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August 09, 2010

Crystal Cellphone Case & Covers [Pimp & Bling Your Phone]

Crystal Cellphone Case & Covers

Have you seen these swarovski crystall cell phone cases and covers?

ELECTRIFYING! I DIED when I saw these in Taipei. DIED. DIED, I TELL YOU.

It's no secret that the Chinese adore anything that's glittery and shiny... cellphones are not spared from this dazzling love affair.

Hello Kitty Swarovski Crystal cellphone iphone cases covers

There's more where they came from. Click click click!

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Bryanboy's Blingberry - Gayest Phone in the World

Bryanboy's Blingberry

Speaking of Hello Kitty, look at what I did to my boring ol' Blackberry Bold 9700. Yes, I got a lovely customized crystal-studded battery cover for my phone.

Sorry for the bad shots. It looks much, much better in real life.

Bryanboy Blingberry

Swarovski crystal studded cell phone case

The BF asked me why I (in his words) "pimped" my phone when I showed it to him.

Well... y'all know my history with cellphones. I've lost 6,093,002 phones this year because of my negligence. I've left phones in cabs, hotel rooms, etc.

My dad recently told me I should get a strap and put my phone on my neck to avoid losing them.

So that's what I did in Taipei. I bought a crystal-studded strap and attached it to my phone.

A few minutes later, I saw all these crystal-studded iPhone cases (which, btw, are NOT, I repeat, NOT cheap) so I went to this shop and gave them my Blackberry case where they customized it overnight.

I paid about US$160 just for the customized case alone. I'm sure you can get it cheaper in China or Bangkok but what am I gonna do? I was in Taipei and if I don't get it done right then and there, I probably won't have the time or patience to do it in the future.

Anyhoo... I was disappointed at first because the women at the shop used a different shade instead of the blood-red crystals I wanted. They also used bigger stones instead of smaller, fine crystals.

But you know what, the end result wasn't THAT bad. I could live with it.

Not happy with the bling, I attached all these key charms to the strap. I found them at a stall at some random underpass.

I told a friend that from now on, I'm gonna buy some sort of a charm at every city I go to and attach it to my phone. The more the merrier.

I know it will eventually weigh a ton and look like a fucking Christmas tree but you know what... the chances of me misplacing this phone are slim to none.

I don't know what I'm gonna do to myself in the event I lose this phone. It could only mean one thing: cellphones are not for me.

But until then... I LOVE MY PHONE!!!!

What do you think?

January 29, 2010



This really sticks in my craw so excuse my French.

After all the hype and hoopla, Apple's iPad turned out to be a bloody disappointment. Only an idiot would want something as stupid as this, this whatever you call this oversized iPod Touch thing.

Apple iPad

Click the photo above for a larger version.

Aside from the touch screen, what can the iPad do that a phone and a laptop can't? I don't understand why they won't develop one powerful device that can do EVERYTHING.

Camera, phone, laptop, iPod, and now, the iPad? Can you imagine carrying all that mess in your bag?

16-64 Gig memory and no camera or phone functions? And you have to pay more extra for 3G capabilities?

Typical Apple behavior to nickle and dime features because they know suckers will buy them every time they release a new version.


November 13, 2009

International Herald Tribune TechnoLuxury Conference 2009

International Herald Tribune TechnoLuxury Conference 2009

For those of you out there who are obsessed with luxury and technology, be sure to bookmark on your browser and visit the site on Tuesday and Wednesday next week for up-to-the-minute coverage of the International Herald Tribune's TechnoLuxury conference in Berlin.

IHT TechnoLuxury Conference 2009

credit: IHT

November 04, 2009

Genius MousePen i608 Graphic Tablet for Creative Painting

Genius MousePen i608 Graphic Tablet for Creative Painting

MousePen i608 Graphic Tablet for Creative Painting

I went to the computer store yesterday afternoon and I ended up buying this thing called

The Genius MousePen i608 Graphic Tablet is available for around US$65. Let's see if I'm gonna be able to get my money's worth over the next few weeks. Surely I can do better than juvenile scribbles, doodles and stick figures...

July 27, 2009

Nokia N97 + New Phone Number

Nokia N97 + New Phone Number

I've been living off one of them cheap disposable phones for a few weeks now because I couldn't decide which sort of proper phone I should get -- a blackberry, an iphone or a new nokia. Well, the iPhone 3Gs won't come out for a few more days here in the third world and I've been itching for a new phone. After two weeks of deliberation (what deliberation), I bought myself a Nokia N97

Nokia N97

I love my wallpaper! Before you slam me, who else would I put there? YOU? Kate Moss? My mother? Your mother? Think about it.

I've spent the past three days customizing EVERYTHING. Changed the wallpaper, ring & text message tones (hence the Anna Wintour set), installed tons of software, email, facebook and twitter apps, uploaded some of my mp3s and videos.

It's a lot of work but a gurl's gotta do what she has to do... which is why I haven't done anything at all last week. Seriously. It took me a huge chunk of time "training" this thing and if some nasty French thief tries to steal my baby away from me (like what they did to my poor e71 in Paris), rest be assured a baby unicorn will die in her sleep.

Now the $64 million question is... am I gonna cover the thing with Swarovski crystals? The answer is no. I don't want my new baby to be the JonBenet Ramsey of the mobile phone world so no, no Swarovski crystals for me.

My new (public) number is: +63.927.350.7453.

To all my contacts, please pop me a note with your name so I can put you on my address book. I don't have everyone's phone numbers on my (old) list.

Also, please disregard my previous 915 cellphone number. I do have a private number but that's for me, friends and family.


August 07, 2008

Would you pay US$1,120 for a 16GB iPhone 3G?

Would you pay US$1,120 for a 16GB iPhone 3G?


16gb iphone 3g

Have you seen the Philippine Daily Inquirer article? Globe Telecom is about to launch the new iPhone 3G here in the cesspit of the third world. If you are a pre-paid subscriber, the 8GB unit is priced at P41,899 (US$960) or P48,899 (US$1,120) for the 16GB model. The price of the phone drops (depending on your plan) if you're subscribing to a postpaid account.

Whatever happened to Steve Jobs' plan in making the iPhone more accessible to everyone? I've gone through god knows how many phones over the years and all but one had a happy ending. Surprisingly, the only working phone that I'm still using to this date is my trusty (and crusty) old nokia which I've had for what... 4 years? I don't know anymore.

Back to the new iPhone... I think I'd rather get a liposuction thanks very much.

June 13, 2008

Urban Outfitters Sale

Sushi USB

Speaking of sushi, check out this kitschy kitschy ya-ya da-da sushi USB flash drive I saw at Urban Outfitters the other day. For those of you out there looking for an eye-catching, portable storage space for files, dizz iz it!

Urban Outfitters Sale, USB Sushi

The USB sushi comes in two types -- salmon roe and tuna. Aren't they cute? My friend told me they look disgusting (this is coming from a woman who spent a lot of her youth jetting back and forth to Japan) but I love them!

There's a massive sale going on at Urban Outfitters so be sure to visit their site. Clothing and accessories aside, I personally like browsing their "Apartment" area because that's where all the kitschy gadgets are. Go!

May 29, 2008

Canon G9 Camera

Canon G9 Camera

It's about time I put my trusty 2-year old camera to retirement. Everyone I know seems to have a Canon G9 Camera so I finally bit the bullet and ordered one today. I'm no professional photographer and I don't need fancy schmancy features. I'm not the type who fiddles around with settings and crap so good luck to me. It's funny how people always assume I'm a "techie" when I know absolutely nothing when it comes to gadgets and shit.

Canon G9 Camera
Photo: DS Resource

I should get my new camera any day now and I hope I made the right choice. I've had Sony digital cameras for years. I think now is a good time to try Canon. We'll see. :-)

October 31, 2007

Technology Upgrade

Technology Schmology

The universe must be sending me a sign when my ginormous 17-inch Sony Vaio died a few weeks ago. That ginormous baby is about 3 years old, which is pretty much geriatric -- a senior citizen -- in technology terms. I know I could easily go to the Sony service center here, get it fixed and give it an upgrade but the amount of time, money and patience I'm gonna end up spending is not worth it. Giving old computers an upgrade is like giving an 80 year old bitch a botox and a face-lift. No amount of nip, tuck, pulling and stretching can bring an old hag back to her former glory. I'd rather buy a brand new one. In fact, I have another HP laptop I got about a year and a half ago and I'm already sick of it.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the Olga Sherer of notebook computers at the mall a few days ago. I had to stop, gawk and admire that little skinny piece of shit like Michael Biserta's huge cockerel piece and the guys gone wild girl bitches who screamed OWWWW MYYYYYY GAWWWWWWD.

Sony Vaio
Sony Vaio

And OOWWWW MYYYY GAWWWD I bloody screamed indeed.

That thing is probably made out of cardboard... you never know. HAHAHAHA. I didn't go inside the store because I know myself and my spending habits. I'm such an impulse buyer! While we all buy fashion and accessories thinking about the short term, computers, on the other hand, require special attention.  The way I look at it is this: buying technology is like trying to find buying a boyfriend. The same rules apply whenever we go out there and try to find ourselves a decent man. Not that I buy guys, I'm wayyy too gorgeous for that shit. Last time I checked, I still get cruised by old farts... I have a big market out there! Hot sex pays me not the other way around if you know what I mean.

Click click click!

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January 01, 2006

It's True! Bang & Olufsen + Louis Vuitton = Cool New Gadgets

Bang & Olufsen + Louis Vuitton

I got a message from one of my little birdies about the new Louis Vuitton MP3 player aka BeoSound 2 (in conjunction with Bang & Olufsen).

I know BEO launched Serene Mobile a couple of months back but little did I know about the new MP3 player.


Here I am thinking I'm gonna stay away from Louis Vuitton (and their temptations) for awhile but if they keep on coming up with stuff like this, I'd say screw it.

Gimme, gimme, gimme, buy! buy! buy!


More info at:


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