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May 02, 2010




Birkin Bag


Birkin Bag

NALGO. Not a lot going on...

April 29, 2010

Showing Off Elmo

Showing Off Elmo

Henry Holland and I bought this ENORMOUS double-sided Elmo bag at one of our shopping trips here in KL. One side is red and the other side is blue. It's hilarious!

Bryanboy and Henry Holland

He also bought one of those mini polaroid camera things so we started snapping each other.Remember that massive lighter I got during Christmas? There's tons of em here!

Bryanboy and Henry Holland

After dinner last night...

Henry Holland: stop jittering!

(10 seconds later)

Me: stop chewing your nails!

(5 seconds later)

Henry Holland: God, we're like a married couple.


April 28, 2010

Henry Holland + Charlotte Olympia Platform Wedges

Henry Holland + Charlotte Olympia Platform Wedges

Electrifying shoes. I want. I need! I love Henry Holland's collaboration with Charlotte Olympia.

Henry Holland and Charlotte Olympia shoes

As you know, Henry is here in Kuala Lumpur to show select pieces from his fall/winter 2010 collection at the MUSA store. When I went to his rehearsal, the first thing he asked me was, "what size are you?". My answer of course, is, model size, which is size 40 women's.

I tried this pair on and for a 6-7 inch high shoe, they're surprisingly very comfortable.

Henry Holland and Charlotte Olympia shoes

Can I borrow a pair during fashion week?

Super Power Twitter Twins Activate

Super Power Twitter Twins Activate

Henry Holland and I have been tweeting a storm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over the past few days. We're both here for the launch of MUSA, a multi-label concept store. 

Bryanboy and Henry Holland

Agyness Deyn's tweet made my night yesterday.

Agyness Deyn twitter

I know I'm totally backblogged but I don't have wi-fi in my room (25th floor) and my internet access is very, very limited. My apologies for all the delays -- blogs, emails, etc.

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