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December 22, 2006

Love makes the world go round.

Love makes the world go round.

Allow me to introduce Michael.

Photo credit: Michael

I went to Greenhills (one of the shopping places in Manila) earlier this week to buy real freshwater/quality pearls as presents and Michael came up to me while Niklas and moi were on the queue at Coffee Bean. He asked if his friend could take a photo of me.

Naturally I said yes, of course (flash big smile) when I could've easily said "eeeew go awayyyy" but I never do that because I want people to think I'm nice.

I'm kidding. HAHAHAHAHA

My reputation is already bad enough as it is (hahhaa) and it's refreshing, for a change, to hear the odd, ocassional "oh Bryan is really nice in person" every once in a while.

Tsk tsk tsk!

I said "yes, of course" cause I'm one hell of a fuckin camwhore and it's always interesting to see how fugly I look on other people's cameras. Sometimes I feel as if my good ol' camera is defrauding me because I always, always, always, fucking ALWAYS, look pretty in pictures taken using my OWN camera. 


I said yes because it's fun to take photos blah blah blah. It takes a shitload of balls to come up to someone let alone ask if they can take a photo.

Errrm. No.

I really love it when people ask to take pictures of me because of the mileage. THINK HOW MANY PEOPLE THEY KNOW AND HOW THEY'RE GONNA brag to all their friends "oh look I got a picture with Bryanboy"!!!

I'm kidding.


I'm such a fucking whore. HAHAHAHA! Gawwwwwd. I'm soo full of shit myself and yes, I'm not desole at all. I know it's funny and I know you find it funny too.

Hahahahaha! ;)


It's really nice (and I'm HONESTLY extremely flattered) when people come up to me and tell me they read my little narcissistic shrine. I'm more than happy to get my pictures taken because it's also nice to make my readers happy, even for a tiny moment.

One thing that struck me most is the fact that Michael got all nervous etc. when he came up to me. I told him not to worry and it's perfectly ok etc. It was absolutely cute... I got a little electroshock treatment of my own, too cause I seriously thought he was gonna have a heart attack.

You know, I can't even remember the number of times people came up to me to get their photos taken (it's not a lot... that's why I can't remember. hahaha) and I've said time and time again that they shouldn't get all starstruck because really, at the end of the day I'm just... you know... a normal person. What's normal anyway? LOL.

Bah. Point is, everyone shouldn't be "starstruck" or whatever cause hello, I really don't have anything that's worth, you know, errm.. how should I say it... ugh!!!! It's soo hard to put my thoughts into writing...

Let me try this...

I really don't have anything "big" or "major" or whatever  to you know, be really proud of. I mean, I'm no celebrity, I'm not a star, I'm not a socialite, I'm no actor/actress/singer/dancer, I'm not a politician (or a politician's child), I'm no corporate bigwig, I'm not from a Forbes 500 family, I don't work in the media, I'm no Mother Theresa, I haven't saved the whales... know what I mean?

I'm not in a position (and I refuse to be in a position) where I should be "admired" or recognized etc. I don't even have talent for god's sake!!!!! Even Miss Congeniality can play musical glasses... I can't!!! Unless, of course, you count faggotry as a talent but then again, anyone with a wig can be a fag. I really hope you get my drift...

I've said it many times in the past and I'm gonna say it again. All I have is a blog. Ok, maybe, just maybe, there's a small, very small handful of people out there who read it but nothing else. I don't think it's a big accomplishment considering everyone including Eunice can start their own blog and have the world read it.

Ok, fine. Every once in a while I'll play attention whore and all but it's only for fun and nothing else.

So yeah...

I read some of the comments left on my blog earlier and it saddens me whenever I read shit like...

I have a shitload more on my email account... these are just some of the comments on my blog.

Can you imagine? I get emails/comments/text messages like that EVERY TIME I go out. EVERY TIME!!!!!

Maybe it's paranoia or whatnot but every time I go out, I always get that funny feeling at the pit of my stomach that there's people watching me.

Generally-speaking (aka most of the time), I don't give a shit.

Niklas and I went to this mall one time and people left and right were just staring at me -- why? I don't know.

It's either people thought I was a gay whore...

or I'm pretty.

I told him it's the latter. Hah!


I told him people stare... make it worth their while. Hello Harry Winston! HAHAHAHAHA!

I love it. I really do.

Except for the times when I get these weird thoughts at the back of my head.

Like, are they staring at me cause they read my blog? or am I just wayyyyyyy too gay to function... ? or perhaps I'm a walking, talking one-man freakshow? I don't think I'll ever find out.

It sucks cause sometimes I feel like I'm left in the dark. You know... people can 'see' me but I can't 'see' them.

Oh well.

I think I'll write it down on my books as 'occupational hazard'.

I really should be used to this shit by now but I can't.

And I don't think I'll ever get used to this shit either.

At least when people come up to me, I feel secure cause I can 'see' the people looking at me... know what I mean?


There goes my verbal diarrhea for the day.

Enough nonsense. Let's play a small round of fan pictionary.

Tony's lookin gorgeous. I fucking love it.

Those NYC GAYZ are something else! Nobody does it better than Nueva fucking Yorkers. Sooo fucking hot and sexy. Loves it!

Visit today!

Here's Michael and his friend Stephanie...

and Kelly from Pennsylvania.

Aimee on the other hand sent in this photo from her Christmas party...

while Kate sent a photo of her outside the Fendi boutique in Guangzhou, China. Bitch I love your bag!!!!!

Bryanboy loves Thomas from NYC -- he knows good ol' Miuccia Prada (oh yes), reads my blog. Hahaha!

Big shout out to Nurain and her sister. You guys are gorgeous!

Ooooh it's Niklas and my little sticker!

To order my sticker, visit!

It's the holiday season and I want gifts! The best gift that one could send me is a good ol' I LOVE BRYANBOY photo. Yes, I know I'm shallow so there.

As always, you know where to send em. Email [email protected].

Email me and tell me you love my hot, wet mangina. SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

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