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May 11, 2008

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Greenbelt 5

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Greenbelt 5

I came, I saw, I bought something and I took pictures. As promised to you previously, I finally went to the new Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Manila.

Marc by Marc Jacobs store Manila, Greenbelt 5, handbags

You would never believe the trouble I went through for the pictures you are about to see. Click click click!

I *LOVE* Marc by Marc. I am extremely thankful the folks at Store Specialists Inc., purveyor of luxury goods in the third world (they are also responsible for local franchises of Tod's, Gucci, Prada, Bottega Veneta and more) finally brought the brand to the Philippines. Marc Jacobs is one of the most influential and high profile designers in the world and for people in Manila to finally have access to his brand is amazing. Why go to Hong Kong or order online when you can purchase things locally, right?


So I went to store yesterday evening and it was dead empty. Perhaps the odd one or two window shoppers looking at bags.I, on the other hand, went for the kill. I took a few tops with me to the dressing room to try things on and to figure out what to get, which size, etc. I HAD to buy something.

Some of the menswear at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Even the smallest sizes are wayyy too large for my tiny frame.

Marc by Marc Jacobs menswear

On to women's... I love this navy top with the red collar and buttons on it.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

This top is also cute. I bought the same exact top in a polka dot/circular geometric pattern in navy blue.

Ahhhh out of all the bags I saw, this one caught my eye the most. It retails for P20,000 (US$470). Cheap and chic!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Airliner Pilot Bag

One quick check at my favourite store Shopbop where I usually get my Marc by Marc and the bag retails for US$368 (P15,000). Chic and cheaper! I love Shopbop. I met their buyer Kassidy Babcock in Sydney several times and she's a doll!

Stylist Bex in vintage Yves Saint Laurent and Kassidy in Marc by Marc.

The store carries a fantastic selection of Spring 2008 goods. They have everything from ready to wear, an amazing and brilliant collection of bags, sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, etc.Happy with my selection, I gave my card to one of the staff members who had to go to another SSI shop to swipe my card. I think their credit card machine was faulty or something like that. Or the phone line was closed because it was closing time anyway. I don't know. While waiting, I took this photo of the store.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Manila

One of the staff members then went back with my receipt to sign. A few seconds later, about 3 or 4 staff members circled me like vultures targeting their prey in the Sahara desert. One of them, in a friendly (yet somewhat condescending) voice, asked... "excuse me, do you have permission from SSI to take photos? what are these photos for? where are they going to appear?"

I told them it's for my blog.

Anyway, one of them replied how I must have permission to take photos.

I assumed it was OK to take photos in the store because Nagali Manila took photos and blogged about it on his site.



I understand why stores prohibit people from taking photos. They have to protect their brand and for all you know, there might be individuals out there taking photos to counterfeit and copy shit. But in this day and age of the internet when images of collections are beamed almost real-time, when photos of merchandise are distributed freely online, where big brands are going on full blast marketing their wares on the net, where designers are taking advantage of viral marketing, perhaps they should rethink their policies.

A quick Google search shows that some bloggers blogged about the Marc by Marc opening because they heard it from me.




I also found it quite intriguing that one of the staff members introduced himself (he knew of me/my blog from a common acquaintance) when I walked to the store.

Although the staff were very diplomatic about it, I felt like a criminal when that happened so I called SSI's Marketing Manager to check with her. I have her digits because she personally called me to attend the store opening and she also called me a few days ago (apparently while I'm in Sydney, too, but I missed her) to invite me to the Banana Republic (another brand in their roster) event the other day.

To cut the story short, SSI allowed me to take photos and they were VERY accommodating about it.

Too bad I already left the store.

I don't want to be the "exception to the rule". If no means no then so be it. What if a lesser-known blogger wants to take photos of things they like to share to their friends?

I understand members of the press can take photos all they want (Nagali also works for Manila Bulletin, a broadsheet here) and I'm just a mere blogger.

I'll definitely come back though. Someday. I love Marc by Marc Jacobs, the merchandise is absolutely fantastic, the price points are very impressive but I certainly won't come back with my camera around.

I wish the STORE staff (SSI is fantastic) were a friendly as the staff at Hermès.


That's all.

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