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March 24, 2011

Confidence Booster From Anna

Confidence Booster

Blame generation now, blame generation online media. Here's proof that when it comes to fashion events, people are most likely going to watch, stare, gossip, eavesdrop, photograph AND twitpic whatever move you make. One of my twitter followers cheekily took a paparazzi-style photo of me chatting to Anna Wintour using his phone, at the Alexander Wang show in New York last month.

photo of Bryanboy talking to Anna Wintour at Alexander Wang fall/winter 2011 fashion show in New York

Let me share to you what I went through when that photo was taken. Earlier that day, Anna commended me for my use of these neon green hair scrunchies I got from Brazil as ankle bracelets to my Lanvin sneakers. I thought I'd ask her a question I've always wanted to ask.

Me: "Hi Anna! Out of curiosity, and Lady Gaga cover aside, when was the last time you did something for the first time?"

AW: *chortle* "Couldn't you have asked a simpler question?"

*uhhhhhh 1, 2, 3, 4, time is ticking away, let me think, let me think, I'm not gonna waste her ti--*

Me: May I take your photo instead?  

AW: *smirk* "Sure."  

Me: "Thank you"

After getting my shot, I slowly walked away to preserve whatever dignity (what dignity?) I have left. What else is there to do? Hang around for idle chatter and banter? I came to her to ask that one question, she answered, that was that. NEXT! Gotta move on, move forward and try to find another familiar face to talk to. Besides, I could feel and see from the corner of my eyes that they are talking about my question. It's that blogger! Oh no Bryan didn't! Burn! Send him to outer space!

I thought, oh geez, I blew it up big time! 

Not more than ten feet and a few seconds later, one of the bodyguards called me (SIR! EXCUSE ME, SIR!) and I saw Anna stretch one arm and motioned me to come back to her.

I had this voice in my head chanting, uh oh, you’re gonna get it. You’re gonna get it really good. Be prepared for decapitation Bryan, this is it, this is the sacrificial lamb moment…

She smiled and said, "I went to China."  

Me: "Thank you. I saw those photos online a few months back."

Instead of feeling defeated, I walked away with my chest out, beaming with joy and confidence this time around.

That was in New York.

By the time Paris came I'm all 'oh hay mamacita mother hen, how are you?' on her.

Just kidding. Not exactly like that but close enough. ;-)

March 21, 2011

Ten Grand

Ten Grand

What would you buy with $10,000?

Bryanboy in Margiela fur hat
Maison Martin Margiela fall 2011 runway fur headpiece courtesy of SSENSE

Canadian super retailer SSENSE is giving away a $10,000 shopping spree.

I'm impressed with their selection of brands: Maison Martin Margiela, Lanvin, Givenchy, Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang, Thakoon, Comme des Garcons and more.

Contest ends on March 24. Click HERE to join.

March 20, 2011

A New Passion Outside Fashion

A New Passion Outside Fashion

It's my birthday tomorrow and I thought I'd take up something new. After a month of fashion high, I have a new obsession: motorbikes!

Bryanboy Bikerboy

Click click click!

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March 19, 2011

J'ADR Orangina

J'ADR Orangina

J'adore the colour orange. J'ADR Anna dello Russo!

Bryanboy and Anna dello Russo in Prada

Bryanboy and Anna dello Russo in Prada

On me: Karen Walker sunglasses, vintage bowtie, Filippa K jacket, Uniqlo shirt, H&M trousers, Jil Sander shoes, Prada stole. On Anna dello Russo: sweater, dress, sunglasses, bag, shoes all from Prada.

Advance Notice

Advance Notice

Fashion month may be well over but honey, it ain’t spring yet! We had a blanket of snow yesterday afternoon here in Stockholm.

Bryanboy in Prada, smoking a cigarette.

Bryanboy wearing a Prada striped t-shirt.

Hat by State & Lake, sunglasses from Karen Walker, shirt and cardigan from Uniqlo, top from Prada, belt from Hermes, jeans from Diesel, bracelet from Accessory Lab.

Going through the endless photos I took in New York, Milan and Paris, I found it very amusing how fashion people wear spring clothes during winter to watch the autumn shows/clothes that are going to be sold during summer time. Some of the key pieces and accessories have already been worn to death by numerous editors left, right and center.

Dive Bar

Dive Bar

My very weak bladder was about to burst during a long commute outside the center of Stockholm a few nights ago. The BF thought it was best to get out of the subway and try to find a place where I can drain my pipe so to speak. We ended up at this dive bar and my man, being a real man, simply could not resist the appeal of five dollar beers. He had one, I had one and then there's the flip cam.

Bryanboy Livestream Highlights

Bryanboy Livestream Highlights

During the fall/winter 2011 collections in New York last month, the team at Kanon Vodka livestreamed my adventures for an entire day, online.

Bryanboy sitting front-row at Elie Tahari Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show in New York.

Click HERE to watch highlights from the livestream.

March 15, 2011

Person of Colour

Person of Colour

Yesterday was quite fruitful. I went to the chiropractor, got my hair trimmed, went to a couple of meetings, had 'after work' cocktails with the bf before making chicken noodle soup for dinner.

Bryanboy at Zink Stockholm

One of the things I love about dressing up is making your own individual look based on your personality, feelings and emotions. It's also fun and exciting to see how your surroundings react to your look. Instead of letting people be voyuers peeking into your life, you watch them back. Think of it as a social experiment. Some will praise you, some will be horrified, but no matter what people's reactions are, you stand by your look because it's uniquely you.

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than allowing myself to be influenced by my environment on what or how I should dress. When I decorate my body like a Christmas tree, put things on my body, I put things because I like them. Not because it's 'appropriate', not because 'it looks good' (to who? the wearer or the eye of the beholder?), etc. I like the guilt-free feeling of not caring what others would say. I wish I could say I'm a strong person but I'm not -- 99% of the time I don't care but when that 1% strikes, it's a mindfuck!

For instance, I wore my head-to-toe orange and red look a few days ago and boy, I looked like the sore thumb. On the surface, I liked it, yes. I'm no stranger to looks -- it DOES feel good when people point, gawk and stare at me whenever I'm in, say, New York, Milan or Paris... but in monochromatic Scandinavia? Suddenly, I felt bad.

What happens when you stick someone who likes to stand out and place him or her in a society where people deliberately make the conscious effort to blend in? Standing out and looking different from everybody else suddenly becomes less challenging. It becomes easy. Way too easy.

How do you go from there? What is more challenging to the person who doesn't like to conform? To conform or not to conform?

I ended up wearing different shades of very dark blue.

March 14, 2011

Loewe Amazona Bag

Loewe Amazona Bag

Sundays in Europe are dreadful because most places are closed. What was meant to be a day out to run errands (and get a long-overdue haircut) ended up being a day trip around the city: lunch at a Thai place at T-Centralen, saw the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, paid homage to H&M, coffee and chocolate croissants at Sodermalm. It's not so bad, no, but I want to be productive...

Bryanboy and Loewe Amazona Bag

Spanish luxury house Loewe recently sent me their classic Amazona bag in black suede. Talk about discreet luxury... the exterior is suede but the lining is made out of buttery-soft, supple leather. The bag, designed since 1975, is super lightweight and can fit a lot of things. It's so chic!

Sunglasses from Prada, bowtie from Lanvin, shirt and jeans from Uniqlo, sweater and jacket from Filippa K, raincoat from Valentino, shoes from Jil Sander, bag courtesy of Loewe.

Click click click!

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March 13, 2011

Changing of the Seasons

Changing of the Seasons

March is a very tricky month, especially if you're in the northern hemisphere. As the bitter days of winter come to an end, dressing up can be challenging... and exciting at the same time. All the stores are carrying the new season's finest livery. The latest and the greatest are up for grabs. But how do you brave the streets in your spring best when the temperatures are slightly above freezing outside? Topping it all off with a strong, bold fur coat seems to be a good idea.

Michael Kors fur coat

Fox fur coat courtesy of Michael Kors, sunglasses from Karen Walker, necklace from Fallon, shirt from Uniqlo, sweater from H&M, necktie from Prada, bag courtesy of Mulberry, jeans from Diesel, shoes from Prada.

Click click click!

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March 11, 2011

All Fashed Out at La Perle Bar Last Night

All Fashed Out at La Perle Last Night

Hello my dearest readers! I'm currently in Prague waiting for my connecting flight to see the boyfriend. A few hours after the Miu Miu show yesterday afternoon, I ended Paris Fashion Week fashion month this season with a drink at the now infamous La Perle bar at the Marais.

Hope things go back to normal. I'm all fashed out!!!

March 05, 2011

Earth to Bryan

Earth to Bryan

Thought I'd take a break from the full-on fur looks, tone myself down a bit and wear earthy colours at the shows today. My friend Andy from StyleScrapbook took these shots after exiting the Lanvin show.

Bryanboy outside Lanvin Fall Winter 2011

Bryanboy outside Lanvin Fall Winter 2011

Sunglasses from Karen Walker, Coat, shirt, trousers, belt from Kenzo, bag from Mulberry, shoes from Lanvin.

March 02, 2011

Calm Before The Parisian Fashion Storm

Calm Before The Parisian Fashion Storm

Took this video earlier this evening. I'm trying to enjoy the calm before my set of shows. My invites are starting to pour in. So far I'm confirmed at Isabel Marant, Mugler, Balmain, AF Vandevorst, Gareth Pugh, Rochas, Damir Doma, Chanel, etc. Can't wait to receive more of my invitations!

Speaking of Drunk People...

Speaking of Drunk People...

Took this video last night after trying to find a place to eat in Paris at 2AM. My friend didn't want to go to my tried-and-tested, favourite late night restaurant, Au Pied de Cochon, so we ended up at this tourist trap of a restaurant in Champs Elysees.

Know of restaurants in Paris that are still open very late at night (as in 1AM onwards)? Give me a shout...

Mugler Fall Winter 2011 Womenswear Show Invitation

Mugler Fall Winter 2011 Womenswear Show Invitation

After visiting New York and Milan, I'm now in beautiful Paris for the final stretch of the fall/winter 2011 womenswear collections. My invites are starting to pour in and I'm very excited for the Mugler (by Nicola Formichetti) show. Will Lady Gaga go to the show? We'll see...

Bryanboy in Paris
Sweater and trousers from H&M, vest from Karen Walker, shoes from Prada, bag from Mulberry.

Thierry Mugler by Nicola Formichetti fashion show invitation

Thanks Nicola for the "friends and family" front row seat!

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