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September 30, 2005

Friday Morning, Kate Moss: Fashion Victim?

Friday Morning

Boy what a productive day today was.

I went to my pulmonologist/internal medicine doctor at around 10:00AM and it looks like I don't have bronchitis. Instead, I have pharyngitis (also known as sore throat) and something else that I totally forgot about, like some sort of an allergic reaction. He prescribed me a ton of meds, like 4-5 pills that I need to take at least once a day - some are twice/thrice per day. He also told me to continue on my nasal spray for 6 months.

I seriously thought I have bronchitis. I mean, gawd, what was I thinking?

I guess I don't want to die from a respiratory disease, you know? Can you imagine the look on my face, all gagging for one last hit of oxygen, kind of like those suffocation/drowning victims?


Anyway, let's play pictionary shall we?

Here are pics taken at the hospital's parking lot before going to the doctor.









Possibly the longest pictionary we had in ages eh?

Apres-doctor, my sisterette and moi went to McDonald's Drive Thru for lunch. I haven't had McDonald's in AGES and I mean AGES - there's no other way to celebrate the moment by having large fries, a quarter pounder and a large coke.


After McD's, we parked in front of my aesthetician's clinic to chow on my cheap yet chic meal.

*snap* *snap**snap*

More pictures from my aesthetician's parking lot...




I realized I should try different poses in my pictionaries. Here's yet another one. Isn't it lovely? Hahahahahahahaha!



So yeah, after all that pictionary effort, I went to my aesthetician, had my usual glycopeel cleaning facial and a power peel/microdermabrasion session. I haven't had such treatments in the past month - can you imagine how reckless I am with my skin? Ugh! Never again. No wonder I've been getting zits as of late.

200509_katemossmirrorKate Moss: Fashion Victim?

Mark your calendars bitches and take note of V-Day as in Video Day, October 3, 2005.

Sky One (UK) will show the controversial footage of Kate Moss snorting everyone's favourite drug, from royalty to rock stars, supermodels to actors, socialites to the beautiful ones - COCAINE!

Click here to read more.

More updates later. You know where to contact me.


P.S. Sunglasses and shoes by Yves Saint Laurent, bag by Chanel, "The Clash"  t-shirt from People R People (Filipino version of Urban Outfitters), old jeans - by Earl Jeans, black jeweled necklace from Valentino, dog tag necklace from Chanel, clapper board necklace from Chanel, studded belt from Top Shop, No5 belt from Chanel, chain bracelet with pearl from Chanel.

November 19, 2004

Hello Bangkok

Just got here in Bangkok. My flight to Manila's like 1:55PM.

My god, Aeroflot is the worst airline ever. Did I say the bathrooms were so repulsive? They've got no toiletries whatsoever... only liquid soap.

The stench is so bad you can literally smell the scent of fress piss at least 6 feet away. No wonder the toilets can only be found at the front of the plane... or at the very end. I feel sorry for those who seat near em: both pilots/cockpit area... and some unfortunate scum cattle class passengers.

I went to the cattle class toilets at the end of the plane just for fun halfway across the flight and I swear, there's lots of trash and garbage everywhere -- on the sink, on the floor, everywhere! Every single imaginable toilet trash you can think of. Tissues with snot, tissues with shit skid marks, tissues with blood, beer bottles, cans, candy wrappers, bloody tampons, you name it. In fact, even one of the toilet bowls is covered with puke.

I am dead serious.

Surely I'm not the only one who has flown Aeroflot before -- so I dare you to ask someone else and I bet they'd agree with me hands down.

Anyway, the only thing I did in Bangkok really is smoked a couple of fags, had some canapes at the lounge, bought 2 clear lip gloss tubes and the Addict Trio lip gloss at Dior, plus 2 cartons of Marlboro cigarettes at Duty Free.

Only paid around US$250 of excess baggage to my flight in Manila this time.

I just want to go home... see my family, see my cat and have a good night's worth of sleep.

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