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May 09, 2006

Bryanboy Loves... and Random Cheesemax

050906_papBryanboy Loves... and Random Cheesemax

#1 - Bryanboy loves people from Parla, Madrid Spain, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Rixensart, Brabant Belgium, Cardiff, UK, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Vanda, Finland, Eschborn, Hessen Germany, Bangkok, Thailand, Cape Town, South Africa, Bischwiller, Alsace France, Beveren, Belgium, Hemiksen, Antwerpen Belgium (Jesus, a ton of Belgian readers eh?), Valla, Sweden and of course, all my loverboys and fag hags in Vienna, Austria. I love each and every one of you. Say hi, don't be shy!

#2 - Oh dear. I seriously wish I knew what (or should I say WHERE) I gotten myself into. You see, a little over a year ago, not too many people in this country knew who I was. Errr, ok, I'm not insinuating that a lot of people know me now, but compared to last year, the people who know my name these days got multiplied by several hundred, if not thousands... perhaps tens of thousands. People from all sorts of backgrounds - rich, poor, middle class, pretending to be rich (like me), pretending to be poor (also like me), whatever.

I'll never forget those times when I'd go to clubs and parties and many, many people would introduce me to many, many people and I'd say "hi", go all shy and make a complete fool of myself. (BTW, I still haven't learned... I STILL make a fool out of myself.). I'd be FILTHY FUCKING rich if I got a dollar every time someone said "I've heard sooo much about you" or "I've heard about your blog". Heck, a lot of people even introduced themselves to me. It's all fun and good and I have absolutely no regrets because I get to meet people... something I've NEVER done before... and to think, I NEVER talk to anyone UNLESS they approach me. I'm not the type of person who would introduce myself to anyone. I just can't.

050906_meThere were sooo many names. Names, names, names, names, names. People, who, at that time, I had no clue as to who they are. I was sooo stupid and clueless. I've got no one else to blame back then for being clueless because I don't read newspapers or magazines. For instance, there was a time when I asked someone (who was just introduced to me) why people are approaching her left and right, every 5 seconds. She'd pull me in one quiet corner and we'd talk for HOURS so people won't disturb our lovely conversation.

Oh I don't know anymore. When you somehow made a name for yourself (in spite of how people perceive you) and when your goal is to create a new world order through faggotry (hahaha), I guess it's inevitable for people to talk about you. It's one of those things that come with the package and the price you pay for being known by a lot of people.

(I didn't wanna use "well-known" or "famous" because I like to pretend I'm humble. Humility is next to cleanliness and cleanliness is next to godliness. HAHA!)

I guess one could only take so much crap. I got fed up a couple of days ago on some internet forum so I asked why some of them can't stop talking shit about me. I told them that I'm a nobody; I'm no actor, celebrity or socialite and I certainly don't deserve their trash and fallacies. Their attention is better directed towards someone else, someone even more high-profile than me.

And then out of nowhere, there's someone out there using me to wipe the floor of the house that I don't even belong. I really don't understand what they get out of it.

I have to admit I had a good laugh when I saw that website.

Ok, I lied.

I initially cringed in shock and horror, shed some tears and called a few friends at first and then I realized should just take it lightly. Afterall, FAMOUS and FABULOUS people get talked (and trash talked) all the time. I'm just disappointed that it's now getting REALLY personal.

These people obviously have far too much spare time in their hands. I suggest that they fine-tooth comb my website. I doubt they read my plea 3 months ago on how I wanted to be adopted by someone with ill-gotten wealth.


Hmm.. I gave it some thought and how I *SERIOUSLY* wish I was a son of a corrupt army general.

Imagine me hitting the third world high streets in my own Maybach or Bentley with 3 bodyguards in tow, all paid for by Filipino taxpayers. I'd have a super fine, kick-ass degree at a top NY school under my belt and I wouldn't be sooo ashamed on how "modest" my grandfather's grave is.

Shit, if these people only knew how much angst I've got against my boring brown clan because we don't have a maosoleum!!!!!!!

Anyway, a few people told me to just ignore it because the more I show my vulnerable side, the more likely they'll provoke and attack. It's sooo hard to ignore it though because I'm new to this level of viciousness. It's one thing to be trash-talked by 2 or 3 people and it's another thing to be trashed in a larger scale.

I guess all I have to do at this point is learn how to deal with it with a white glove and (pretend or try to) show everyone I'm above such crap.

It's hard but I know I'll manage.

Please tell me I'm good at trying to get sympathy. I've always wanted to play the po' little rich boy drama act except I'm not rich. I want to see whether it will work for me because I know it worked for other rich people HAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm kidding.

#3 - You guys certainly know how to make a fag happy. It really is comforting to know that there's people out there who read my gospel, wherever they are in the world. Norway, California, Florida, Philippines and Singapore.







#4 - Oh my good lord. Lookie lookie at what I got via email!!!!!! There you have it. Your love has definitely reached record-breaking levels. This is too much!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Nothing can beat a big brown ass from hell!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!




#6 - Random Cheesemax on the net...

  • click here | No, there's no way Paris and I can be a couple. That would be like incest.
  • click here | Am I the only one disgusted at Clay Aiken? I literally can't stand seeing his face. Someone just burn this guy alive.
  • click here | Victoria Beckham is the reason why I want to have plastic surgery.
  • click here | Meet the 24-hour, 6-foot-6 party person. And no, she isn't a tranny.
  • click here | Meet the Olsen twins' male counterparts. Twice the money, twice the fun!
  • click here | Kate Moss to start her own clothing line?
  • click here | Check out Catherine Malandrino's online boutique
  • click here | Take a look at Prince Harry's crotch. God I wanna give it a good fondling.


Pic courtesy of my favourite celeb paparazzi photo site,

050906_tank#8 - Flex that plastic and shop, shop, shop!

  • click here | I LOVE this tank top. Cute online store from Australia. Super cheap, too.
  • click here | BORROW, I repeat, BORROW, the biggest brands in designer handbags.
  • click here | Cute ipod cases from Fred Flare.
  • click here | I'm eyeing those denim shorts from Frost French. Thing is, I've got hairy legs!
  • click here | I kinda like this Luella bag. £795 from this lovely online store called "Little London".

#9 - Check out the Bryanboy Forums for Podcast #005's tracklistings. Visit

#10 - I'm sorry but La Lohan has grown on me. I used to hate her but man, she really is my guilty pleasure. I don't care if she's got a ton of freckles... I love HER!! I'd die if she did a Bryanboy pose and hold an "I LOVE BRYANBOY" sign pic. Hahahaha!

#11 - Check out NYC's Social Elite Power Ranking. Tinsley Mortimer, I love you.

I think that's all for now.

Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492. I love you all!


PS. Discuss this blog post here.

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