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September 20, 2008

Bryanboy for NO Magazine

Bryanboy for NO Magazine

Speaking of Jaeha, I had a photoshoot early today for NO Magazine. I was SO worried I wasn't gonna be able to make the shoot because I got back to my room at round 6 or 6:30AM. Don't ask why because it's a LOOONG story. Anyway, I got up at 10 and I managed to sleep for 2-3 hours... not bad I guess. It would be interesting to see how the photos would look like considering a) I went to the studio all haggard (my skin is shitty and I didn't put make-up on)and b) it was a super quick shoot - no make-up or hair people at all so it was raw. I could only wish for the photo chop gods to do their magic. Haha!

Now. This is me in Jaeha.

Bryanboy in Jaeha for NO Magazine

Click click click!


Believe it or not, are surprisingly comfortable even though they were 2 sizes smaller than me. I had to squish my toes but whatevs.

I also managed to walk around the studio without tripping or what have you. In fact, I tried to WORRRRRRKK it. I hope I did good. Gotta keep it pro you know. Haha!

NO Magazine New Zealand

It really was a quick shoot. I reaaaaallly hope it turns out good.

No Magazine New Zealand

I can't WAIT to see what it's gonna be like in print. NO Magazine is this chica FASHYON magazine in New Zealand. The quality is 104% pure brilliance. The paper is so thick it's almost a coffee table book. It's SOOOO gonna look nice in my little press album-SLASH-HYPHEN-portfolio.

IMG should just friggin sign me up as a MOWDIL (I mean lawn MOWer) already. Just kidding.

HAHAHA! Delusional much?

Love you guys and continue to keep the faggotry alive.

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