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March 23, 2008

Nick Snider

Bryanboy Loves Nick Snider

EXCLUSIVE! EXPENSIVE! EXCLUSIVE! EXPENSIVE! The latest addition to the Bryanboy family has a special message out...

Nick Snider

It's no other than the face of Prada menswear himself (EXCLUSIVE for two seasons running)... the adorable and fierce Nick Snider! Click click click!

I love Nick. I really do. We started talking a few months back because of that busted bitch Jessica Stam (just kidding!!!!) who we both LOVE.

Unless you live in cave, I'm sure you have seen Nick one way or another. He's the male Sasha Pivovarova -- Prada exclusive for the past 2 seasons: runway, ad campaigns, etc.

Isn't he cute???

Nick Snider

Nick Snider

Nick opened the Spring Summer 2008 Prada menswear show in Milan.

Nick Snider, Prada Spring 2008 Menswear

Nick Snider, Prada Spring 2008 Mens Runway

... and he got the Spring/Summer 2008 Ad Campaign

BTW, the male Raquel Zimmermann behind him is giving me the creeps. LOL.

Nick Snider, Prada Spring 2008

Nick Snider, Prada Spring Summer 2008

Nick Snider, Prada Spring 2008 Ad Campaign


Nick Snider, Prada Eyewear

Nick Snider, Prada Eyewear

Enough of all that Prada jazz... I love Nick Snider because I see a little bit of ME in him! He wants me to go to NYC stat but I told him we should go to Miami, wear Hermes twillys and then get bareback gangbanged by blatinos!! Just kidding!!! OMG!!! HAHAHA

Nick Snider

Fem bots for the win! Hahahaha ;) That's actually an old photo of him.

AWWWW. You know, a lot of people think he's a douchebag (the same way people think of me) but Nick is actually sweet.

Nick is the hotness y'all!

He's gonna make a video for me soon.

Well... what do you think of Nick?

Answers on a postcard.

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