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March 29, 2010

Moscow Subway Suicide Bombing

Moscow Subway Suicide Bombing

One of my best friends is currently on holiday in Russia. When I heard the news this morning about the two subway bombings in Moscow, I couldn't help but worry. 

Female suicide bombers detonated explosions that rocked two subway stations in central Moscow during rush hour on Monday morning, killing at least 35 people, officials said.

"It was a terrorist act carried out by the female suicide bombers," said Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, citing Russia's intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service. "They were specifically timed -- for ... the train was nearing the station -- to make the most damage. -- CNN

Moscow Metro Suicide Bombing

Luckily, I've heard back from her and she's doing fine. Thank god she left Moscow yesterday. She's now in St. Petersburg.

One of the two subway stations (Lubyanka and Park Kultury) bombed is very near the Vogue Russia office!

I hope all my other friends and acquaintances in Moscow are safe.

photo credit: cnn

December 23, 2008

All Roads Lead to Moscow

All Roads Lead to Moscow

Picture yourself coming home with a package waiting on your bed from the prestigious publishing house Conde Nast.

Now imagine that little parcel of love came from the hardworking Editor-in-Chief (and her lovely team) of Vogue magazine.

Click click click!

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November 14, 2008

Naomi Campbell for Vogue Russia December 2008

Naomi Campbell for Vogue Russia December 2008


I want to write a super long entry on how I feel about this cover (it sent shivers down my spine as soon as the photo loaded) but you know what, I'll let the magnificent photo speak for itself. I'm speechless!

Naomi Campbell, Vogue Russa December 2008

100% Pure Brilliance. 104% FEROSHA. Aliona Doletskaya, thank you so much.

via: ontd_ff

November 13, 2008

Vogue Russia. 10 Years in Vogue

Vogue. Russia. 10 Years in Vogue

Remember my blog entry about those gorgeous designer Matryoshka dolls last month? Well, Editor-in-Chief Aliona Doletskaya's assistant emailed me earlier today with details.

As you have seen on the November 2008 issue of Russian Vogue, some of the world's leading designers (including Miuccia Prada, Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.) designed a Matrioshka doll. Each of these (half-a-meter tall) dolls were handrafted by skilled Russian artists and meticulously painted by hand.

Vogue Russia. 10 Years in Vogue

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Vogue is hosting a grand gala dinner on November 20, 2008 for 200 of Vogue Russia's closest friends which includes international business and political elite, key players in the art and fashion worlds and Russian and international celebrities. Are bloggers invited too? Just kidding. The Matrioshka dolls are then going to be auctioned off for charity that night. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Northern Crown Foundation, a charity that helps orphaned children throughout Russia.

In other words, pedestrians like you and myself won't be able to bid on these gorgeous dollls. But that's OK. One must be kerrr-azzy to go on a bidding war with a Russian oligarch anyway!!!

Amazing eh? How can you not love Aliona and Vogue Russia?

For more information, visit

Happy birthday Vogue Russia!!!!

PS. Thanks Ekaterina!

October 26, 2008

Designer Matryoshka Dolls - Vogue Russia November 2008

Designer Matryoshka Dolls - Vogue Russia November 2008

The brilliant Aliona Doletskaya does it again! Fresh from the pages of the latest issue of Vogue Russia comes the gold standard of tourist trap souvenirs: the designer Matryoshka doll! 

Ladies and gentlegays, feast your eyes on "Russian Soul". Can you guess which designer is which?

Russian Matryoshka & Babushka Dolls in Vogue Russia Magazine, November 2008 issue

This is the sort of thing one can expect from Visionaire so I'm surprised!! Click click click!

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July 25, 2008

Aliona Doletskaya, Vogue Russia Editor-in-Chief

Aliona Doletskaya

She's got a British accent but she's Russian. She likes to drive cars! She's human! She's nice! She's real! She's just like us! Got 26 minutes to spare? Check out this full-length feature of Aliona Doletskaya who celeberates 10 years of tenure this year as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Russia. I love Aliona. I really do. Say what you want about the "baby Vogues" but Vogue Russia, like Vogue Paris, to me, is "IT".

Month after month after month, she offers original content, she uses models for her covers and her editorials are very bold, strong and in your face. Just the way I like it. Soo refreshing from the sanitized, repetitive and dull "let's get a blond actress promoting a movie and put her in a white dress" formula by the usuals.

I mean really, any editor who puts Natasha Poly on the cover two months in a row deserves her stripes, yes?

Natasha Poly Vogue Russia cover July 2008 Mario SorrentiNatasha Poly Vogue Russia cover August 2008 Terry Richardson

Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia covers. July 2008 shot by Mario Sorrenti, August 2008 shot by Terry Richardson.

I love Aliona!

May 29, 2006

Moscow Needs Some Faggotry. Big Time., Meet Dhani Lennevald, Bryanboy Loves... and Random Cheesemax, LOTS OF LOVE From Around the World

Moscow Needs Some Faggotry. Big Time.


I'm sure you've heard the news on how Moscow's first ever gay pride got trashed by a ton of nationalists, skinheads, religious fanatics and such. Thanks to Moscow's homophobic mayor Yuri Luzhkov (who put a ban on the event), Russian fags and queers were deprived of such celebration... and some of them even got beaten up.

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December 07, 2005

Russian Incompetence, Emancipation of BB

Russian Incompetence

Words cannot express my anger right now.

I FedExed a couple of boxes worth of clothes, shoes and accesories from Moscow to Stockholm because all of my shit can't fit in my luggage. My Dior East/West Flight Bag is there as well as my Marc Jacobs oversized cardigan.

I sent the package on December 1, 2005 and up until this day, I still haven't received the boxes.

I've sent far too many packages via FedEx and this is the first time I had a problem with customs.

Not just any customs, Russian customs in particular.

Apparently, Golden Apple Hotel's reception staff filled out the Russian Customs form INCORRECTLY and Russian Customs need the form to be filled out again - in Russian.

How the hell am I supposed to fill it out when I'm in fucking Stockholm? I should've gotten the package in no more than 1-2 days.

Oooooh my blood is boiling. I told the fuckers to not even bother sending the package to Stockholm cause I'm leaving in 2 days. I told them to just ship it back to the hotel because I'm coming to Moscow again on my way back home.

I've got a US$1,795 Dior bag in that box and I wanted to use it in Paris when I go to the Dior store. I guess my Dior lovin' lovin days are finally over.

Emancipation of BB

You know, for some strange reason, I've changed my personal style drastically on this trip.

Gone are my love for all things bright, colourful and logo-ed (except for the Dior hat and the Vuitton bag).

Most of the stuff I bought (and wear) are from Marni, Chloe, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent. I now appreciate (and love) Lanvin.

Gone is my love for Dior and Fendi. My love for Dolce & Gabbana is nonexistent. I even managed to go to an Etro store WITHOUT buying anything.

What is happening to me????

I don't accessorize as much, either.

For instance, all I'm wearing at the moment is a Balenciaga assymetrical top, Cheap Monday jeans, a blue Hermes bracelet and Balenciaga bag.


I'll probably throw in my black corduroy hat, a Zara plain black wool coat and a plain black cashmere scarf from Malo when I go out.... no logos of any kind.


You know what even bugs me?

In a way, I feel so fucking good about it.

Good riddance on those logos.


December 01, 2005

Sobered Up, Wednesday Night

Sobered Up

It's 1:51PM and I've sobered up my act. I'm having room service lunch.

God. I am soo tempted to delete the ARGHH post.

But I won't.

(first time to have sex since I did the HIV test... who the HELL am I fooling?)


Fuck, we're all adults anyway... and that includes my parents and my family members.

You know what's even funny, I haven't spoken to my parents (on the phone) in about 10 days. I'm soo embarassed to call them after everything on my blog. HAHAHAHA. I'm sure they don't care but I'm not completely shameless.

I'll call them when I get to Stockholm. I promise.

Wednesday Night

Yesterday was rather fun.

I met up with Nataly at around 7:30PM at this cafe called "KofiTim" aka Coffee Time on Tverskaya (right beside Piramida). Met up with one of her friends (who is a math teacher) for some gin tonic, sushi, tea, etc.

We went to Restaurant NOA to meet Jane for dinner. I had scallops - they're sooo huge... and delicious. Jane had some sort of black spaghetti. The food at NOA is good; in fact, one of their restaurant chefs cooks for Jane's family once or twice a week at their house.

Apres-NOA, Nataly and moi went to this bar called "12 Volt". I've been here a couple of times last year. There were soo many people there. Although technically it's a gay bar, there were a shitload of lesbians and a handful of straight couples.



(She's a lesbian. she's nice, believe it or not. She fancies her straight girl friend, the red head behind me on the 2nd pic)

Nataly's friend (the Evgenia guy) arrived and ooooh he's soo cute.

Perhaps "cute" isn't the right word to describe him. He was absolutely fit, not too muscular... think of swimmer's bodies. He had short dark hair (I like guys with short dark hair) and nice eyes. Ugh.. he's just nice.

It's funny cause he could BARELY speak English.

Nataly was right - language should never be a barrier when it comes to good ol shagging.

Heck, if blind or deaf people can do it so can I.

I don't think I'd want to meet him again though. Not this year at least... perhaps maybe next year when I come back to Moscow again.

Ugh. Enough of this faggot nonsense.

Nataly invited me to go to her university's party at this club tonight. I think I'm going there. I mean, hey, it's not common for a third world Filipino slut get invited to Russian university parties eh?

More updates to follow later.

I need to be fabulous and clean again. I need to shower off this third-party testosterone stench on my skin.

I love you all.




Oh. my. fucking. God.

Oh I fucking hate it.

Oh Jesus Mary mother of Christ.


Since this is my blog (aka my personal, online, "dear diary", I'm gonna open up like the honest BITCH that I am and say what's coming out from my head/heart/ass.


Words cannot express my fuckin anger.

Ugh. I can't believe I didn't took pictures of him.

My friend Natalya, being the pimp that she is (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA), introduced me to one of her gay friends.

His name is Evgenia (like my friend Jane... that's her real name but Evgenia, pronounced as "Jhhhhaneya" or "John-ya"), he's fuckin 32, soooo muscular, have very short dark hair (just the way I like it), some light stubble, (like Dima), about 6-foot-2, have soooo super strong arms and rock-hard abs...



As someone who had experienced a shitload of crap just to have an HIV test earlier this year (thank god I CAME OUT as fuckin NEGATIVE.... since then, I've never had sex...), I'm sooo fucking scared to have sex cause of the whole HIV/AIDS thing -- I hope you know where I stand on this;  I want to be fuckin 75 years old and wear Oscar de la Renta... I don't want to be HIV-positive and have the face of death right in front of myeyes.

Anyway...we kissed, we wanked each other off, we hugged, i blew him, we did all sorts of stuff except anal cause we both didn't have condoms... I mean, shit, I didn't expect this really... I'm not a sexual person... I'm more of a cock-teasing bitch... just look, be looked at, but no touch. HAHAHAHAH


So yeah...

blatttttttttt.... (I can't believe I'm speaking Russian)

we did the deed (but nothing pentrative), chatted for about 30 minutes and I told him I want to go to sleep - he told me he has to go home as well.



Oh, before I go to bed, can I just say...



to cut the story short, this guy I just did tonight sorta looks like this guy I had the hots for about 3 years ago...

Anyway, I think I'd rather sleep.

For now.

I'm so drunk and my mouth smells like his crotch. I need to wash my face and brush my teeth.


November 30, 2005

Stockholm Here I Come!, Piramida, Red Square at Night (and Moscow by Day)

Stockholm Here I Come

Just a couple more days to go and I'm off to Stockholm. I just sent a majority of my clothes to be laundried and I'm busy packing my shit before sending some of it via Federal Express.


As you can see, FedEx is a traveler's best friend; Why pay a ridiculous amount in excess baggage when you can send your stuff in advance to your hotel and have all your stuff waiting for you when you arrive?


After all, I intend to set foot in Europe with nothing but empty suitcases and only my Goyard bag as hand luggage.

I have this nagging feeling in my gut that my gal pal from the third world, Tina D., ain't coming to Europe after all. I mean, it's already November 30 and she still hasn't submitted her visa application to the French Embassy. We're supposed to meet each other in Paris mid-December.

Oh I don't know. To be honest, I'm NOT even supposed to go to Europe. She persuaded me to join her because she hates the people she's supposed to go to Paris (ok, she doesn't really hate them, but she said they don't have any money and their attitudes are crap). LOL.

Fuck it though. I'm sure I'll have a blast whether or not she decides to push through. I spoke to her yesterday night and in all seriousness, I don't think she's gonna come.

Oh well - that means I'll get to have my room solely to myself (yay) and that means I'll get to have a shitload of space for interracial sex orgies, drug-fuelles highs and of course, prime storage space for my conspicous consumption aka shopping.

I'm kidding. Bah!!!!


Natalya, Mark and moi went to Piramida yesterday evening to meet yet another one of Natalya's friends. His name is Oleg and he's an actor (theatre) here in Moscow.

(My black assymetrical top is from Balenciaga)



The Russians are really a nice, friendly and hospitable bunch.

They'd introduce me to their friends, treat me food/dinners/rides/vodka, invited me to a birthday celebration, brought me to their work places, drive me around town etc. They're all oh so wonderful and they knew how to take very good care of me.

I can't believe I'm leaving Moscow in 3 days and the thought of doing so brings tears in my eyes.

Travelling solo has its ups and downs - the ocassional pang of loneliness and homesickness etc. but it's all worth it in the end.

I get exposed to soo many cultures, see soo many different things, meet all sorts of people from all walks of life.

Bah. I don't want to be emotional. Last time I've checked, I've got the soul of a dirty brown bitch and a heart made out of fine murano glass Italian marble.

Red Square at Night (and Moscow by Day)

Just got back here at the hotel and it's only friggin 6:12PM. These pictures were taken at around 4 and it's already fuckin dark. Ugh. Winter eh?


Can you believe it's only 4 degrees celsius? Apparently this winter is one of Moscow's warmer winters. By this time the city should be covered in a blanket of snow. Ya gotta blame global warming and old women matronairs who use airspray to keep their fuckin bouffants alive.


Yes, that's a real monkey I'm holding in his/her winter regalia. Now THIS is real animal abuse, not me and my chinchilla fur; these monkeys must be fuckin freezing their balls off. Where the hell are those PETA fuckers when you need them.


I look sooo pale on that photo. I think it's the camera flash... it's too bright. Also, my skin is AWFUL! I haven't had a facial in about 2 weeks now. I need beautiful skin when I get to Paris. Hell, I NEED cosmetic surgery AND a facial cause I sooo don't have a fuckin jawline. UGH.


Believe it or not, I saw the SUN for the first (or second) time ever since I got here 2 weeks ago.

(view from my room)

Photos below were taken at Pushkinskaya Square where there's a political demonstration whatever. It's election time here in Moscow.


Yeah, like I care about fuckin politics. The only thing I like about politicians are their excesses, wealth and unlimited access to public funds.


I'm 23 years old and I haven't even registered to vote let alone vote for anyone.


All politicians in my side of the third world are the same - they're all old and they smell like soil on a rainy day. I should be the president you know... I'll make my land sooo beautiful the first thing I'll do is MASS CASTRATION and VASECTOMY for all males over the age of 13 and GENOCIDE just to get rid of all the bad and ugly elements of today's society.

Everyone heil Bryanboy!


November 28, 2005

Sundays Are Gay Days, Lesbians, Mark oh Mark, To The Club

Sundays Are Gay Days

It's Monday, 10:38AM and I just got up about half hour ago. I came back at the hotel at around 4:30.

Not too shabby for a Sunday night out.

Yesterday was fun - I even went to an Ukrainian restaurant. I wish I took my camera with me.

Here are pics from my quest (well, yesterday's quest) for mixed-race cosmonauts.


Watcha lookin at? Hump me Sergey, hump me!

Dima's eyes are soo soo sexy... you know, like little miss stoner pothead eyes. Love, love, love em.

He's sooo lovely.

I'm taller than this guy but look how his arms are twice the size of mine.

Vova and I have this little whistle thing THING. He's soo adorable.


Now that you've seen me flit from one boy's lap to another (i'm telling you, it won't be long until I become a pregnant mother fucker - I fucking have mixed-raced half-white, half-iced-cafe-latte cosmonauts swimming inside my tummy now), it's time to show some female action.


That's Natalya from Ukraine.

Jane dolled up and piled on my designer goodies like a proper bitch. I LOVE IT. Yes, they were purposely done in a in-your-face, distateful manner on a Novi Ruski can do. Click here for an in-depth article about Novi Ruskis by The Times Newspaper UK.

To quote Simon Mills:

"You can spot a bunch of holidaying Novi Ruskis at 200 yards. It’s not just their brusque, bear-baiting mannerisms or the linguistic glottal-stopping. The men are portly, and look like plutonium salesmen with terrible taste in swimwear; the women sport an affluent effluence of logos, diamanté-studded accessories, metallic belts and the sort of vertiginous shoes that make the debt-set dollies of Cheshire look sartorially restrained."


Jane, being my friend and all, had to do the infamous Bryanboy pose. Hahahaha!



Mark oh Mark

I met up again with one of my first Russian friends, Mark. He now lives in South Russia and took a train just to see me in Moscow.

Not only he's changed physically (he lost weight, he's got long hair, he's got facial hair), his life also changed tremendously.


Our conversations were really deep and heavy... how his life has been so good last year and how it's been worse this year: he lost his flat, his father disowned him, some of his friends passed away... ugh.. his stories were quite scary.

Remember Natasha from last year? Click here for last year's post.


Apparently she passed away this year. Mark and Sergey were unclear on how she died (their English aren't perfect and they couldn't find the right English word, however, they said something about her brain/head etc) so I assumed it was due to a brain tumor.

To The Club

Mark, Sergey, me and Nataly went to Propaganda yesterday (YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE THE WORD "PROPAGANDA" AND HOW EVERY FUCKIN CITY IN THIS PLANET HAVE A BAR OR CLUB CALLED "PROPAGANDA") because it was gay night.

Yes, they let us in this time.

No, there wasn't any face control.

No, we all didn't look gay.

OK, I looked pretty gay.

(Duh! What straight man would wear a Dior hat, a Marc Jacobs cardigan, a RED striped t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, a Chanel belt and a dead fox draped on his body?)


Apparently the woman in the middle is a famous Russian star. I have absolutely no idea on who she is.

I know I need to lose 15 more pounds. It's NOT fun to be a heavyweight champion you know.

Dontcha just hate taking pictures inside a gay club and all these men in their finest (or rather not-so-finest) wifebeaters act as a backdrop? Ugh.

Bryanboy Loves... and Random Cheesemax

#1 - Bryanboy loves people from Ulsan, Korea, Kew, VIC Australia, Melbourne, Australia, San Diego, CA, Nashville, TN, Oxford, United Kingdom, Pudu, Malaysia, Calgary, AB Canada, Toronto, ONT Canada, Kangkar, Sinapore, Taipei, Taiwan, Mortdale, NSW Australia, all the lovely people from MOCKBA, Russia and of course, my hometown - the national capital of the land of the brown, l'exotique and the natives, Manila, Philippines!!!!

#2 - If you're in Manila, have you bought a copy of Fudge Magazine yet? Please buy a copy of Fudge AND MEGA Magazines. I got a text message from Tanya (thanks babe) that I've got a photo there or some sort (Mega). Buy a copy bitches, scan the page with my photo on it, email it to me and I will forever be indebted to you. I wanna see if I look pretty there or not.

#3 - I'm going to STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN this Saturday. I gotta buy some furniture and say hello to Scandinavia. If you're in/near Stockholm (or know anyone in Stockholm) and would like to rescue me from feeling the effects of being a lonely planet solo flight traveler (aka being lonely and miserable), please EMAIL me - or SMS +63-915-785-1492. Let's have coffee. or a drink. YOUR TREAT. Hahahahaha! Because I'm soo damn poor now.

#4 - BRYANBOY LOVES SINGAPOREANS!!! I'm telling each and every one of you bitches... I am soo goin to Singapore early next year. Heck, you better give me a a shitload of cigarettes and chewing gum to celebrate my arrival. I love you all!


#5 - Mike B. from Tampa, Florida says it all.


Keep the love coming bitches. I need some FOOD!

As always, you know where to contact me. Email or SMS my Moscow mobile number, +7-926-437-6332.

SMS Messages are fucking cheap. Don't just sit there and do NOTHING. Grab your mobile phone and tell me you love me.

I love you all.


November 27, 2005

From Moscow With Love

From Moscow with Love


It's 1:30PM and I just got up.

I ended up coming back to the hotel at friggin 7AM, just like the good ol' days in Manila, Philippines.

Ugh my head and eyesockets hurt from all that booze I had yesterday.

Went to all these places, from this ethnic/arabic place that looks like a huge tent inside followed by a quick stint at Billionaire, Skazka, Fabrique and then this American diner called "Starlight" or "Starlite" which was quite cheesy though lovely - it's just like in the movies where teenage Americans yankee doodle people hang out and drink milk shakes LOL.

Oooooooooh I'm so happy with all the love I got last night.









last but not the least...

Did you know that Russians give us, citizens of the land of the brown, l'exotique and the natives (aka Philippines), a run for our money when it comes to the MAIL ORDER BRIDE business?

Go check it on google yourself.

"Philippines Mail Order Brides" (1,480,000 results) vs "Russia Mail Order Brides" (2,220,000 results)

On that note, I proudly present you



This is Jane doing one of those Russian bride poses.


I love you all. I really do.

I'm gonna do a Random Cheesemax maybe later or tomorrow.

I need to take a shower, have lunch and meet Mark.


November 26, 2005

Kool, Kold Kremlin

Kool, Kold Kremlin

It's 6:19PM here in MOCKBA and I just got back from a 5-hour expedition around Moscow with my personal guide.

Spent a couple of hours in/around Kremlin... it really is beautiful.

I'll keep this post short and I'll play pictionary instead.

You gotta love men in uniform. Ugh. Sooo hot. Not the fat one in the middle though.

If this ain't winter, then I don't know what it is.


I know, I know. I JUST HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE something with a logo on it. It's my biggest weakness. Don't worry... I'll definitely go logo-free when I go to Paris.

They've closed down Red Square because of some concert/event whatever.

That canon is SOOO huge I could fit inside, I swear.

That's it for now. I have to go. We're gonna have a huge night out today. Jane just called me and I gotta meet her.

I love you all!


November 25, 2005

Golden Apple, Oh I Fucking Don't Care, Hell Yes!

Golden Apple

I've checked in at Moscow's super-duper (I hate the prefix "uber") modern hotel, the Golden Apple.

It's friggin 4:33PM and I'm already tipsy.

I just finished lunch at their restaurant - I asked for a gin tonic and my glass pretty much consisted of gin... almost NO tonic.

Hey - it's free booze. at a hotel. I ain't complainin. LOL.




Contrary to what it looks like (I know what you're thinking - it looks like a fuckin mental institution on pictures), it's actually quite nice and modern. I like how the room key controls everything, including the elevator. It even makes this robotic sound whenever you insert the key on various holes throughout the hotels. It's fun!



You can bombard me if you want with all your animal lovin photos and videos but I'm a fucking insensitive, heartless, evil bitch - I'll wear my furs loud and proud (yes, that includes carcasses and face-less foxes such as my scarf above).

They're soft, they're warm and I love them.

Enjoy these imagery I found on google. I LOVE THEM. I hope you'll love them too as much as I do.



I will NEVER, EVER apologize (or feel guilty) for:

1) sashaying the catwalks of the world with leather shoes
2) indulging on scrumptious steaks
3) buying leather handbags... or bags made out of exotic skin
4) enjoying McDonald's hamburgers
5) wearing some of the world's most fabulous cashmere and woollen items
6) last but not the least, wearing furs.

Whatever you say, whatever you do, I'll do things that I'll love and enjoy without feeling remotely guilty.

I can do whatever I want.

If that includes throwing a bucket-full of pig's blood on my chinchilla, then so be it.

(I think that would be fabulous.. think of the additional color and the avant-garde touch!)

All I can say is...




Hell Yes!

Just scanned some of the comments on my blog.

* but it surely will never buy you happiness or satisfaction of life that others but not you can achieve.

* truly, all the money in the world can't buy you peace and happiness.


I have never been happier in my life.

In fact, shit man, I am SO happy, satisfied and contented. Sometimes I actually feel whether or not I deserve it all.

How about YOU?

Perhaps all the money in the world can't buy **YOU** happiness. or satisfaction.

But in my case, it can.

You know why?

Because I NEVER, EVER look for true happiness and satisfaction in material stuff.

It's all temporary and instant gratification.

True happiness and satisfaction (at least in my case) comes through different methods.

I'm blessed to have a fantastic family (and personal support system) who is behind me 120% of the time.

... and of course, the ABILITY to DO and GET most of what I want.

(which I'm sure you are soo fucking jealous of)

On that note, I've fulfilled my mission.


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