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February 22, 2005

Paris Hilton's Laptop Got Hacked!

Fucking hell. Get your cellphones and call Andy

Roddick and tell him how fucking hot he is!!!!!



December 17, 2004

Third world expose.

Ever wondered why the Philippines is a third world country?

Corrupt government officials aside, I'll show you how *some* government employees spend their business hours.

You see, normal people, like me, pay lots of taxes to the government year after year after year. These taxes should go to the benefit of the people -- help the poor, build schools, improve public healthcare and such.

It's almost 3PM where I live and as you guess it, people in government offices should be working.

But not this unknown person. Meet I.P address From this point going forward, I'll refer to him as Mr. 202.

A couple of hours ago, Mr. 202 left a comment on my blog, according to Typepad.


A quick search on whois records  will reveal that this ip address belongs to -- shock horreur -- The Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines in Malacanang Palance, Manila. Check it out yourself:


OMG. The President is reading my blog. Whoopeedo.

NOT. Can you imagine?

I'm actually not pissed off with 202's comments. I mean hello -- it takes one faggot to know another, sweetheart. This person probably can't get it on with a girl so off he goes on a little manhunt.

However... with all the things going on inside

one's country, this little schmuck of an office

worker had the nerve to spend the taxpayers'

money to actually browse random blogs during

work time.

Hello you rancid fool -- you're not being paid to read people's blogs.

The last thing the Philippines need at this point is some blog espionage center.

This is just one of those little things that idle, lazy-arsed  government clerks do on their spare time... sending text messages and gossip amongst coworkers optional.

On that note, I now hope that you, worldwide folk, know why the Philippines ain't goin anywhere.

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