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September 01, 2010

Playing With Hair Extensions

Playing With Hair Extensions

Never underestimate the power of hair. It's a no-brainer than hair can easily transform looks. The right hair empowers someone with confidence and attitude. As someone with very thick, black, Asian hair, I can't really play with hair as much as I play around with clothes. What, do you really think I'd spend time and effort werking a weave with my busy schedule? DIY? No thanks. So when I had the opportunity to play with my hair using extensions (for the first time) at a shoot last week, I was thrilled beyond belief. 

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Click click click!

Let the transformation begin!

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

AJ Mukamal is dat chu?

Hair Extensions

Man, I feel like a woman.

Hair Extensions

Holy trannylicious batman!

Hair Extensions

As the shoot progressed, my "hair" became shorter and shorter. They chopped a few inches every time I changed looks.

Hair Extensions

I cried buckets at this point, pleading them to stop cutting my locks.

Hair Extensions

But no. They had to cut it shorter and shorter and shorter.

Ah well.

I definitely had fun that day and from now on, I think I'm gonna play with my hair more and more.

The Bryanboy Hair Extensions line is going to be available at Walmart, Sears and Target in 2013.

I kid, I kid you.

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