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September 11, 2008

Your Prayers Are Needed

Aunt Cindy

Dear reader, if you are located in/near Detroit, MI, especially near the Royal Oak area, please email me privately. Thank you -- BB

It seems that this year has been a tough one for my family so far. First it was my dad's appendectomy in July followed by my grandma's anxiety and depression problems. Now comes yet another health-related issue on their side. My aunt Cindy who lives in Detroit (my dad's eldest sister and my godmother) is battling stomach cancer. I heard about it a few days ago. I know she's been visiting the hospital as early as the first week of August but it was only until late last month until they've confirmed it was cancer. I've heard all sorts of news from my parents and my aunts (like how Aunt Cindy's been on a feeding tube, weighs 70 pounds blah blah blah) but, as you can see, I've pretty much desensitized and totally alienated myself from what is truly going on because I've been so occupied with work the past few weeks. I haven't even done a lot of NYC Fashion Week blogging!

Francis Magalona leukemiaAnyway, a friend's blog entry about Francis Magalona's leukemia prompted me to just stop whatever I was doing (at once) to finally call my aunt. We talk on the phone every now and then but today was the first time in ages where we spent more than 20 minutes. I knew she was battling cancer and I had to give my full support, even if the only way to do so is by placing a long distance phone call.

According to her, the doctors said her cancer was Stage 3. They took out the tumor (forgive me for my lack of knowledge in medical terms or what have you -- I'm still trying to digest all of this) and they also took out part of her stomach and colon (or something like that). Luckily her cancer didn't spread to any lymph nodes. She's still in the hospital though, recovering after her successful surgery last week. I guess it's a matter of waiting (approximately 8 weeks) before she starts chemo. 

She sounds like her usual self but you can tell she's trying to be strong. She asked me why I was asking all these questions and I told her I want to know more about her cancer online and she was like "oh you're just like your Uncle Rick" etc etc etc.

My aunt is a trooper. She'll survive this. I know she will.

PS. I'll share you more details about Francis Magalona's fundraising drive when they are available.

PPSS. My first contribution to Diane Pernet's A Shaded View on Fashion is now up. Click HERE!

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