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February 02, 2008

Panty Creamer of the Century <3 <3 <3


It's 2:20 in the morning here in the third world and I'm typing a long entry (coming soon) on how somebody is depressed (not me) and s/he wanted to know what I do when I'm feeling down or sad. Then comes an email alert from an unknown sender telling me I should download some file online. I don't usually download files for the fear of virus and spywear and what have you but curiosity got me going so I downloaded it anyway. Lo and behold when I opened the file, I found this.

Terron Wood

OH. MY. GOD. It's no other than my former desktop wallpaper of the week and fashion's hottest zoolander of the moment, Terron Wood!!!!!!! He is soooo the hottest shit right now I swear! FROM BRYANT PARK ALL THE WAY TO MY BEDROOM IN THE THIRD WORLD, MY PUSSY JUST GOT HARDCORE ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY!!!!!!!

Are you also having palpitations? There's MOAR!!! Click click click!

God damn I can't breathe!!!!

OK. Let me gather my composure.


Haha! How fast time flies eh?


It's funny because I first noticed Terron Wood back in November of last year after watching those Vogue Paris outtakes with Coco Rocha. Hella I didn't even know his name. At that time I was like "oh my god, who is this guy?" and y'all know I don't really know much about male models right? Anyhoo...

Terron Wood

Terron Wood

All it took was that one Vogue Paris editorial and then he's everywhere! For fall/winter 2008-2009, he did a TON of shows in Milan and Paris.

Terron Wood

Terron Wood

Terron Wood

Terron Wood

And this was him earlier today at Nautica in NYC. The Bryanboy sign pics were also taken today.

Terron Wood

You know, there are all these faggots at some online forum I go to who said he looks like a "CRO-MAGNON" (yes, that's the exact term they used) but whatever. I think Terron Wood is GORGEOUS!

Terron Wood

Last but not the least... check this out.

Isn't he like, mayjah???????????? Say what you want but Terron is my #1. He's like my male Natasha Poly. I could only wish for much, mucho, more success for this guy!!!!!!!!!!

A big, big, big, HUGE thank you to my papi JD. You are the BESTEST BESTEST BEST ever!! I really am the happiest gurl right now. Thanks JD and Terron for making me feel like I'm 15 again!

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