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June 13, 2007

Fashion & American Politics

Fashion & American Politics

It's funny because I have ZERO interest when it comes to politics yet here I am again with a politics-related blog entry.

Anna Wintour and the american flag

Which super hot, super OMG please fuck me doggy style I wanna feel your chest hair rub against my back super sexy hunk of a man designer loves Barack Obama? Which gay designer who just got out of "rehab" supports Republicans?

Click click click to find out!

While browsing the net earlier, I somehow ended up on this  super cool website where you can type in names of people in the USA and check the donations they made to US political candidates.

I was bored so I thought, what the heck, why not type in names, names, names of the oh so lovely people in this big ol' fashion circus?

The amount of information on that site,, is interesting.

1. Donna Karan has donated a mindblowing $202,812 mostly to the Democratic Party since 1992. Donna Karan certainly LOVES Hillary Rodham Clinton.

2. Tommy Hilfiger on the other hand donated $26,250 (since 1994) to various party members and candidates. What a cheapskate, especially for someone with a multi-billion dollar empire. His favourite politician? Charles E. Schumer.

3. Isaac Mizrahi donated a grand total of $1,365 in political contributions since 1992.

4. Michael Kors gave $2,000 to John Jerry back in 2004. No other campaign contributions were made under his name.

5. Calvin Klein, another Democrat, donated $200,750 since 1981 to the Democratic party.

6. Vera Wang, another Hillary Clinton fan, donated a grand total of $22,200 since 1998, mostly to Hillary herself.

7. Kate Spade is another Democrat cheapskate, having donated a mere $445 to Nancy Farmer back in June 2004.

8. Who knew super suave, super sexy designer Tom Ford wants to see Barack Obama for President? Mr. Ford donated $2,300 to Obama for America in March 2007 and he also donated $24,550 to the Democrats since 2004.

Tom Ford and Barack Obama

9. Since 1999, Glenda Bailey gave a grand total of $6,000 to the Democrats, $4K of which went to Hillary Clinton. Looking at that list, I bet you my fat ass it's Hearst Magazines who made those contributions. Yes? No? Yes?

10. Dr. Lisa Airan donated $2,000 to John Kerry in 2003.

11. Remember Lauren Ezersky from Behind the Velvet Ropes? I love that bitch. I really do. I'll never, ever, ever forget her whore Moet et Chandon in her show back when I was a child. Well, good ol' Lauren donated $250 to the Democrats back in 1998 and that's the only donation she made under her name. What is she doing now anyway?

12. Another Democrat, ace society photographer Patrick McMullan, gave $1,500 to the Democrats in 2004.

13. Socialite Fabiola Beracasa threw $250 in spare change to John Kerry back in 2004. That's the only donation she made under her name. Shame on you Fabiola, shame on you. I still love you though. Tinsley Mercer-Mortimer didn't donate a single cent so you got the gold medal in my book.

14. Olivia Chantecaille on the other hand gave $750 to John Kerry also in 2004. I totally take back the gold medal, Fabiola. Olivia if you are reading this, please send me lots of perfume. I'll be your best friend for life. You're hot, you're thin, you're beautiful, you always wear nice dresses.

15. WHO THE HELL KNEW MARC JACOBS IS A REPUBLICAN? Marc Jacobs sent in a grand total of $4,000 in campaign contributions since year 2000. $2,000 of those went to Republic Robert D. Franks in 2000 and the rest went to Democrat Susan Bass Levin for Congress.

16. My favourite socialite of all, the late Mrs. Nan Kempner, donated $31,775 mostly to the Republican party since 1991. Yep, that includes the $1,000 that went to George W. Bush in 1999.

17. Well, well, well, what do you know? Shalom Harlow donated $2,000 to John Kerry/Democrats back in 2004. Amazing eh? I always thought Shalom is Canadian, no? It's nice to have a model on this list. Really. It shows that she cares.

18. The most famous Ethiopian ever Ms. Liya Kebede also donated to the Obama for America movement. She gave $2,300 a few months ago. Is Liya even allowed to vote in the USA? In any case, it's nice to see that she cares. Unlike Tinsley Mortimer... haha ;)

19. The most generous American model of all is Amber Valletta. She donated $3,000 to Hillary Clinton between 1999-2000. Cindy Crawford only donated a mere 1 grand to Nick Clooney in 2004.

20. Last, but not the least, the Queen Bee herself Ms. Anna Wintour is another cheapskate. She gave $2,000 to John Kerry and $1,000 to Hillary in 2004 and 2005 respectively for a fabulous total of $3,000. Who cares. All she has to do is put a candidate on the pages of Vogue and no amount of money can buy that. ANNA WINTOUR FOR PRESIDENT!!!

And there you have it.

Fun eh?

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

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