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March 05, 2011

Lanvin Fall Winter 2011 Finale

Lanvin Fall Winter 2011 Finale

Sincerest apologies for the shaky hands during the beautiful Lanvin fall/winter 2011 fashion show finale.

Pictures to follow. Bravo Alber!

March 04, 2011

Lanvin Lifesaver

Lanvin Lifesaver

Finally got it today.

Lanvin Fall Winter 2011 Fashion Show Invitation

Thank god for angels in America.

Thank you Julia.

December 17, 2010

Shoes Make Me Happy

Shoes Make Me Happy

Are you enjoying the holiday shopping season? There are tons of SALE promotions everywhere. I swear to god, my heart beats faster every time I see a 'sale' sign and I always have to remind myself "Stop. Must. Save. For. Future."

I saw this hysterical sign at the ION shopping mall in Singapore yesterday morning.

Shoes make me happy.

Suddenly don't feel bad about the treats I got myself: a new pair of Lanvin shoes and a Marc Jacobs bag.

Lanvin shoes, Marc Jacobs bag

I think I've worked VERY hard this year...a treat (here and there) is well-deserved, no?

November 24, 2010

Best Boyfriend In The Whole World

Best Boyfriend In The Whole World

What can I say... I'm so in love and so in Lanvin.

Best Boyfriend in the whole world.

Lanvin? Easy there, delusional Debbie.

Ok, fine, whatever, who the fuck are we kidding. Lanvin x H&M.

Click click click!

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November 23, 2010

Going All Out With My Faux Fur

Going All Out With My Faux Fur

I have to express my sincerest gratitude to the wonderful folks at H&M for giving me first dibs into the Lanvin x H&M collection two days before America got theirs and five days before the rest of the world. Although I bought a few pieces (we were limited to seven items!!!) at the private shopping event, I consider myself incredibly lucky. I contemplated queueing when the collection was launched in the US over the weekend but the concept of being in line for hours, many hours, along with rabid shoppers is not really my cup of tea. Some of them were out for blood...

Bryanboy in Lanvin x H&M

Click click click!

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Fallon Speed of Light Ring

Fallon Speed of Light Ring

I got myself a gorgeous little treat from Fallon jewelry sometime last week in the form of this spikes n' crystal stunner. It's a piece from their Resort 2011 collection.

Fallon jewelry ring

Fallon jewelry ring

NYC-based Dana Lorenz (of Fenton/Fallon) makes some of the chicest and edgiest jewelry out there. Her collaboration with J.Crew earlier this year brought her to my radar and I've been tracking her baubles since then.

Fallon jewelry is available at Shopbop.

November 21, 2010

Lanvin versus Lanvin x H&M T-shirts and Necklaces

Lanvin versus Lanvin x H&M T-shirts and Necklaces

Let's compare Lanvin versus Lanvin x H&M. I apologize for the creases in my clothes as I've switched hotels yesterday and had to pack everything in a hurry. Can you guess which one is which?

Lanvin t-shirt and Lanvin necklace

Lanvin x H&M t-shirt and necklace

Both are just as whimsical as each other eh?

Honey, I'm Home!

Honey, I'm Home!

I bought a new camera today. It's my first DSLR camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i. I also got some 18-55mm lens. It's time to upgrade, especially after using point and shoot craperas, I mean cameras, for over six years. I know many of you style bloggers have multi-bajillion dollar Canons and Nikons but I'm not a photographer by nature so this entry-level baby is perfect for me.

Bryanboy's Closet

Thought I'd take a shot of my humble closet at the Soho Grand Hotel as I organize my things...

November 20, 2010

Lanvin x H&M on eBay Already?

Lanvin x H&M on eBay Already?

THIS is alarming.

Everyone is queueing up in sleeping bags and tents around H&M stores in North America for today's Lanvin x H&M launch.

Lanvin x H&M eBay

Me at the Lanvin x H&M fashion show and private sale event the other day.

What boggles me is how there are a LOT of listings on eBay right now selling Lanvin x H&M goods.

Most of them are photos from lookbooks... it makes me wonder whether these people on the queue are eBay sellers trying to profit from the collaboration rather than genuine Lanvin/H&M fans.

Hmmm. I'd be very wary of buying them to be honest.

But then again, would you queue for hours? It's 4:23AM and in NYC and people have queued since last night!!

Fantasy Fur

Fantasy Fur

Rumi and I wore matching fantasy fur jackets from the Lanvin x H&M collaboration last night. We had dinner at the Waverly Inn.

Lanvin x H&M Faux Fur Jacket

What pieces from the Lanvin x H&M collection are you coveting?

Alber Elbaz and Moi

Alber Elbaz and Moi

After all these years, Alber and I finally met.

Alber Elbaz and Bryanboy

I shyly approached the maestro at the post-show private shopping event. All I wanted to do was to photograph him. However, the incredibly kind and gracious Alber insisted that I join him so I humbly asked one of the other chic ladies to take our photo.

I was surprised that he knows me. I was shocked when Alber told me he's kept track of how far I've come and how he's kept track of me from the earlier days of my blog. I don't know how I managed to stop myself from crying in front of him; I have always been a fan of Alber, his work and his undying love for the women who adore his creations. He creates not only fashion but dreams...

I saw him a few times throughout the shopping event. While queueing at the till, Alber was there again so I told him "look at what you're doing to people!", referring to the dozens and dozens of well-dressed fans and followers of his, going agog at the new Lanvin x H&M collection.

Alber, it truly is an honor meeting you. Thank you so much for making me (and thousands, if not millions of people) fall in love with fashion again and again and again...

November 19, 2010

Lanvin x H&M: The Fashion Show at The Pierre Hotel

Lanvin x H&M: The Fashion Show at The Pierre Hotel

As you know, I'm here in New York City. Last night's Lanvin x H&M extravaganza at the Pierre hotel was magical. It was a fun celebration; a celebration of love and fashion. Even my beloved Anna Dello Russo and fellow fashion lover Julia Frakes walked the show!

Thank you so much to H&M for making this collaboration happen. It's so wonderful to share the Lanvin dream to many people.

Bryanboy x Natasha Poly x Lanvin + H&M Parody

Bryanboy x Natasha Poly x Lanvin + H&M Parody

We originally thought of doing a Lanvin x H&M parody video but we gave up because of the poor lighting at the hallway of the Four Seasons hotel.


Maybe next time haha! ;-)

Lanvin x H&M: The Aftermath

Lanvin x H&M: The Aftermath

After the Lanvin x H&M fashion show, my gurls Rumi, Elin and Gala went back to the Four Seasons Hotel to drop our purchases in our rooms. We went gaga over the spectacular Lanvin x H&M collaboration.

Are you ready to get your hands on the goods? Coming to an H&M store nearest you...

More to follow!

November 18, 2010

An Invitation From Alber Elbaz

An Invitation From Alber Elbaz

It's the most anticipated collaboration of the year.

Lanvin x H&M show invitation

Are you ready?

I want Lanvin, not flowers!

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