008

George W. Bush Attacked With Shoes! [VIDEO]

George W. Bush Attacked With Shoes!

An Iraqi journalist threw shoes at Bush during a press conference in Baghdad.

Although Bush was cool about it, lemme just say it serves him right.

November 13, 2008

Stas Gunkel - The 7-Year Old Political Blogger

Stas Gunkel

I'm telling you guys... bloggers keep on getting younger and younger these days. Remember a few months ago when Tavi, the twelve-year old fashion blogger who took the world by storm? Well, wait till you meet Stanislaw "Stas" Gunkel, the seven-year old political blogger who blogs at Planet Stas. Stas received a letter from President-elect Barack Obama recently.

This is exactly why I love the wonderful world of blogging. Blogs provide anyone in the world, regardless of their age, race, gender, sexuality, background or what have you, with a platform to be heard.

Stas Gunkel

How sweet of Obama to send him a letter though. Amazing. Truly amazing!

November 09, 2008

Gavin Newsom Speaks Out Against Proposition 8

Just Wondering...

As most of you already know, gay marriage is now banned in the state of California thanks to the people who voted YES to Proposition 8. According to MSNBC, an overwhelming 70% of Black voters and 53% of Hispanics voted to ban same-sex marriages.

"When any society says that I cannot marry a certain person, that society has cut off a segment of my freedom."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Perhaps some of you can shed some light on this because I'm confused. Don't you find it interesting how both of these minority groups (especially African Americans) are extremely vocal in the fight for "equality" yet a large number of voters decided to take away civil rights away from another minority group which are the gays?

Just wondering, that's all.

Meanwhile, isn't it amazing there are Mayors like Gavin Newsom fighting tooth and nail for gay rights? I wonder if there's someone like that in the third world...

November 07, 2008

Who wants to go to Iraq?

Who wants to go to Iraq NOW?

After watching this clip from CBS News, I have to say "I DO!" but alas, my passport says I'm not allowed to go to Iraq.

But yeah... che-che-check him out! Oh my god. Oh my allah!

Let's talk about fashion (or designers, clothes, accessories, models, etc.) now.

November 05, 2008

Yes You Can, President Barack Obama

Yes You Can, President Barack Obama

Oh what a relief! It's such a wonderful feeling waking up to fantastic news. The people of America made the right choice. I'm glad that Barack Obama won the election! He's living proof that the whole concept of American Dream is alive and well.

Yes you can, Obama. Yes you can, America. Congrats!

November 04, 2008

America, get out there and VOTE!

America, get out there and VOTE!

Some of you might be wondering why I've been proactive in campaigning for Barack Obama lately in spite of me being a citizen of the third world living in the Philippines. Well, Barack's life story is very inspiring and his speeches never fail to move me. I've kept track of him for months and I truly believe he is what America *and* the world needs. In my country, the same corrupt politicians and their equally despicable nepotistic families and cronies have stayed in power for generations... If he wins this election, not only he writes history in America but he also proves to the world that there is hope and true change is possible. I could only dream for a leader like him to come into the picture and bring what his values and what he stands for in my nation.

Earlier this year, I was brought to tears by THIS photo essay by Callie Shell for Time Magazine. Callie followed Obama for months during campaign season. It's this exact photo feature that got me obsessed.

Barack Obama
"Nov. 7, 2007. - I loved that he cleaned up after himself before leaving an ice cream shop in Wapello, Iowa. He didn't have to. The event was over and the press had left. He is used to taking care of things himself and I think this is one of the qualities that makes Obama different from so many other political candidates I've encountered."

I'm calling upon my USA-based readers (who are American citizens) who comprise 56% of my readership to vote for someone who, could not only CHANGE one of the most powerful nations on Earth but also the world at large (whether directly or indirectly).

America, please vote for change. Please vote for Barack Obama today.

Thank you.

The 7.5-inch Obama Head O State Dildo

The 7.5-inch Obama Head O State Dildo

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I WANT THIS AS AN EARLY HOLIDAY PRESENT! For $29.95, you too can get your own seven-and-half-inches long Barack Obama Head O' State dildo.

Obama dildo by Head O State

The official Obama pleasure toy stands 7.5 inches tall, weighs 14 ounces, waterproof and made from fine TPR, Phthalate-free rubber. It comes in two colours, democratic blue or presidential gold.


PS. I'm just wondering, why 7.5 inches? I would've expected something bigger....

November 02, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Nicolas Sarkozy Prank Call

Sarah Palin and the Nicolas Sarkozy Prank Call

Holy Manolo Louboutin, is Governor Sarah Palin the stupidest politico of all time? A French Canadian comedy duo called "The Masked Avengers" got hold of Sarah Palin's private phone number and tricked her into thinking she was talking to Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France. Jesus!

I cannot help but wonder whether or not I have more foreign policy experience than her. For realz! When you think about it, I could see have seen Russia from my ass!!

That's all. Mwah mwah!

November 01, 2008

The Boys of Major for Obama/Biden 2008

The Boys of Major for Obama/Biden 2008

Barack the Vote! Check out the gorgeous boys of Major Models in New York campaigning for Obama/Biden '08. To all my precious American friends, I suggest that you vote early and vote for change. Vote Obama!

Terron Wood for Obama
Terron Wood from Gladstone, Oregon

Click click click for more pics!

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October 26, 2008

Steve Grove, YouTube

Steve Grove, YouTube

I know I've been obsessed with US Politics lately (ok fine whatever... maybe Sarah Palin's outrageous expenditures & aesthetics because, afterall, my blog is a fashion blog) but oh my god you guys, wait till you see my newest obsession. His name is Steve Grove, he lives in San Francisco, and he's YouTube's News & Politics Editor. He also video blogs on YouTube under CitizenTube. HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!

I spent two hours watching his videos online. I really think he's cute. There's just something about his face that makes me want to go back and hit the play play play button over and over and over and over. No other media person has made me feel this way. OK, maybe Vogue Nippon's Anna della Russo because that woman is so thin, so fierce, so ferosha, she wears everything straight from the runway. I love her!

Enough about Anna though and more about Steve. Legs akimbo ladies and say HOEE-LAH to papi. Click click click!

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