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September 09, 2006

3 Months...

3 Months...

Time flies so fast it's not funny at all. I have 3 months to lose weight, have an abortion to get rid of my grotesque fat ass and bulging gut, save $$$, lose weight, get a liposuction (calling the attention of Dr. Belo, please please please get rid of all my fat for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hahaha), lose weight, get a nosejob (ok I'm kidding), save $$$, buy new winter clothes and lose weight.

I've been talking to Jakob lots the past several days about meeting up again this winter. Remember last year I was supposed to go back to Moscow after Paris so my Russian friends can teach me how to snowboard but I extended my stay? Well, if Santa's nice to me this Christmas, I might spend the last week of December (and New Year!!!!) with him and I'll finally learn how to snowboard!

I really want to learn a new sport. I've gone scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, jetskiing, you name it, but I've never gone snowboarding before! You only have one life and you might as well try as many things as you can.

He said he wanted to go to some city like Berlin/Oslo/London/Copenhagen. I know, right? It's absolutely crazy! Copenhagen is fabulous but I wanna go somewhere else! Somewhere I've never been before. I'm starting to feel that Copenhagen is our god damn Brokeback Mountain place hahaha. It's soo evil. Anyway, I'm really adamant in having a REAL winter/wintersport holiday this year. I know he's got 3 weeks as vacation after christmas and he won't have another vacation because of that military school thing.




Jakob: Because it's very cold at that time when you snowboard (you can't stay out at nights, you almost can't skii when it's too cold and so on)

Jakob: + You might be the worst snowboarder ever :D

Bryanboy: i hate you! i despise you with a passion. you're supposed to motivate me you know

Jakob: That's why snowboarding would be better in April or something, but that's harder for both of us and that's why that's not an option :/

Bryanboy: is that how you treat beginners? fine. i'll get an instructor then

Jakob: Hahah, I'm trying! 

Jakob: I'm trying to get you to learn very fast :D

Jakob: hahaha

Bryanboy: hahaha

Bryanboy: well if worse comes to worst you know you can always snowboard while i flirt with the boys. for all you know i could just end up hanging around the ski equipment rental place and just flirt with the guy behind the counter

Jakob: What if you fall and break your wrist the second day? :)

Bryanboy: accidents are NOT an option

Jakob: Hahaha, well, that wouldn't be too fun to do for 6 days? :)

Bryanboy: if i fall and break my wrist then obviously you're not doing your job as my knight in shining armor!!!

Jakob: Hahahhaah =D =D

Hemsedal, Norway

Bryanboy: FLIRTING WITH THE SKI RENTAL EQUIPMENT BOYS IS NOT FUN? are you kididng me? just stop worrying about negative things. my god, you're even worse than my grandpa.

Jakob: The only thing I'm trying to say is "beginners" snowboarding is better when it's not that cold and maybe sunny to, then you can sit down and drink some hot chocolate or something sometimes, but I guess it's just about how much you want to snowboard so if you really want to it shouldn't be any problem at all :)

Bryanboy: is it obvious that i REAAAALLLY want to snowboard?

Jakob: But if you're as my cousin (he was making us stay inside all the time because he was freezing) it wouldn't be as much fun :)

Bryanboy: chocolate brown leather hermes jacket  yay or nay?


I think I'm gonna spend Christmas with the familia de horreur this year and then I'll embark on my annual winter trip. Christmas in Paris ALONE is a nightmare. If it wasn't for that christmas fuck I had on the alleyway (click here to read the story) I would've died in Paris, France from all that joyeux noelle insanity.

Oh oh oh, remember Niklas, one of the guys I met in Stockholm?

Well, he just bought tickets to come visit the Las Islas Filipinas for 2 weeks starting on December 6! Looks like I'm gonna have to play little Miss tour guide again. I have to come up with places he can go and being the nice person that I am, I'm gonna have to take him there. He said he wanted to see fuckin rice fields, farmers, third world scenery, go the Rice Terraces (oh dear god) blah blah blah. I think it's a great opportunity for me too because I don't really know a shitload of places to go in this country.

Either way, we're definitely going to Boracay (for the umpteenth time). Cebu Pacific has a super cheap cheap fare... about US$50 return/roundtrip. We already booked our tickets!

Ooooh I'm soo excited! I'm gonna have a bitch-eat-bitch tan when I hit the snowy slopes of scandinavia!

I can't wait for December! I just have to play nice and stay away from anything that will kill me, like sleeping pills, heroin, cocaine, firearms, firecrackers, tampons, fleshlights, vibrators and dildos over the next few months.

I love you all! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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Someone stole Lindsay's orange Birkin!

TMZ has learned that Lindsay Lohan became a grand theft victim at Heathrow Airport in London on Thursday. Scotland Yard tells TMZ a "theft of a bag at Heathrow Airport was reported to police by a 20-year-old woman." Sources say the contents of the missing bag total upwards of $1 million. [Click here to read more]

Is crying the new "thing" in paparazzi shots? First it was Parasite (Bungalow 8) and now Firecrotch Lohan? I can't wait what Nicole and the Olsen Twins come up with...

Don't you just love seeing these bitches get hurt? Hahahaha!

I just love how fucked up her other Birkin bag is. My birkin pretty much looks like that. Someone just buy me a new Birkin already!


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