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July 15, 2009

The Best Cleaners in the Whole Wide World.

The Best Cleaners in the Whole Wide World.

Remember my blog entry back in May about Madame Paulette? Well, I think I found the best cleaners in the whole wide world. I'm in cloud nine!

So a huge ass box from NYC arrived via FedEx just now. To give you an idea how huge it is, I placed my Lanvin shoebox on top of it.

Madame Paulette

Click click click!

It's a package from Madame Paulette in NYC! The same dry cleaners who took care of Melania Knauss-Trump's Christian Dior haute couture wedding gown.

Madame Paulette

Madame Paulette

I thought I'd give Madame Paulette's services a shot because there are NO decent dry cleaners here in the Philippines. I know, right? It's sad but it's true. I've tried numerous providers over the years -- from mom & pop operations at the malls to various cleaners at 5-star hotels... ask any Manila bitch about it and I'm sure they all have horror stories to tell.

Anyhoo, I asked Madame Paulette if it's ok if I fedex them an item, get it cleaned and have it sent back via fedex. They said no problem, they've been doing that for many, many years.

So I sent them my good ol' Lanvin t-shirt.

Lanvin t-shirt

And I got it in a very, very clean condition. All the stains, dirt, etc are gone. Amazing!!!!

OK, so cleaning it didn't come cheap. They had to "hand-clean" the garment because of the embellishments...

I paid $70 (just to get the piece cleaned) plus return fedex shipping... but it's definitely worth it.

I'm so happy!

Will I use Madame Paulette again? You bet I will!

Visit for more information.

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