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April 22, 2007

Abercrombie and Bitch

Abercrombie and Bitch

I'm currently in the middle 'spring cleaning'-ing my closet. There's just soo much shit there it's not even funny anymore. I got invited to a little charity auction thing and I want to donate a few odd bits here and there. I assume they want something "of value" so I can't really donate some of the cum-stained underwear I collected over the years. Hah!

042107_robSpeaking of corn-fed generic boresville jock hunks, I found an ex-bf's old Abercrombie and Bitch hoodie somewhere at the back of my closet. If my memory serves me right, this thing stayed there for YEARS and haven't seen the light of day (or laundry detergent for that matter) since we broke up. He was this huge, blond guy and back then, I weighed no more than 90 pounds... oh the memories.

I'm not sure if it's just me but I think there's something erotic WITH THE SMELL. In spite of years of third world humidity, dust and god knows what, I swear to god, his scent is still lingering on the garment. The attention whore in me says that I should do a little post with photos of my ex-boyfriends and all the dirty deeds we did like that entry I made about some of my previous conquests but my heart tells me that I should protect the innocent, especially the ones who, at one point, I loved... and in some cases, I still love.

Oh shush.

I bet you'll agree with me on this one though -- there's something oh so utterly comforting about wearing ex-bfs' clothes.... you just want to sit on the couch or curl up, watch dvds and pig out, no?

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