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February 06, 2007

Laundry List

Pierre Hardy, Jeremy Laing, Jean Paul Gaultier, Henrik Vibskov, Chanel, Tony Duquette, Hermès, my god I'm getting dizzy already with all these names, names, names. What else do I have in store for you? Acne Jeans, Boucheron, D&G, Theo Fennell, Burfitt (Lovisa Burfitt), One Hit Wonder, Alexander McQueen and A. Lange & Söhne. Sugar daddies at ten paces bitch, it's time to give those suckers a coronary!

1. Pierre Hardy Men's shoes

Photo credit: Pierre Hardy

020507_meBryanboy's note: Finest footwear EVAR! Season after season, Pierre Hardy comes out with the most fabulous shoes in the world! Sooo beautiful!!!! If I had all the money in the world, I'm gonna shop like Oprah -- buy two pairs each of EVERY STYLE in EVERY COLOR in EVERY SIZE -- ok, not in every size hahaha but you know what I mean. Heck, I'd buy Pierre Hardy himself! There's a ton of other devastatingly chic shoes for women's as well. See for yourself. Visit and tell them I sent you if you're buying something. ;)

2. Jeremy Laing dotted back-hitch jacket and wool linen Norfolk short.

Photo credit: Jeremy Laing

020507_meBryanboy's note: I love, love the shape of the jacket, especially the details on the back. It's a nice little piece -- I usually buy women's jackets; the fit is nice. Men's jackets -- even the smallest Dior Homme -- are still a little too large for me. The shorts are really cute too. I'd love to pair it off with the Pierre Hardy sandals above. Dontcha agree?

3. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Privè Bag

Photo credit: Eluxury

020507_meBryanboy's note: This bag is certainly one of the chicest bags I've ever seen in ages. Leave it to JPG to design bags using leather trench coats as inspiration. I love the trench coat flaps, the oversized button used as a closure pull and of course, the cute the belt around the bag! US$1,385 at

4. Henrik Vibskov "Piggy" cardigan

Photo credit: Tres Bien Shop

020507_meBryanboy's note: Blue is definitely one of the colors to watch out this season and this cardigan is fucking gorgeous -- take a close look at the details... all those pigs!!! Pig farm perfection - there's no other way to celebrate our love for all things obese!! I'm telling you all, fat is the new black! Available for 1,695 SEK or approx. US$245 at

5.  Chanel Python crochet & stitched flap bag

Photo credit:


Bryanboy's note: Ooooh la love! Is this bag gorgeous or what? Bling isn't my "thing" anymore but this decadent piece is soo beautiful. I love this piece over their new perforated collection.It's python. It's crocheted and stitched. It's a little rough around the edges just like me. It's Chanel. Need I say more?

6. Tony Duquette necklace

Photo credit: Tony Duquette

020507_meBryanboy's note: Who the hell am I fooling? I love bling! The gaudier the better. Hahaha! I love this 18K Etruscan gold with amethyst necklace by Tony Duquette. I was reading an old Vogue earlier (Dec 2001)... saw an editorial with Liya Kebede and this enormous tiered necklace with citrine stones double the size of quail eggs -- Tony Duquette made them. I googled him up, found his site and saw this little number. It's sooo beautiful! You know, if you step back from your monitor by a few feet, this necklace would make a very good cock ring fit for a king!!!! Wonderful eh? Anyway, This Tony man is legendary. How much mucho manolas is the necklace? Don't ask -- we can't afford it! Why don't you check out the amazing collection of brooches instead and I'll find gullible wealthy young men to spoil us rotten. Oui? oui.

7. Hermès silk scarf

Photo credit:

020507_meBryanboy's note: I love Hermès scarves. They're sooo beautiful and they're made for pretentious people like me and you. I'm kidding! Can't afford those 5-figure crocodile bags but would like to walk out of the store with an enormous orange paper bag in tow? Well, twilly ribbons aside, Hermès' silk scarves are probably just the only thing they sell that doesn't break the bank -- unless you buy five dozen or so because they're all sooo beautiful!. This affordable US$325 baby can be yours, along with other goodies, by visiting

8. Acne Jeans Hep/Flour jeans

Photo credit: Matthew Izzo


Bryanboy's note: Acne is my top jeansmaker. I've been wearing Acne for almost two years now and I'm one happy camper. I'm sooo glad I discovered them when I went to Stockholm. Best denim EVAR! It's amazing how back when I was a child (as in 40 years ago), all I wore was friggin Levi's and the word "jeans" is synonymous to the word "America". These days, the best denim comes from either Sweden... or JAPAN! Anyway, this particular style, hep/flour is an extremely rare Spring '07 wash. Only a few of them are made so naturally, most stores will have a very limited amount. If you're in the USA, pre-order yours now (US$325) by emailing Philadelphia superstore Matthew Izzo at Otherwise, just go to and order it directly from Sweden, land of Scandinavian cool.

9. Boucheron Snake Double Ring

Photo credit:


When I was little, every young girl I know had dreams filled with Tiffany or Cartier. Mine involved Boucheron. I love their double snake ring! Soo sooo hot! 18K gold dahlin! Funny how I said bling ain't my thing anymore yet here I am, enlisting gold, gold and more gold! Whatevs. LOL. Ring available at for US$2,450 in sizes 6-8.

10. D&G Dolce & Gabbana ruffled blouse

Photo credit:

020507_meOh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god! Now I don't usually like anything "sheer" because hello, my nipples are the size of dinner plates, but this baby from D&G, purveyor of youthful clothes, is soo cute!!! I love the color and the sleeves!!! Dammit, why aren't men's shirts *THIS* interesting? US$295 @ Neiman Marcus.

11. Theo Fennell Salamander brooch

Photo credit: Theo Fennell

020507_meLong favoured by London socialites, footballers' wives and Essex girls who just received a seven-figure windfall, Theo Fennell is one of the UK's top jewelers . I love this 18ct white gold, brilliant cut pavé black diamonds with ruby eyes. I think more guys should wear brooches. In fact, I think guys should raid their grandma's jewelry box and look for the quirkiest brooch they could find. The tackier the better. You can wear it on your tie, on your jacket, on your shirt, jeans, etc. Salamander brooch available at for GBP£3,404.26 (that's the tax-free price if you live outside Europe).

12. Burfitt (Lovisa Burfitt) Kate Moss tee

Photo credit: Lovisa Burfitt


This is the hotness!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Lovisa Burfitt is my obsession du jour!! She's a Swedish illustrator/designer who now lives in Paris. I love her! I love her work, I love her illustrations, I love her fashion, I love her, her, her, her and her! It was Karin from Sweden (thanks babe) who first notified me about Lovisa. In fact, Lovisa's the super gal behind the t-shirt Carine Roitfeld wore!!!! Anyway, Lovisa's cool y'all. I love her. Check out her illustrations (she does have a strange fixation with Kate Moss hahaha) at Her fashion collection can be found at Wanna know the perfect gift for me? My own Lovisa Burfitt illustration and t-shirt with my face on it hahaha. That's wayyy better than all this Kate Moss tee craze going on. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are almost slim to none. But hey... it's free to dream, right?

13. One Hit Wonder

Photo credit: 5 and a Dime


I love the t-shirts at 5 and a Dime! It's my favourite tee shop! Here's a fine confection from One Hit Wonder. I loove the suggestive poses -- soo sexy! Soo aerobic prostitute chic. Give me a pair of 5-inch Louboutins, a blond wig, a pair of 38DDD tits and that would be me right there! Tee available at 5 and a Dime for US$36. I assume they have super limited quantities for this style so phone orders only. Call USA +1.619.236.0364 and tell them I sent you.

14. Alexander McQueen cardigan

Photo credit: Luisa Via Roma


Isn't this baby quite possibly the most fabulous men's cardigan you've ever seen in the longest time? At first glance I thought it was something Hedi made for Dior Homme but the details are soo McQueen. Damn cockney home boy really hit the big time with his menswear -- there's a McQueen girl inside me but it's a shame their sizing is wayy too big (nothing new there). I used to be a big big big fan ages and ages ago -- I remember snapping up a shitload of McQueen (Jeans line... cause I'm poor haha) pieces from Harvey Nichols when he first released it. Anyyyyyyyyyway, he's been coming out with all these fantastic pieces once again... so..... I think it's time to rekindle my love for his sweaty, musky blond british bollocks. Cardigan can be yours for €746 at where else? Luisa Via Roma.

15. A. Lange & Söhne watch

Photo credit: The Watch Quote


It's free to dream, it's free to fantasize. And in my fantasies, this A. Lange & Söhne watch (Lange 1) is mine. Priced at around US$29,000, I would love to decorate my arm with this lavish yet elegant wrist candy. Anyone fancy robbing a bank? Or do all roads lead to an old, fat, hairy man with prostate cancer, ripe for a good ol' classic case of insurance fraud? In through the nose and out through the mouth. I don't know about you but some fantasies are best to remain as fantasies... HOWEVER.... as soon as you make your first million, please, for the life of god, don't forget that you have a best friend in the third world. Some people can be bought and I'm not gonna deny I'm one of them. If everything else fails, there's always lotto. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA!


I think that's all for now.

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I love you all!

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