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February 22, 2008

See By Chloe, Eley Kishimoto, Dot Dot Dot

See By Chloe, Eley Kishimoto, Dot Dot Dot

OMG YOU GUYS YOU WOULD NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! You know how I get friendly folk (aka my blog readers) come up to me and say hi whenever I go out, right? Well, a different kind of blog reader came up to me while shopping earlier this afternoon. She was a little 'mature' (oi vey, age is only a number) compared to the usual gaggle of teens youth who read my site but man, her bag outfierced my paltry blue Goyard!! I could be wrong because my bag identification skills are not up to par with others but yeah, the friendly lady had what looked like a custom-made Hermès Kelly bag in multi-colored ostrich leather! Sooo luxuriou$$$ and soo expen$$$ive! Do you know what this means? Chica women go to my site! I love it!!!

Bryanboy in Eley Kishimoto, See by Chloe Spring 2008

MOAR MOAR MOAR! Click click click!


I was so BORED out of my skull earlier today... I'm in desperate need of fresh air! 

One of my friends wanted me to meet her friend who's currently in town from LA so I said yes. I LOVE meeting new people and it's always nice to get out of my cocoon for a change.

I had a few hours to spare so I popped by this shop called Dot Dot Dot in the newly-opened mall called Greenbelt 5.

Dot Dot Dot has all these cool labels such as See by Chloe, Eley Kishimoto, McQ by Alexander McQueen, Erotokritos, Whyred, Gaspard Yurkievich (for guys) etc.

See by Chloe Spring 2008, Dot Dot Dot Sale

I spent some time trying things on while waiting for my friend to arrive.

Personally, I love the See by Chloe selection. They currently have a 30% sale going on for fall/winter 2007. Yep! While the rest of the world had slashed 50-70% off fall 07, we're still at 30% off... so why even bother.

Some of the Spring 2008 pieces are starting to arrive.

Here are some pieces from See by Chloe and Eley Kishimoto.

See by Chloe Spring 2008

They also had this Spring 2008 See by Chloe t-shirt that I saw/want/need earlier this year at my fave online shops, Luisa Via Roma and Brown's.

This t-shirt is already sold out at Luisa Via Roma but you can still get it at Brown's for £63 (about US$120). If you live outside the European Union, you'll get a huge discount because of tax-free shopping.   Luisa Via Roma is often cheaper than Brown's but all the goods there get sold very quickly.

It's soo cheap, right?


Well, here in the viva third world, EVERYTHING is marked up by a ridiculous amount. Case in point, my t-shirt was P8,000 (about US$200).

See by Chloe t-shirt

So there. Insane, right?

But that's the turd world for you.

Whinging about ludicrous third world prices won't do anyone good. Stores here command whatever they like because... they can! Time and time again I always tell myself to avoid the stores and just shop online but you know what, when a push turns into a shove and when what you WANT is dangling in front of your eyes, you really have no choice but to succumb to temptation and hand over the visa card! True hollywood story: another shopaholic sucker bites the dust.

I also bought this Eley Kishimoto long-sleeved cotton tee.

Eley Kishimoto t-shirt

I was *this* close to buying this Erotokritos printed button-down shirt but my friend arrived and her persuasion powers made me stop from further damaging my card.

Anyhoo. I love these men's black patent leather booties.I think they're by Opening Ceremony but I'm not entirely sure (I forgot). The boots are P19,000 (about US$470). I'm gonna search online and see if I could find them... if not, I may have to go back to the store and buy em... but to be honest with you, for that price, I might as well buy those Gucci silver jazz shoes I've been lusting over for weeks now but that's another story. Hah!

black patent leather boots men's opening ceremony

While waiting for the sales associate to swipe my card, this lady, a fellow shopper, came up to me. The  first thing I saw was her ostrich bag. LOL!!! I tried to take a photo of the store and I accidentally took a photo of her. I value people's privacy so I'll "conceal" her. Look at her bag instead.

Ostrich Kelly Bag

Anyway, she asked if I'm the one who has a blog. I said yes. Apparently she visits my site from time to time and she also she heard the news that Marc named a bag after me. I wanted to tell her to buy the Marc Jacobs ostrich bag assuming it goes to production but nah... Hahaha! She was complimenting me left and right... and you know how I am with compliments... I'm quite... shy. Hahaha! :-) But yes... she was friendly and nice. I love her already! Hello... who knew I have chica $$$ mature people reading my blog? Not only geography is no boundary to my faggotry, I also transcend age groups and economic classes! Oi vey!

I think she should adopt me and make me her long-lost daughter, shower me with presents and spoil me rotten. Just kidding. :-)

I think that's all for now. I have more to share to you later.

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

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