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March 28, 2007

Bryanboy Loves... and Random Cheesemax: GRANDPA AND MEELS + Allegra Versace

032007_skinnyjeansBryanboy Loves... and Random Cheesemax: Me and Meels + Allegra Versace and more!

It's the return of BLRC! Due to insistent public demand, I am now gonna resurrect my Random Cheesemax. I thought I'd do good if I post multiple times throughout the day instead of 1 long post but it's just sooo stressful!

#1 - Bryanboy loves people from Zurich, Switzerland, Camp Hill, PA, Bronx, NY, Vienna, Austria, Morimondo, Italy, Pulheim, Germany, San Diego, CA, Harbor City, CA, San Leandro, CA, Toledo, OH, Cologne, Germany, Flushing, NY, Beijing, China, Ankara, Turkey, Viksund, Sweden (ok... I still love you guys) and of course, all the fabulous people of Portland, OR! I love each and every one of you bitches. Say hi, don't be shy!

032807_pba #2 - Congratulations to me for being a finalist on this year's Philippine Blog Awards. Don't you just looove the third world? Many thanks to that special person who nominated me. I have no idea who s/he is but thank you, thank you, thank you. It's funny how someone noticed I wasn't nominated at first -- next thing you know, I'm a finalist! Poor me. I bet they only chose my blog out of charity. Haha! To be honest with you, I'm already happy bagging 3 awards from last year's Gay Bloggies... and being a finalist on this year's Bloggies (the Oscars of blogging) so whatevs. This is just icing on the cake. Winners are going to be announced this Saturday. I've got some serious competition (bitch please, they're all vomit-inducing. just kidding!) so I won't keep my hopes up.

It just occured to me... I really should get over this whole awards awards whatever thing. When you look at it on a different perspective, I shouldn't be competing with other blogs in the first place. Why? Because everyone else is beneath me.

Why? Because I'm legendary.

I know I'm full of myself and I've got my head far up my own arse but...

that's EXACTLY what you expect from me

that's EXACTLY what you came here for

that's EXACTLY what you hate love about me.

AMIRIGHT? AMIRIGHT? AMIRIGHT? You people are just as predictable as I am.

*kiss kiss*


#3 - Bryanboy's Meels (Men's High Heels) Campaign: FAGGOTRY IN FULL THROTTLE!

I'm not sure if you've noticed it but my "meels" campaign on the internet is in full swing! I hope mainstream media will pick it up. Designer Marjan Pejoski should bloody send me a pair of those men's heels that I want (this is separate from the Balenciaga ones, mind you) because in 24 hours, my little blog entry about him, his new menswear collection AND Bjork (I love the swan dress!) made quite a splash online! Am I influential? Nah. I am sooo not gonna stop from here. Shit, if Rachel Zoe single-handedly propelled anorexia in Hollywood, I'll do the same with meels!!!!!

Boy... am I delusional ambitious or what?

A PR company should bloody hire me, no?

Erase that.

A fabulous designer should make me their official muse, no?

(this way I get access to lots of clothes and accessories)

Please help spread the word about my Marjan Pejoski Meels campaign! I'll forever be indebted if you do. It's gone as far as friggin Portland, Oregon for god's sake! If you haven't done so, visit the link below and post it on your website. Millions of fabulous boys around the world will thank you for it. Yes, that includes Tom Cruise.

I know I'm crazy. I know I'm insane. And I definitely know the boy next door won't be sporting a pair of 5-inch Louboutins anytime soon. I'm just trying to raise awareness, that's all. This way, boys like me could wear fantastic heels without getting stared at.

Who am I kidding? I *****LLOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEE***** being stared at.

If you won't do it for me, do it for grandpa!!!!!

Photo credit: High Heel Place

032807_allegra_versace#4 - Donatella Versace and former husband Paul Beck finally released a statement in regards to their 20-year old daughter Allegra Versace's condition:

"Our daughter, Allegra, has been battling anorexia, a very serious disease, for many years. She is receiving the best medical care possible to help overcome this illness and is responding well. As parents, we are doing our best to protect our daughter. However, due to numerous media reports, we want to let everyone know that we appreciate their concern for Allegra and we ask that her privacy be respected at this time."

Hang in there Allegra! The world loves you.

#5 - Work it like you own it! Keep them coming guys. You know where to send them! ;)

#6 - Random Cheesemax on the net

  • Will someone please, for the life of god, tell me why on earth would a dad want to watch her daughter having sex? Jesus. I feel sorry for Thora Birch. [Crazy Days and Nights]
  • Eeeew! Prince William is soo disgusting.[Dlisted]

  • Britney Spears finally had an intervention. Bitch lost at least 10 pounds in rehab! I still don't like her though. [Derek Hail]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow thinks it's inappropriate for women to get drunk. [Snarky Gossip]
  • 45 year old British man looking for woman with BIG pussy lips. The larger and flappier, the better. Jennifer Hudson where are you? [Gumtree]
  • Piers Morgan on Kate Moss: "Well, just as I thought, she's a drunken, foul-mouthed, ill-mannered, paranoid Croydon girl with a cocaine-desecrated hooter and spots." EEEK!! WHATEVS. KATE IS STILL KATE! [Lainey's Entertainment Update]

It's 9AM and I'm tired. I've been up all night! I'll do a LONGER update later when I get up. Promise.

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all as always!

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