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November 08, 2009

ATTACKED? HOUNDED? Bringin' out the cray cray!

Bringin' out the cray cray!

Oh bugger. Things have gone cray cray down under!

Gemma Ward Costume

The Australian press are having a field day over Gemma Ward and it's unfortunate that I'm taking the heat for it.

If you were to believe what the Sunday Telegraph Australia said today, I (along with other bloggers apparently) "hounded" and "attacked" the beautiful Aussie model and made her quit modeling.

Click click click!

9 News in Australia reports that fashion bloggers attacked her for being "too fat".


I think my previous blog post was taken out of context and I feel like I'm kind of being portrayed as this size-zero "hissing and hounding", anti-fat model bully/career killer.

Yes, I made commentary in regards to her weight gain...

I think it's very sad that Gemma gave up on modeling. She's a very beautiful woman and I think she could make a name for herself in the plus-size niche. You know, give Crystal Renn a run for her money. I would love to see curvier girls in fashion and Gemma Ward represents curvy women like no other.

... and I stand by, 100%, what I said.

Gemma is absolutely beautiful and I think (this is just my opinion; agree to disagree everyone) that she's a perfect fit for plus-size (or any for that matter -- I just want her to be THERE) modeling as opposed to the world of high fashion which we all know, let's not be hypocrites here, require girls to fit a very rigorous and very specific standard.

I just it find puzzling how the media thought of it as an attack.

If you or anyone are offended by the comment I made above then it's your prerogative.

From The Sunday Territorian:

Yesterday, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age wrote this:

For the record, I do not post on Fashionologie, as reported by The Sunday Telegraph in Sydney.

Gemma Ward

And I'm not the one making mean-spirited captions such as "SHOW'S OVER"....

Gemma Ward

or "Gemma Wide", as posted by ABC News.

It's gone out of control...

On a lighter note, a friend joked that I'll probably never be able to show my face in Australia again because a lynch mob of fatties will run me out of town. On the upside, they probably won't be running very fast.


Worship Princess Tyra...

That's all.

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