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March 24, 2011

Confidence Booster From Anna

Confidence Booster

Blame generation now, blame generation online media. Here's proof that when it comes to fashion events, people are most likely going to watch, stare, gossip, eavesdrop, photograph AND twitpic whatever move you make. One of my twitter followers cheekily took a paparazzi-style photo of me chatting to Anna Wintour using his phone, at the Alexander Wang show in New York last month.

photo of Bryanboy talking to Anna Wintour at Alexander Wang fall/winter 2011 fashion show in New York

Let me share to you what I went through when that photo was taken. Earlier that day, Anna commended me for my use of these neon green hair scrunchies I got from Brazil as ankle bracelets to my Lanvin sneakers. I thought I'd ask her a question I've always wanted to ask.

Me: "Hi Anna! Out of curiosity, and Lady Gaga cover aside, when was the last time you did something for the first time?"

AW: *chortle* "Couldn't you have asked a simpler question?"

*uhhhhhh 1, 2, 3, 4, time is ticking away, let me think, let me think, I'm not gonna waste her ti--*

Me: May I take your photo instead?  

AW: *smirk* "Sure."  

Me: "Thank you"

After getting my shot, I slowly walked away to preserve whatever dignity (what dignity?) I have left. What else is there to do? Hang around for idle chatter and banter? I came to her to ask that one question, she answered, that was that. NEXT! Gotta move on, move forward and try to find another familiar face to talk to. Besides, I could feel and see from the corner of my eyes that they are talking about my question. It's that blogger! Oh no Bryan didn't! Burn! Send him to outer space!

I thought, oh geez, I blew it up big time! 

Not more than ten feet and a few seconds later, one of the bodyguards called me (SIR! EXCUSE ME, SIR!) and I saw Anna stretch one arm and motioned me to come back to her.

I had this voice in my head chanting, uh oh, you’re gonna get it. You’re gonna get it really good. Be prepared for decapitation Bryan, this is it, this is the sacrificial lamb moment…

She smiled and said, "I went to China."  

Me: "Thank you. I saw those photos online a few months back."

Instead of feeling defeated, I walked away with my chest out, beaming with joy and confidence this time around.

That was in New York.

By the time Paris came I'm all 'oh hay mamacita mother hen, how are you?' on her.

Just kidding. Not exactly like that but close enough. ;-)

Frida Gustavsson's Backstage Sketches

Frida Gustavsson's Backstage Sketches

What a pleasant surprise! Swedish sensation Frida Gustavsson sketched what it’s like backstage at a show and my favourite snapper Sonny Vandevelde took these photos using his phone cam.

Frida Gustavsson Backstage Project

Last season… major LOL at “Karlie Kloss Dental Floss”

Frida Gustavsson Backstage Project


photos via: Sonny Vandevelde

March 23, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana's Androgynous Delight

Dolce & Gabbana's Androgynous Delight

Dolce & Gabbana's fall/winter 2011 collection is definitely one of my favourites from Milan last month. It's refreshing the power duo departed from their usual fare of delectable lace dresses and offered a new dressing proposition for fall: androgynous, gender-bending looks but still with the trademark Dolce & Gabbana tailoring, glitz and dazzle. I salivated over the front row because there were so many desirable pieces from the collection. The first thing I saw when I went backstage before the show was the pair of purple sequined trousers. Stefano Gabbana immediately pointed out they made it in three colors... and when I saw them on the runway during the show, BOOM!, it was a ME ME ME ME ME moment.

Dolce & Gabbana fall winter 2011

Click click click for more photos.

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March 22, 2011

Birthday Boots

Birthday Boots

It was love at first sight when I saw these snakeskin desert boots at the Acne store in Stockholm. I was planning to buy them before I leave because my good ol' boyfriend's shoebox of an apartment is already cluttered with my stuff.

Acne Snakeskin Desert Boots

Acne Desert Boots

Lo and behold last night, my friend Elin gifted me with these boots. Imagine the delight and surprise!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

March 21, 2011

STYLEBY Magazine #1 - Elin Kling

STYLEBY Magazine #1 - Elin Kling

If you live in Scandinavia, have you picked up the maiden issue of the new Styleby magazine? I have. Sweden's most prolific blogger (and multi-media personality), Elin Kling, is on the cover.

Elin Kling Styleby Magazine Cover

Congratulations on the new magazine!

March 19, 2011

J'ADR Orangina

J'ADR Orangina

J'adore the colour orange. J'ADR Anna dello Russo!

Bryanboy and Anna dello Russo in Prada

Bryanboy and Anna dello Russo in Prada

On me: Karen Walker sunglasses, vintage bowtie, Filippa K jacket, Uniqlo shirt, H&M trousers, Jil Sander shoes, Prada stole. On Anna dello Russo: sweater, dress, sunglasses, bag, shoes all from Prada.

Bloggers in Boston, Anyone?

Bloggers in Boston, Anyone?

My friends over at Boston's iconic Louis store are inviting bloggers for an event next week If you happen to be in (or visiting) the area next week, be sure to pop by Louis on March 24 from 5 to 7PM. Don't forget to RSVP by emailing


Louis Boston Bloggers Event

Bryanboy Livestream Highlights

Bryanboy Livestream Highlights

During the fall/winter 2011 collections in New York last month, the team at Kanon Vodka livestreamed my adventures for an entire day, online.

Bryanboy sitting front-row at Elie Tahari Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show in New York.

Click HERE to watch highlights from the livestream.

March 17, 2011

Rihanna for American Vogue April 2011 Cover + Behind the Scenes

Rihanna for American Vogue April 2011 Cover

Have you seen the latest issue of American Vogue? Rihanna, in Chanel, looks ravishing on this (long-overdue if I may add) cover.

Rihanna Vogue USA Cover April 2011 by Annie Leibovitz

I'm still recovering from Lady Gaga's marvelous March issue (one of my faves from Vogue as of late). Whoever spiked the watercooler on the 12th floor deserves a gold medal. One smashing issue after another, it's obvious that they've been drinking some major Kool-Aid.

Can't wait to get my hands on this one. Big kudos to Anna and her team. High-fives all around!

Miu Miu Fall Winter 2011 Finale

Miu Miu Fall Winter 2011 Finale

Here's the view from my seat at the fall/winter 2011 Miu Miu fashion show in Paris.

March 16, 2011

Grid on Grid

Grid on Grid

Don't try this at home. It takes a very special kind of girl to effortlessly stride on top of a street vent in a pair of high heels.

Stephanie LaCava Nicholas Kirkwood shoes

Stephanie LaCava Nicholas Kirkwood shoes

I took these shots of Stephanie LaCava's Nicholas Kirkwood shoes as we rushed from Hotel de Crillon to the Grand Palais for Chanel's fall/winter 2011 fashion show.

March 15, 2011

Trickle-down Effect

Trickle-down Effect 

Have you seen these men's socks at H&M? I've been buying them wherever there's an H&M store for weeks now. It's cheaper to buy new socks and underwear than send them to the cleaners. Stripes aside, doesn't the colour scheme remind you of Miuccia Prada's blockbuster spring/summer 2011 collection?

H&M socks

Gotta love fast-fashion.

March 10, 2011

Marc Jacobs Backstage at Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011

Marc Jacobs Backstage at Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011

I took out my camera while waiting for my turn to greet Marc after the show.


He seems to be very happy when I saw him. His new collection for Vuitton is very desirable.

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 Finale

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 Finale

Here's the view from my seat at the (Marc Jacobs for) Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2011 fashion show.

March 09, 2011

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 Full Show [Watch Online]

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011 Full Show [Watch Online]

How extraordinary was the Louis Vuitton show an hour and a half ago? Here's the full show online.


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