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November 16, 2006

Mail Call: Imelda Marcos Collection, NYC and How do I go to Alaska?

Mail Call: Imelda Marcos Collection, NYC and How do I go to Alaska?

Parisians aren't the only ones who mail postcards inside envelopes... Nueva Yorkers do it as well.

Postcard from Thomasco

I ran some errands the other day and got a few pieces of mail (amongst other things). In today's dizzying world of electronic communication, there's something nostalgic about receiving good ol' postcards and letters via post.

I love getting snail mail because it's always nice to look at stamps from unknown territories and faraway lands. I used to collect postage stamps when I was much, mucho younger. We're talking about thousands of stamps. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of stamps. My grandfather even gave me a mint penny black (which is the first ever postage stamp in the entire world) on my 13th birthday. British, Australian and the British Commonwealth Territories are my favourite; all their stamps are extremely colourful and oh-so-lovely.

I spent half my teenage years collecting this whole philately bullshit. In fact, I have quite a few stamp albums in storage. I only took photos of stamps I haven't organized yet. The place where I get my stamp albums ceased manufacturing the album style I use, hence all the loose sheets.

These babies require a shitload of dedication. I handle my stamps with care -- I almost never touch them with my bare hands. I use a special tweezer to attach these stamps to a little piece of 'gum paper' before I mount them into their respective albums.

I stopped collecting stamps when I discovered the internet... and compuserve. Hahaha! That was back in 1932, I think. I'm not even gonna tell you when exactly that happened but let's just say I've been jacking off to gay porn for almost a decade. LOL. I'm old!!!!!!!

I'll stay away from stamp collecting for now and revisit my long lost philately hobby in the future. Afterall, I WANNA PASS SOMETHING TO MY FUTURE ADOPTED CHILDREN. I don't want to be one of those people with empty last wills and testaments. Hahahaha! I wanna make sure my future adopted children will get something valuable from me. Some people leave expensive jewelry, trust funds and land titles to their next of kin. I, on the other hand, will leave some of my used underwear, cum-stained sheets and postage stamps! 

Enough stamp talk. Let's go back to the postcard I got from Nu Yawwwk. Thomasco wrote...

"Do you let yourself be seen in public with dirty, old white men?"


Yes and No.

Assuming I'm travelling to a place where either a) nobody really knows me or b) everybody knows me then YES, I'll let myself be seen ALONE, in public, with dirty, old white men.

But would I meet a dirty, old white man travelling ALONE here in the third world and be seen in public with him? Probably not.

It's one thing for people to think I'm one big fat brown prostitute and it's ANOTHER thing for people to think I'm one big fat brown prostitute with "EXHIBIT A" in tow.

I'm kidding.

It's funny though cause I was younger, I used to make fun of all these brown female ricers walk hand on hand with lovers about 5 decades their senior. I was like "eeew look at that sucky sucky whore I bet you my fat ass they'd make beautiful babies".

And then I realized it was wrong... very, very wrong of me to think that way.

Now that I've reached puberty, I say live and let live!



My answer to your question is YES. I do let myself seen in public with a dirty, old white man.

(Provided they buy me lots and lots of JAR, Boucheron and Graff jewels, expensive champagne and sponsor me a full-body liposuction session, of course.)

Failing that, a cup of tea and some nice chit chat will suffice. It's always, always nice to meet people, regardless of their age, race, wealth and sexual preference. =)

Moving on...

From NYC, let's go westward bound to.................................


Sitka, Alaska, to be precise.

I've always, always, always, always wanted to go to Alaska. I don't believe the whole eskimos and igloo hoolabaloo everyone taught me when I was a child. Alaska, to me, is a little piece of heaven on earth... remote bliss and tranquility chic.

I've always wanted to go on one of those Alaska cruises whatever but I never really had the opportunity to do so. Maybe the powers that be send me on an all-expense paid cruise? Hahaha!

Anyway, Krista wrote a long letter and I'll answer her by mail. She didn't include her email address. Nevertheless, I'll still snail mail her a letter. Krista you bitch, yes, you're my new pen pal!!! I'll send you a little care package from the third world!!!!

Can you imagine, Krista, her mom and all her friends religiously read my blog? BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE IN ALASKA!!!! I'll definitely come see you if ever I make it there. You just never know these days what direction the wind blows....

I also got something a little extra special. Oh yes!!!!

Lookie lookieeeeeee!!!

I finally own a piece of Mrs. Marcos!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't know how special this is for me. I have such high regard and respect for her... in spite of the brouhaha. I've been soo obsessed with her lately it's not even funny. I think she's absolutely fabulous. I'm not talking about her material posessions but the way she carries herself out in public. Oh so graceful, oh so dignified, oh so gracious! She's like Bree from Desperate Housewives except she's 500,000,000,000,000,000 times better than her.

Photo credit: Mrs. T

Give me an A, give me a Bree, give me a C, what do we have? Bree for Dig-knee-tee!!!!!

I've read several articles about her and she always got all these wonderful and colourful stories to share. Imagine the catastrophe and the horror if I had the chance to have high tea with her! Hahaha! I don't think that's ever gonna happen in this lifetime. It's a good thing it will never happen though -- I bet you my fat brown ass that she'll look at me with a magnifying glass and get all her bodyguards to throw me off the bridge for being well, not so pretty. Hahaha!

Here's another photo I stole from Mrs. T's website. I can't wait to see them in person! All of the pieces, about 800 of them, are made out of materials (and reworked) from her old accessories. Everything old is new again!

Photo credit: Mrs. T

I'm thrilled that she's coming out with fabulous accessories this weekend and I got invited to her launch. It's this Saturday.... only 2 days left!!!! I DON'T EVEN HAVE SOMETHING TO WEAR :( :( :( :( :( :( The invite says "attire: be beautiful" and I know the fabulous Mrs. M. is allergic to ugliness. I don't wanna grace her presence looking like a street tramp! *sigh* That and all the people who will be there at the event. I bet everyone's gonna be in their fashionable finery... it really sucks to be the odd one out. Hobnobbing with the wealthy and the powerful isn't my cup of tea -- I have no social skills of any kind whatsoever.

Knowing myself, I'd probably be all chicken shit come Saturday afternoon and stay at home instead.

Oh well.

More updates later! Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is SMS +63.915.785.1492. I'll be awake for a couple more hours so email me and say hi! =)

P.S. Send me postcards! Send me letters! Send me a dead rat by mail!
MCPO Box 2044
Makati City, MM 1250

PPSS. I need your help!!!! Damon and his fiancé, Melissa recently have been selected as one of the five finalists for the Allstate/ D Magazine Dream Wedding Giveaway. The contest started earlier this week and ends in a few days. I wanna see them win so be sure to vote for them!!!!!


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