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November 16, 2005

Supermodels are Lonelier Than You Think

Supermodels are Lonelier Than You Think


Behind that smirk is someone who suffered from chronic boredom yesterday.

Yesterday was ridiculous.

Beijing is massive... and I mean M-A-S-S-I-V-E.

There's construction going on all OVER the place, the roads are enormous and you need a car in order to surive. One huge building after another with a mile's worth of travel in between.

Everything is so far from each other. For instance, it took me about 45 minutes on the cab (traffic jam) to go to the mall.

I was supposed to go to fucking Tianamen Square but I couldn't be bothered.

I thought "oh fuck it".

I ended up going to the mall. Lagerfeld Gallery, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Vuitton and Chloe.

And Starbucks.

Oh yes - had a grande iced latte when it's fucking 5 degrees centigrade out.

Cold coffee and cigarettes first babe before comfort.

The only thing that brightened up my day yesterday was this old American lady who told me "THOSE BEADS ARE SOMETHING. THEY'RE GORGEOUS!"

I politely told her: "Thanks, they're made in the Philippines and exported to Urban Outfitters for $10 each. Can you imagine? I live in the Philippines and bought them from the internet in the USA!!"

She laughed and told me they're very very lovely.

Other than that, my toes are sore from all the walking. My amex card has been abused - that fox fur stole from Lagerfeld was DIVINE.

I have never been SO fucking alone in my entire life; I swear I wanted to go home yesterday.

I ended up having room service (see below) and had 2 xanax then went to sleep by 10PM.


I got up at 7AM today.

I have a car to pick me up in about an hour and yes bitches, I'm GOING to the GREAT WALL!!!!

I just need to take a shower and wait for my shit to to come out - need to poo everything I ate yesterday.

More updates later.

I love you all!

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