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May 09, 2008

Bryanboy's "A-HA" Moment #16,308: Tina Kalivas

Bryanboy's "A-HA" Moment #16,308: Tina Kalivas

Oh dear. God knows how many times I wished for the ground to split in half (I said split, not spit) and swallow me alive. I always, always, always get myself in funky situations where I just want to cry instead of laughing at myself for being silly.

After the wonderful Tina Kalivas show, I rushed for the exit... I had to pee sooo bad! It often gets crowded because everyone is trying to leave the room so it makes perfect sense to look around for people you know and do a little bit of chit chat. I thought I saw someone I knew so I grabbed his arm and said "omg wait for me i need to peeeeee!"... or something like that. I totally forgot what exactly it is I said and when he looked at me I thought holy shit it's the wrong person... AND THEN I saw the right guy on the opposite side of me. I died right then and there.

I wasn't gonna tell y'all this story until I saw this photo in my album. I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Do you see what I see, See by Chloe? I spy with a Fendi spy two bearded men in a light-coloured jacket.

Tina Kalivas

Enough said. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

It was soo embarassing indeed.

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