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March 23, 2008

Nick Snider

Bryanboy Loves Nick Snider

EXCLUSIVE! EXPENSIVE! EXCLUSIVE! EXPENSIVE! The latest addition to the Bryanboy family has a special message out...

Nick Snider

It's no other than the face of Prada menswear himself (EXCLUSIVE for two seasons running)... the adorable and fierce Nick Snider! Click click click!

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Tanya Dziahileva

Bryanboy Loves Tanya Dziahileva!

I had the shock of my life earlier today when I woke up to my LA pal Ceci's email. Woohoo! So far I've got Rachel Clark, Marc Jacobs, Alexandra Agoston, Terron Wood, Lawrence Stiers and now... Mz. Tanya Dziahileva! I'm definitely adding this to my "fashion people collection". Yeehaw!

Tanya Dziahileva loves Bryanboy

OMG! OMG INDEED! Isn't Tanya Dziahileva lovely? I think she's one of the best catwalkers today. Click click click!

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May 26, 2007

Brian: "Now poodle I'm concerned..."

Brian: "Now poodle I'm concerned..."

I don't know whether to laugh, cry or to take this email seriously. I have to admit it's one of the best things I've ever received on MySpace. Thanks Brian!

Click click click!

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March 26, 2007



Well, what do we have here... it's PICTIONARY PRIMETIME once again! I don't even know what to say. I literally have tears on my face. Fuck United States. Fuck United Kingdom. Fuck Norway. Fuck Singapore. Fuck Australia and most definitely FUCK SWEDEN. In fact, fuck every country out there in the planet where most of my readers reside because for now, BELGIANS ARE THE NEW SWEDES!

This is it. This is really it. I am now officially retiring from my job of sissyfying today's youth. In a span of two and a half years, I've converted a ginormous amount of people to the religion of sissyfication and it's about time for me to pass the faggotry baton to someone more deserving... boys like Jurgen and Davy from Belgium. These Belgians, I'm telling y'all... when they attack... THEY REALLY ATTACK!

What you are about to see is the best birthday present I've ever received in my entire life. The amount of love, love, love, time, effort AND dedication these two beautiful Belgian boys gave me is priceless. Ok, who am I kidding, I still want that Graff 30.43ct yellow diamond ring, but for now, THIS IS THE ULTIMATE GIFT OF ALL!

Enough verbal diarrhea and let's skip the bullshit. In their own words:

"These pictures are the imminent proof of what sick transformation two innocent belgian teens went through by reading your blog and watching your work! And all of this in just two years of time...


Watch them work it. They're P+E+R+F+E+C+T!

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January 30, 2007

The Face: Carine Roitfeld

The Face: Carine Roitfeld

She's the fiercest best-dressed bitch on the face of the planet and I love her to death.

And I want her t-shirt.

(Edited 11:13PM I think hers is a dress and not a tee but whatevs)


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December 03, 2006

Bryanboy Loves... and Random Cheesemax: Francesco Biasia

Bryanboy Loves... and Random Cheesemax

#1 - Bryanboy loves people from Skardmunken, Norway, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sandvika, Norway, Houghton Estate, Gauteng South Africa, La Vieielle-Poste, Auvergne France, Ha Noi, Vietnam, Zagreb, Croatia, Nkaia, Attiki Greece, Los Angeles, CA, College Park, MD, Milton Keynes, UK, Damansara, Malaysia, Malmo, Sweden, Lysomice, Poland and of course, people from Warrenton, VA. Say hi don't be shy!

#2 - 3 more days betch and we're going on holiday! Niklas you whore just get your fucking ass here pronto! We are soo going to the beach, betch!

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November 28, 2006

Mrs. Granny Bee's PICTIONARY ROYALE, Love, Text Messages Galore


I'd like to do a special announcement before we continue with today's pictionary. I know you've all been waiting to see Mrs. Granny Bee's photos from last week but I'm kind annoyed cause I think I've gone FARRRR TOO GAY over the past few days. Hahahaha! I mean gawd, you know you did something wrong (BUT WE ALL KNOW HOW THE WRONG AND THE BAD IS SOOOO GOOOOD HAHAHA) when you suddenly get an avalanche of emails from people asking you to send them bras and panties by mail. I DO NOT WEAR WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR SO I DON'T HAVE "MOIST PANTIES" TO SEND YOU AND BITCH PLEASE, I AM NOT A FULL-TIME TRANNY! Hahaha! I only do it when I'm on crack. So yeah... here goes.



I know that photo was taken back in the dark ages when I got OD'ed on everything Patsy Stone loved but what the heck, shitake happens to the best of us. Good thing I'm clean and sober now. NO WONDER I'M FUCKING FATTTTTT!!! I hope that photo will serve as a reminder that I am a boy, I love being a boy and I will always be a boy, then, now and forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever infinity ever, no matter how many pairs of Manolos, Jimmy Choo, Roger Vivier or Pierre Hardy shoes I'll get to wear in this lifetime.

Mrs. Granny Bee is waiting!!!! Click click click click! I'm bringing SEXY BACK!!!!

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October 12, 2006

Sniggering Porters

Sniggering Porters

Philippine postal system is clearly the epitome of the slow boat. Took them 2 friggin weeks for a simple letter envelope to reach the UK.

"This morning I came in to work to find the porters on the front desk sniggering. Bryanboy sent me some stickers, but on the envelope he liberally sprinkled some hearts. I did go slightly red..."
-- Thomas
Bristol, United Kingdom


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September 13, 2006

Mail Call!

Mail Call!

In this day and age of technology, snail mail is becoming extinct. I can't even remember the last time I got a card/letter/postcard in the mail so imagine the joy... my maid went to the Post Office earlier this morning to see if I have any fabulous postcards or letters from faraway places and it turns out I received one, just one piece of mail. I'm not complainin... at least I got one!!!! HAHAHA!


Kim from San Bernardino, CA sent me a lovely letter along with a sticker AND magazine tear-out with my favourite thinspiration, Nicole Richie. The post office received my yesterday, judging on the stamp at the back of the envelope. Kim, thanks for popping my PO box cherry! I love, love, love, love, love you!

Me being bombarded with tons of fan mail? Are you kidding me? Your letter is the first (and only) one I got hahaha! People are too fucking lazy these days or I'm just not worthy of their love and undivided attention. There's a shitload of people out there who promised me to do a lot of shit but there's not much I can do. Beggars can't be choosers. :(


I love you all!


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July 14, 2006

The Queen of "LIKE, YOU KNOW"

The Queen of "like, you know" is like, you know, back on TV!

I really need to work on like, you know, my English. I got interviewed on like, you know,, Mornings at ANC earlier this morning and like, you know, I had fun in spite of me saying like, you know,, the words "like, you know,", more than like, you know,, a thousand times. It's sooo annoying! Where can I get like, you know, speech lessons in this town?


Coral necklaces from L'Obelisk, brown cardigan and black tank top from Zara, jeans from Acne, bag from Goyard, shoes from Dior Homme, sunglasses from Christian Dior.

It's the fourth LIVE interview I did this year for the same media powerhouse so I guess they love me even if I stutter all the fucking time. Remember the mishap I did the last time I got interviewed? I still can't get over the fact that I said "shit, I haven't had sex in ages" on a friggin breakfast show for god's sake... Ugh! I need speech lessons, voice lessons and a full-body massage... oh and a liposuction, rhinoplasty, buccal fat removal and chin implant too while we're at it.

YouTube Video after the jump... Watch me get gangbanged by some of the hosts at ANC's Morning News.

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July 09, 2006

If you're famous and you don't know it clap your hands!

If you have fans and you don't know it clap your hands!


*clap clap* If you're an attention whore like me you clap your hands!

*clap clap* If you are famous and you deny it clap your hands!

*clap clap* If you have many people "loving" you, many people sending pics, if you have fans and you love them too you clap your hands.


*clap clap*

Large-sized pics and more after the jump...

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June 30, 2006

Bryanboy Loves...and Random Cheesemax: Retail Therapy and More

063006_thumbBryanboy Loves...and Random Cheesemax: Retail Therapy and More

DISCLAIMER: This is QUITE POSSIBLY THE LONGEST BL...RC entry of all time so be sure to read it all.

#1 - Bryanboy loves people from Budapest, Hungary, Plano, TX, Salford, UK, Staten Island, NY, Paderno Dugnano, Italy, Paris, France, Willebroek, Belgium, Lisbon, Portugal, Chrzanw Nowy, Poland, Beijing, China, Djursholms Sby, Sweden, Rome, Italy, Sarugakucho, Tokyo Japan and of course, all the cute guys and lovely girl from Hudiskvall, Gavleborgs Lan Sweden! I love each and every one of you ya fuckin maggots. Send me "I LOVE BRYANBOY" pictures! I can never have too much of those.

New York City, BC, Canada, Rome Italy, Jakarta, Indonesia, Philadelphia, PA, Madison, Wisconsin and Singapore. Unless you're legally blind, it should be obvious to you that people all over the world love me so you, yes you, should start loving me too.



Full-sized version of these pics plus all the random cheesemax that I love after the jump.

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June 25, 2006

Let me delude myself into thinking the world loves me.

Let me delude myself into thinking the whole world loves me.

Hah! Ego boost.

Let the photos speak for themselves. Why bother indulging with comfort food when imagery of your love will suffice (not to mention calorie-free)?

Meet Joey and friend from Singapore.


Marie's pussy from Montreal, Canada...


... and then of course, there's Edd from the UK...


And Brian from Texas.


Who could forget Sha from Canada?


and Christian from Manchester/Milan? (I think I posted this photo before...)


Last but not the least, I love Luke from the UK!


I think that's all for now. My sleeping pills are finally kicking in.

I'll update as soon as I get up tomorrow. I'm off to bed,

As always, I love you all. SMS +63.915.785.1492 or email


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June 13, 2006

What is the world coming into? I've been outgayed, outexcessed, outeverything! Bryanboy: OUT!

Bryanboy: OUT!

I really should stop smoking. I've been feeling sick over the past several days... since last weekend to be honest. That's why I didn't go out. God forbid my lungs give up on me. I think I'm gonna visit my doctor first thing tomorrow afternoon when I wake up.

Also, I've been having weird sleeping habits lately. In fact, I slept at 1AM last night, only to wake up at 8:30 in the morning. I had an early lunch then I spent the rest of the day sleeping. I'm currently spending the next few days at my grandma's - don't ask. Too much drama involving the familia de horreur. I think it's best to keep it amongst ourselves (and a handful of my closest friends). I'm on dialup so I'll do a quick post.

"I exuuuuuuberate fantasticisms"



I've been outgayed by this platypus faggot in the Bronx, NY. Here I am thinking I'm the gayest gay that ever gayed... but wait until you see this.

"Where do I put my mink? I'll put it on the floor even though it's EXXXXXXXXpennnnnsive!"

Video and more commentary after the jump.

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June 05, 2006

EXPLOSIVE! Bryanboy at his rawest: The picture that will CHANGE the way you view Bryanboy

Bryanboy At His Rawest

People seem to have this impression that everything about me is fabulous. I don't blame them because that's the image I project: my life is fabulous, I love beautiful things, I drool over beautiful people, I go to nice places etc. Flaunt it cause you have it. Show it while you have it. Work it like you own it. Fake it till you make it. I dress like a princess but in reality I'm just a pauper.

In the past few months I've received no less than a dozen emails from people (shit, I dropped my cigarette on my crotch as I typed that sentence) with questions like "what does Bryanboy wear when he's at home?" etc. I also get compliments from many, many people complimenting me about my skin, which I don't really understand cause I have terrible, terrible awful skin. Hah!

It's Monday afternoon and I just got up less than an hour ago. I'm dead bored so I figured, why not surprise you lot with what the OTHER SIDE of BRYAN looks like.


Take note of all that excess flesh... now you know why I'm promoting my watermelon diet... oh and all that stubble on my face. You probably don't see it now but you will, later.

Anyway, all I wear at home is a plain ol tee and boxers. It's all about comfort clothes here. No juicy couture sweats whatsoever. Sometimes I'd even roam around the house wearing nothing but some y-front briefs on.

Get your own blog at Typepad, just like mine! Free trial.


Now, If the image above isn't shocking enough, the photo you are about to see will HAUNT you for the rest of your life and change the way you think of me -- Le Superstar Fabuleux my fuckin asshole.

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