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June 30, 2006

Bryanboy Loves...and Random Cheesemax: Retail Therapy and More

063006_thumbBryanboy Loves...and Random Cheesemax: Retail Therapy and More

DISCLAIMER: This is QUITE POSSIBLY THE LONGEST BL...RC entry of all time so be sure to read it all.

#1 - Bryanboy loves people from Budapest, Hungary, Plano, TX, Salford, UK, Staten Island, NY, Paderno Dugnano, Italy, Paris, France, Willebroek, Belgium, Lisbon, Portugal, Chrzanw Nowy, Poland, Beijing, China, Djursholms Sby, Sweden, Rome, Italy, Sarugakucho, Tokyo Japan and of course, all the cute guys and lovely girl from Hudiskvall, Gavleborgs Lan Sweden! I love each and every one of you ya fuckin maggots. Send me "I LOVE BRYANBOY" pictures! I can never have too much of those.

New York City, BC, Canada, Rome Italy, Jakarta, Indonesia, Philadelphia, PA, Madison, Wisconsin and Singapore. Unless you're legally blind, it should be obvious to you that people all over the world love me so you, yes you, should start loving me too.



Full-sized version of these pics plus all the random cheesemax that I love after the jump.

Got some cash to spare? I went window shopping earlier and here's what I've got in store for y'all. / Firenze Seta srl#2 - I love Forzieri. It's a great alternative to the "big guns" of online luxury shopping (eLuxury, Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc) and offers a great assortment of all-Italian "not-so-known-to-the-world" goodies. If you have some serious cash to spare, buy me this gorgeous and timeless Ghibi large tote made out of Indian python (US$1,274) and AZ Collection Swarovski Crystal Beetle Brooch (US$138 - btw, I'm a sucker when it comes to brooches!). If you would like to unleash your inner label whore, there's the Roberto Cavalli Blue Signature Cell Phone Holder (US$48). After all, why buy a cheap cellphone holde when you can buy the Cavalli one, right? Unfortunately, the Cavalli cell phone holder ain't for me. I made a personal pact (since last year) that I'm gonna do my very best to avoid anything that has a logo in it. For those Paris-Hilton wannabes out there, Maschera made this embellished lavender leather & straw tote bag(US$129). I don't like it but hey, I'm sure someone would. Hahaha! It's sooo gaudy and tacky! It's pink. It's embellished. It has faux pearls... it's so Paris!


Visit Forzieri and explore their site. Use coupon code 4993FE to receive free shipping on orders of US$195 and more. Offer expires September 1, 2006. There's a lot of beautiful things for everyone and they ship worldwide. I even saw all these stripey shirts under $100 and you know how I'm a sucker when it comes to stripes. *hint*

#3 - I used to hate Lindsay Lohan with a passion. Well, not exactly hate, but I just didn't pay attention to her. I often found myself asking the question "Lindsay who?" Let's face it, freckles are the nastiest thing in the world next to warts and back acne. I'm kidding.

Anyway, I like her now. Shit, I love her! I guess it would be fair to say that my fascination with Lindsay started when she hired Hollywood stylist, Rachel Zoe. I love how La Lohan managed to break away from that "teeny bopper image", something Hilary Duff couldn't do. Fine, she DOES look like a cheap hooker on this photo but whatever. Half of the time this girl is picture perfect... except her skin.

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Smack

Look at Lindsay's chest. Ugh! Someone get her to the dermatologist pronto! Looking at that photo brought mental images of Magda, the leather-skinned woman from the film "There's Something About Mary."


Here's another closeup.

Photo courtesy of The Superficial - is offering free shipping ($25 purchase minimum) for new customers. I haven't been to this site in the longest time and it seems they, too, are carrying Obagi now! My favourite cleanser, Obagi's NU-DERM Foaming Gel, is available for US$32. It's completely worth the price because the entire bottle will last you for more or less 6 months, not to mention shopping is free, too! Other top picks include my favourite shampoo in the world, Frederic Fekkai Technician Shampoo, For Dry, Damaged Color-Treated Hair. The 16oz bottle costs US$29.50. Best shampoo EVER and it smells soo good and leaves my hair squeaky clean.... UNTIL I use hair products of course hahahaha!. Anyway, Frederic Fekkai hair products are so hard to find here in the third world.


#5 - I want Paris Hilton's sunglasses! Who made them?

Photo credit: Hollyscoop

063006_mjstameLUXURY#6 - eLuxury is having one one big sale! Some of my "sale" must-buys: Ben Amun 3-piece resin bangle set (US$19), Marc Jacobs Collection crochet v-neck cardigan (US$399... originally $995!). Anyhow, I'm contemplating whether I should buy the Marc Jacobs Collection Quilted Stam Hobo (US$1,200) or if I should wait till the entire fall/winter line comes in. There's one in black and there's one in mouse. I have the black one in my shopping cart and I'm *this* close to buying it. Decisions decisions. Ugh! I'm only gonna limit myself to ONLY 5 new handbags this fall/winter season, unlike this spring/summer when I bought about 80,590,320,575,054,375,743,857 handbags. I really didn't know what went over me. I wasn't really like this before. I mean, I'm not ORIGINALLY a handbag person. Shit, 2 years ago, I was happy with 2 Dior bags. Maybe the odd Vuitton every once in a while. Hahahaha! I'm telling you this "handbag mania" is a SERIOUS disease. Unless you're prepared to cause a major dent on your savings, do not, under any circumstances, get into this whole handbag craze. Being a shopaholic is already bad enough, a shopaholic with a designer handbag fetish is worse.

So yeah... seriously, 5 handbags this season and that's it. And to think it's only July! I'm sooo glad I invested in Goyard pieces... those are timeless and classic bags that will last forever.


#7 - OH MY GOOD QUE HORROR! What happened to my favourite celeb paparazzi site, Why is it down?

#8 - Here's another photo of Paris looking chic in London, again, with those sunglasses. She really looks hot in this photo. Take note of the Goyard bag on the side.

Photo credit: The Superficial

#9 - Have you checked Luisa Via Roma lately? Lots of gorgeous accessories. The bad news is, most of their fall/winter stock won't arrive until August or September. I guess it's not so bad at all cause that will give me some time to save money hahaha... and then of course, there's a shitload of gorgeous jackets and coats at Dior Homme! Ugh.


Dior Homme is great for its suits, jackets and tailoring. I don't like most of their casual stuff. Soo emo uniform!

#10 - Speaking of emo, remember that old video made for emo kids? It never fails to bring a smile to my face when I'm depressed. LOL.




#11 - I've been too busy to keep track of the recent menswear shows in Milan. A quick trip to fixed my menswear curiosity. What the friggin hell was Ms. Giannini (for Gucci) thinking with those micro shorts? Click here to see more.


I'm completely torn on how I feel. I really don't like the look. High hemlines and men are pretty much like oil and water: they do not mix at alL! Imagine a pair of micro shorts and a pair of hairy, man legs?

It's just not right!

I like this one though, EXCEPT the vest and that little scarf thing. The striped shorts are gorgeous, the skinny legs and the sandals. Reminds me of Kate Moss and Nicole Richie. The little bracelet accent is lovely, too. Maybe I'll wear a white t-shirt or a tank with that look. Definitely no torso exposure from my end. I'm too obese for words.

I think all this hatred is coming from the fact that my legs are like hairy tree trunks and my knees look awful from all the accidents I had when I was a child. Unless I get a liposuction, a wax job and a pair of new knees, you won't see me wear micro shorts in the public.

#12 - Big shout out to some of the people who love me! Y'all know where to send imagery of your love (and the infamous Bryanboy pose). Email





#13 - Random Cheesemax on the net...

  • Kate Moss is back with Burberry [Just Jared]
  • Louis Vuitton featuring Kate Moss on F/W 06/07 ad campaigns. Not really keen on the tacky bags. [via Fashionologie]
  • Black Eyed Peas got involved in a bar brawl. Oooh all those bloody heads. [Socialite Life]

#14 - OMGLOL. I HATE YOU ALL! How come no one has told me about Satine Boutique? It's totally my NEW FAVOURITE SHOP online!!!!

#15 - My favourite Swedish clothing label, Acne Jeans, is now producing sunglasses! There's definitely a really for me to come back to Sweden again. [via HintMag]


I think that's enough purging for the day.

I don't know what's happening to me. I think I'm deteriorating slowly but surely. I'm getting fatter and fatter, my facial hair is being a pest (I now have to shave my face every 2 or 3 days... sooo annoying), I'm having these chest pains as if my lungs are about to give up on me yet I still smoke like a chimney. I was gonna go to the dentist yesterday to get my teeth cleaned but I have an ingrown hair on my jaw.

Bah! Shit happens.

It's 8AM and I'm trying to decide to go to the hospital today to get myself checked... or not. God I'm sooo lazy!!!

I love you all though. Email me and try to make me feel better. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492. I don't care wherever you are in the world just make me feel good.


PS. Discuss this blog post on my Online Discussion Forum.

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