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July 06, 2007

Confession Time: Mad about Pompadour

Confession Time: Mad about Pompadour

Fine. It's already July and I still haven't visited the salon for a trim. Fuck it, I might as well come out with this obsession that's bugging me for the longest time. I WANT POMPADOUR HAIR! I'm not talking about a good ol' slick back/1950's male pompadour/rockabilly whatever -- I want want something high, something VERY exaggerated. Something like this...

pompadour hair
Photo credit: Joico

Click click click!

Isn't that guy lovely or what?

Here's another take for guys, photo courtesy of my NY daddy, JD Ferguson. My hair is probably (emphasis on the word PROBABLY) this long.

pompadour hair

One of the things I hate about my hair is the fact that it is SOO thick it's so hard to find effective hair products and I really find it hard to style. It's funny how every time I go to the salon, all the stylists rave how my hair is thick and have so much volume blah blah blah but I hate it with a passion. Some even say that thick hair is better than thin hair but to be honest with you, I'd rather have thin hair any time. I swear to god if I pull a Britney and go bald, I would easily and effortlessly shave 10 pounds off my weight.

Moving on...

Here's another version that I found on Flickr. I don't like it that much though. It's soo dated and retro. Also, the sides are so... I dunno, just not my sort of style.


And a few rockabilly pomps

rockabilly pompadour

rockabilly pompadour
Photos courtesy of Flickr

A quick search on the net shows that it's wonky's FAVOURITE hair style! Homegirl is the queen of them all and she always gets it right.

paris hilton, pompadour

paris hilton, pompadour

paris hilton, pompadour

paris hilton, pompadour

paris hilton, pompadour

paris hilton, pompadour

paris hilton, pompadour
Paris pics courtesy of Wireimage/IMDB

Overall, for me, I prefer Paris Hilton's version. I think it's prettier. I also like how everything is super sleek, clean and neat on the sides compared to the guys' versions.

I may have to grow my hair wayyy longer though in order to achieve that clean/sleek look on the sides. I don't think it would be possible to pull off if the length is short.

Ooooh I can totally picture myself now and I'm gonna look hot, hot, hot! Unlike Paris, I'll pass on the peroxide, thanks very much. However, I'll colour my hair medium brown and have blond and lightbrown highlights.

I love it.

Hmm.. It's Friday. I might go to the salon tomorrow and ask my stylist to see if it's possible to make a pompadour with my hair.

I want to know what YOU have to say on this.

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