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September 13, 2007

It's WAR! Gay versus Jew!

It's WAR! Gay versus Jew!

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. Y'all are sooo gonna have a ball with today's WWD -- Jacobs Blasts Black: Designer Tells Critics Shut Up or Stay Home.


Jacobs has long had a rocky relationship with the CFDA and the spring dates are among the issues that have rekindled the antagonism. He charged that a key champion behind the shift was Suzy Menkes, who wanted to get back to Europe in time for the Jewish holiday, and that the CFDA caved to her pressure. (Diane von Furstenberg has said that serious pressure was exerted from various sources, including retailers.)

To be honest with you, I don't really have anything to say about this whole thing other than it's madness! I'll let Marc Jacobs and Suzy Menkes do the talking. Click click click for 100% fashion drama.

Suzy Menkes

Marc Jacobs disappoints with a freak show. [Source]

A bad, sad show from Marc Jacobs, running two hours late, high on hype and low on delivery, symbolized everything that is wrong with current fashion.


...there was nothing here to take fashion forward nor to continue the intriguing debate that the designer began last season when he offered adult content for women's wardrobes, rather than a freak's costume party.


I would like to murder him with my bare hands and never see another Marc Jacobs show in my entire life. - Via WWD

Marc Jacobs

... everybody talks about these families they have to go home to. I mean, every person who works in every factory in Italy, and every person who works in our sample room, they didn't see their families for six weeks so that we could do this show two weeks early. So I'm really appalled that people have absolutely no perception of what it takes to do things. And when we complain about the show schedule our voice is not heard, nobody does anything about it, the CFDA does me absolutely no service whatsoever as an American fashion designer.


I don't really feel a part of the American fashion community," he said. "I really feel like an outsider, I think we all do, and we feel unloved here, so we want to go somewhere else.


I've never denied how influenced I am by Margiela, by Rei Kawakubo, those are people that inspire my work; I don't hide that. For her to turn this into this hate fest for me and my collection I think is ridiculous....I expect people, whether we're two hours late or two hours early or we don't show at all, to look at what they see: the clothes. Of course there are comparisons to other things. I'm a designer living in this world who loves fashion...I'm attentive to what's going on in fashion, I'm influenced by fashion, that's the way it is. I have never ever hidden it. I have never insisted on my own creativity, as Chanel would say. I have my interpretation of ideas I find very strong. Jil Sander is influenced by Comme des Garçons, Miuccia Prada is influenced by Comme des Garçons, everyone is influenced by Comme des Garçons, Martin Margiela. Anybody who's aware of what life is in a contemporary world is influenced by those designers. She [Menkes] wants to observe a Jewish holiday, but I start a show two hours late [and] she gets her nose bent out of shape.

And there you have it.

I love Marc... and I love Suzy so whatevs. I hope they make peace soon.


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