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December 23, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Grace Jones!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Grace Jones!

Those disgusting Asian-American FOBs pretending they're black and fabulous got nothing on me and they can all lick my Filipino ass crack. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Grace Jones!!!!!!!


Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaveeeee to the rhythmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Here's the last installment of our little holiday photos...

Look how the colour of my skin matches all the wooden shit around me. AND I LOOOOOOOVE MY FUCKIN COLLAR BONES!!!!!!!! It's about time they show up. Hahaha!

The chicken wings I wrote on my blog not too long ago...

Gawd. I don't even know what to say about this one. Hahahhaa! This photo is soo wrong and sooo incriminating. You know your man is gay if they shave their pits.

Dinner at Mango-Ray: lambchops.

Whereas Niklas devoured an entire pizza.

I read the papers almost every day during our holiday - I swear to fucking god there's a pedo who got busted -- a brit, a dutchman, a belgian... and now, a swede.

What the hell is Liya Kebede doing in the third world??? Liya caught by papaz...

Work it like you own it.... just like Liya would do it.

I brought Niklas to Nami on our last day to have late lunch. It's a little resort at the end of the island and they have the BEST food (and service) in Boracay, hands-down.

Our table...

View from our table...

I also bumped into two of my acquaintances, exchanged HIs, Hellos and a little bit of chit chat. I haven't seen them in the longest time and it was definitely nice to see them again.

Anyhoo, we shared a little salad and I had some salmon.

Mmmm scrumptious!

Sooo gay!

Sunset galore...

Went back to Mango-Ray for dinner on our last night... my turn to devour a pizza. I gave up after 6 slices! I'm telling you, this silly Boracay trip is synonymous to fuckin FAT CAMP!!!!!

Me and one of those sand castle things...

Niklas waiting for me to check us out of the hotel.

Niklas: "Oh look... Swedish Massage. What's that?"

"A massage. I've had one of those but I can't remember how it works. They're all the same anyway. Besides, you're Swedish... you should know better."

Niklas: "I've never had a massage before."

Me: "Seriously?"

Niklas: "Yes."

Me: "You've never had a massage or you've never had a Swedish massage."

Niklas: "I've never had a massage before."

Me: "Never, ever, ever, ever as in ever?"

Niklas: "I told you I've never had a massage before."


Me: "Never, ever, ever, ever as in ever, infinity ever?"

Niklas: "Fuck off."

I'm soooo brown!!!!

Boat ride...

Tried to pull a Nicole on the plane....

I've seen many, many MALE flight attendants on my time and this is the first time I saw a stocky male flight attendant. Most of them are usually thin, anorexic faggots so I simply had to ask Niklas to take a picture of this guy.

I can't decide whether this guy is fat or muscular though I have a feeling HE USED TO BE A MUSCLE FAG with some sort of a career (i.e. male gigolo) then he got aids or something and he lost all those muscle cuts/rips. Now he's gotten a little on the stocky/fat side, he decided to clean up his act and become a flight attendant. What do you think? Am I right????

God. I'm sooo judgmental it's not even funny. It's fun guessing stories about other people. LOL.

Ok. Whatevs.


That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed our holiday as much as we did.

Email me and tell me you love me! My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

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