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January 12, 2007

Bryanboy Loves... and Random Cheesemax

Bryanboy Loves... and Random Cheesemax

#1 - Bryanboy loves people from Norfolk, VA, Manassas, VA, Oak Park, IL, Lillehammer, Norway, Taipei, Taiwan, Guamchil, Mexico, Saint-Ouen, France, Mesa, AZ, Bridgewater, CT, Tartue, Estonia, Rathcoole Dublin, Ireland, Simferopol, Ukraine, Prague, Czech Republic and of course, all the gorgeous Canucks in Calgary, Canada. I love each and every one of you - say hi, don't be shy!

#2 - MY BITCH IS GOING PLACES!!!!!!!! Remember this photo of my 'pose' that super photographer Sonny Vandevelde took during the Spring/Summer 07 shows for MEEEEEEEEEE (boy do I feel vewy vewy special or what hahaha) last year? Well, guess who's definitely going places??? It's no other than Iekeliene!!! Click click click!

Photo credits: Fashion Addict Diary

Isn't she gorgeous?????? Gawwwwd. She's sooooo pretty and I'm really happy she got the Marc Jacobs campaign!


Now if only other models follow suit and EMAIL ME I LOVE BRYANBOY poses, maybe, just maybe, they'll get the best ad campaigns.

What can I say... I'm lucky lucky lucky! =) 


#3- Thanks everyone for all the warm notes and well-wishes. No, I didn't lose any of my entries because the folks at Typepad were able to recover/restore them all. Apparently my buddy Trent of Pinkisthenewblog got hacked, too.

#4 - Girls... do any you have a copy of last month's (Dec 2006) issue of the Gay Times Magazine (UK)? I've been told there's a reference on me there. They wrote a piece about good ol' Perez on page 17 and there's a reference to my lovely Faggotry in Motion videos. I think it's just a reference (nothing special) but hey, any reference on a printed publication is still a reference regardless. I used to NOT give a shit whenever I got printed somewhere but I do now -- hahahaha! I want world domination god dammit so these days, I always shit my pants everytime I see anything that has to do with me in print. So yeah. If you have a copy, please scan that page and email me a jpg at I'd appreciate it. Make me shit my pants over nothing. I dare you.

#5 - Speaking of the UK, London-based Uncle Howard sent me this adorable little piece of artwork. If only I was THAT thin. *sigh* One can only dream eh? I fucking hate AGEING and SLOW METABOLISM!!!! Ugh.

#6 - My super duper supersuper super super INFINITY super duper stickers are going places! Hahahaha! I fucking love it! From the cesspit of the third world, my stickers are now in faraway lands... 780,000 miles away... Stockholm, Sweden to be exact, in a place called "Copacabana" which is a cafe for.... get ready for this...


Hilarious eh? What can I say... I'm an equal opportunity lover. I love everyone -- man, woman, child, boy, girl, ladyboy, brown ricers, mexican lumberjacks, black, white, chartreuse, periwinkle, magenta... and that includes Swedish blonde bull dykes, too. 

Om du är en stor fet svensk lebb och såg mitt klistermärke på Copacabana, ta ett foto på dig själv när du håller det och emaila det till mig. jag är villig att ha sex med dig som återgäldning!

#7 - Say hello to Tracie from Jacksonville, Florida! Work it like you own it sweetie!

#8 - Having trouble guessing where the subway photo was taken? If you think you know the answer, click here and post your best guess. Here's another clue for you.

#9 - The MOST I've spent on a t-shirt (yes, a TEE) is $80. Ok, fine, who am I fooling... perhaps $200. Ugh.. maybe $400. Alright, if I include an embellished Dior probably about $600. Oh I dunno anymore.

Will you buy this adorable flat-tiered t-shirt sold at Luisa Via Roma? Isn't it beeeeyooootiful? I'm not particularly keen on the scoop back though because I've got super broad shoulders. Eeew. I need surgery!

Photo credit: Luisa Via Roma

Wait till you hear about the price tag.

€1025!!! That's right. 1,025 EUROS, which is around US$1,330.

For a t-shirt.

Well... it's Lanvin. Need I say more?

#10 - I can't get my mind off these shorts. Midnight Murano Shorts by Mayle. Available at Satine Boutique (I looooove this store!!) for US$365. They've been haunting me for the past week now. Gorgeous. FUCKING GORGEOUS!

Photo credit: Satine Boutique

#11 - Another Obsession du Jour of mine is Hermès' Collier de Chien bracelet. They came out with new rainbow colors in alligator (US$1,250) or suede/leather (US$850). One of my dearest friends got a cognac/caramel-coloured bracelet in CROC! It's sooo beautiful in person. Gawwwd if only I have the $$$. Sucks being poor eh? I can't afford alligator/croc atm so I'm thinking of getting a simple leather collier de chien bracelet in black. I'm gonna call a few stores later tonight as to who might have one.

Photo credit: Hintmag

Photo credit: eBay

YOU KNOW LAST YEAR, THERE WERE RUMORS THAT HERMÈS WAS GONNA OPEN SHOP HERE IN THE CESSPIT OF THE THIRD WORLD. UNFORTUNATELY LIKE MOST GOOD THINGS, RUMORS REMAIN... RUMORS. Delusions of grandeur galore or wishful thinking? Why am I fooling myself that there's gonna be Hermès here? Sad eh?

#12 - A blogger named "CD" says that a "very reliable source" told her that someone's working on bringing Swedish megabrand H&M to Manila. Any truths to that? I used to dislike H&M with a passion many, many years ago because of the poor quality of their merchandise -- but then again, it's my fault for having high expectations and I didn't take their super affordable/ultra democratic price points into consideration.

Fiiiiine I'll fess up. H&M became cool in my books the day they started collaborating with Uncle Karl and since then, I became a convert.

Happy now?

Someone bring H&M to Manila! I love em!

#13 - I'm gonna start murdering kittens if I hear ONE MORE word about the iPhone.

(Unless, of course, someone gives me one for free.)

#14 - Keep them coming! It makes my mangina most every time I open my inbox and see endless photos of your unconditional love and Bryanboy poses. I didn't make my email address known to every Tom, Dick and Harry out there for no reason. Send them to I hate waiting!!!!!!

I think that's all for now. I need my beauty sleep. I got up at 4:30AM, it's 2:08PM and I'm a tired mother fucker.

SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

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