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November 17, 2009

Gemma Ward Has NOT Quit Modeling.

Gemma Ward Has NOT Quit Modeling.

Hallelujah praise Jesus. Gemma has spoken and she rendered all the recent press reports that she "quit" as null and void. Fashionologie blogged Gemma emailed the West Australian newspaper that she'll be back working next year.

Gemma Ward

Good on ya Gemma! Can't wait to see you back.

That's all.

photo credit: british vogue, twitter

November 10, 2009

New Gemma Ward Pictures (in New York)

New Gemma Ward Pictures (in New York)

Dayumm, those paps are harsh! Just saw these new photos of Aussie model Gemma Ward in NYC last week. I'm not gonna make a comment anymore. I'll leave that to the ladies over at The Skinny Website. All I want is for her to return to modeling because she was ferosha back in the day but if she wants to take a break, hey, I fully respect that.

Gemma Ward

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November 08, 2009

ATTACKED? HOUNDED? Bringin' out the cray cray!

Bringin' out the cray cray!

Oh bugger. Things have gone cray cray down under!

Gemma Ward Costume

The Australian press are having a field day over Gemma Ward and it's unfortunate that I'm taking the heat for it.

If you were to believe what the Sunday Telegraph Australia said today, I (along with other bloggers apparently) "hounded" and "attacked" the beautiful Aussie model and made her quit modeling.

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November 04, 2009

Two Words: Gemma Ward

Two Words: Gemma Ward

[November 8, 2009 - Click HERE for an UPDATE]

I think it's very sad that Gemma gave up on modeling. She's a very beautiful woman and I think she could make a name for herself in the plus-size niche. You know, give Crystal Renn a run for her money. I would love to see curvier girls in fashion and Gemma Ward represents curvy women like no other.

Gemma Ward fat

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