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August 04, 2006

Camwhore Galore: Titillating Thursday = Gas + Asian-sized Dildos + High Tea

Titillating Thursday = Gas + Asian-sized Dildos + High Tea

Yesterday was amazing. It's been ages since I last went out of the house. It was the first day in about 3 weeks that it didn't rain. It was nice to see the sun for a change though I hated it in the end cause it was FRIGGIN hot.

I need to get a healthy, active lifestyle. Something that involves getting my fat ass away from the computer because all I ever do whenever I'm here at home is eat, sleep, sit, use the net, etc. No wonder I'm ballooning to epic proportions.

It didn't rain yesterday so I took that opportunity to get out of the house. I picked up some items at my aunt's house early in the afternoon, followed by a quick trip to the gas station on my way back. I love gas stations. I really do. There's always something edible to buy at gas stations. Funny I said that cause some bitches on a British website told me once that all I ever do in life is go to gas stations and eat fast food. Whatever, right?

Maybe I should consider a career in being a gas boy? Gas is soo fucking expensive these days maybe I'll get free gas or something.


More camwhoring after the jump.

Free gas or not, I don't think I can wear that uniform so I think I'm gonna pass.

Service with a smile... only in the third world! :)


I had this weird craving for dirty ice cream so I bought this iced popsicle.


What can I say. I'm a natural born cocksucker. I like to suck anything wide, fat, thick, long and moist and I'm damn good at it.


Last gas station picture...


After the gas station, I went to 2 banks to pay my bills. Can you imagine my Mastercard bill last month is around US$250...


... and the month prior to that, I paid something like TEN TIMES that amount? I guess it pays to just stay at home and not spend anything hahaha! I told one of my friends, it's refreshing to stay at home and not spend a shitload on something other people will just pee (i.e. alcohol) or puke the following morning.


Enough cash talk. I burned sooo much $$$ this year it's not even funny. Saving money for the future is a good idea, this way, I'll be able to enjoy life's little luxuries for a long time. =) I'm the world's most pretentious asshole and being pretentious ain't cheap. Keeping up with the joneses, the richies, the hiltons and the lohans cost a lot of money, I'm telling you. When you think about it, those bitches in Hollywood probably get everything for free anyway.

I hope one day, I'll become EXTREMELY wealthy so I don't have to worry about all the nickels and dimes I've been spending. Haha!

After the bank, I went to the post office to drop off some postcards (I promised a few people I'll mail them a postcard from the third world), followed by a trip to this stationery place to get some note cards printed out. I also did a little bit of retail therapy, went to Rustan's for some cosmetics and fragrances and Topshop where I bought a shitload of things -- a couple of tops, belts, a nice navy blue clutch, etc.

I did a couple more errands here and there before going to Italian Cafe/Fast Food place Cibo for a quick afternoon snack.


I really need to get a tan top-up. I'll smother myself up in self-tanners this weekend. I'm soooo pale now and it's not funny. Maybe I look pale in photos because of the sunlight and my camera's flash? What do you think?  Hmmm...


Today's Obligatory Paparazzi Shot

Bryanboy picks his teeth ala Mischa Barton.


Eunice and moi popped by Powerbooks where I bought a book and a couple of magazines. I saw these amazingly bright-coloured pens on the counter. They're quite lovely. I have three words: Asian-sized Dildos.


I've seen a couple of Asian dicks back in my hey day and I have to say that half of them are shorter than these pens. I know I'm NOT, in any way well-hung, but sometimes, it's sooo disappointing when my dick is bigger than some of the Asian tops that I've seen. It really doesn't make any sense. When you're a cum-guzzling bottom bitch like me, you want something that's long enough to hit your prostate gland. Fuck it though. I'm all for mind-blowing sex and believe me, I'd rather have a dildo than a cock that belongs to an infant anytime. Can you tell I'm really a size queen?


Anyone into double penetration? I know I am...


I went to the Coffee Bean and Tea for the usual Vanilla Ice Blended. I really don't understand that coffee shop. I go there at least once a week or something and there's always a new person behind the counter every time I go there. God knows how often they play musical chairs. The one and only old fixture that I recognize there is the tall girl with long hair... she's the one who does my coffee all the time. She seems nice.


*sigh* Can you tell I have a pathetic life? All I do every time I go out is eat, drink, drink, drink, eat, drink, drink, drink, drink! It's soooo sad! I can get all the liposuction in the world but if all I do is drink beverages that contain 500 calories each then it's pointless!


Our last stop was the supermarket. You know how much I *LOOOOOVE* the supermarket. I bought 10 x 1.5 liters of diet coke, about 15 bottles of green tea, a shitload of lettuce (I'm gonna give this whole rabbit food diet a shot), cigarettes and some candy.

I don't care what you all say about aspartame but I know diet coke is an anorexic's best friend.

I strolled around the supermarket and came across these weird funnel things which reminded me of Madonna's cone-shaped Gaultier outfit back in the dark ages. There's one in pink...


... and seafoam green! Hahahaha!


I loooove the supermarket!


One last supermarket shot...


I went home to drop off Miss Eunice and to change clothes. I haven't seen Mrs. T. in AGES so I took her invite for high tea at the Peninsula Hotel Manila.

Photo credit: The Bag Hag

I wanted to try the scones REALLLLY bad but I ate sooo much already. I had 2 pots of jasmine tea instead. I was dripping with envy while watching Mrs. T. (SORRYY HAHAHAHA) stuff her face full with all those scones and creams!! Yummmy! I'll definitely go back there.

After the Peninsula, we went to Kuretake Japanese restaurant at Rockwell. The food there is good. I'm terrible when it comes to remembering restaurant names unless I've eaten there like 200 times or I jot it down etc. Anyway, I had a miso soup and this platter with all sorts of raw stuff. Delicious!

The camwhoring stopped here. No more pics for us but here's a shot of our bags. I used my white croisiere yesterday. I love Mrs. T's new plum-coloured lambskin large Chanel 2.55! It's sooo beautiful in person. The picture doesn't give it justice.


I would've stayed out for a long time but the stench of my driver's body odour killed my mood so I decided to go home early. I think he must have forgotten to take a shower yesterday. God knows what it was. I love the old man though.

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PPSS. Bryanboy loves Bluefly! I've been shopping at Bluefly for YEARS! I remember back in the dark ages when they were new, they used to advertise EVERY MONTH in American Vogue. They have the best-looking ads... in fact, I'll never forget one of their ad campaigns with this skinny lady in her underwear staring at her ENORMOUS wardrobe saying "I have nothing to wear" or something like that. These days, they even carry HERMES AND CHANEL!!!!!!!!!!

PPPSSS. Thinspiration picture of the day. WHY EVEN BOTHER GOING ANOREXIC WHEN YOU CAN BE SKELETAL... and still manage to do the infamous Bryanboy pose? Gorgeous. Fucking GORGEOUS! Thanks, Ellen!

THIN IS DEFINITELY IN! I love you all!

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