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November 30, 2005

Stockholm Here I Come!, Piramida, Red Square at Night (and Moscow by Day)

Stockholm Here I Come

Just a couple more days to go and I'm off to Stockholm. I just sent a majority of my clothes to be laundried and I'm busy packing my shit before sending some of it via Federal Express.


As you can see, FedEx is a traveler's best friend; Why pay a ridiculous amount in excess baggage when you can send your stuff in advance to your hotel and have all your stuff waiting for you when you arrive?


After all, I intend to set foot in Europe with nothing but empty suitcases and only my Goyard bag as hand luggage.

I have this nagging feeling in my gut that my gal pal from the third world, Tina D., ain't coming to Europe after all. I mean, it's already November 30 and she still hasn't submitted her visa application to the French Embassy. We're supposed to meet each other in Paris mid-December.

Oh I don't know. To be honest, I'm NOT even supposed to go to Europe. She persuaded me to join her because she hates the people she's supposed to go to Paris (ok, she doesn't really hate them, but she said they don't have any money and their attitudes are crap). LOL.

Fuck it though. I'm sure I'll have a blast whether or not she decides to push through. I spoke to her yesterday night and in all seriousness, I don't think she's gonna come.

Oh well - that means I'll get to have my room solely to myself (yay) and that means I'll get to have a shitload of space for interracial sex orgies, drug-fuelles highs and of course, prime storage space for my conspicous consumption aka shopping.

I'm kidding. Bah!!!!


Natalya, Mark and moi went to Piramida yesterday evening to meet yet another one of Natalya's friends. His name is Oleg and he's an actor (theatre) here in Moscow.

(My black assymetrical top is from Balenciaga)



The Russians are really a nice, friendly and hospitable bunch.

They'd introduce me to their friends, treat me food/dinners/rides/vodka, invited me to a birthday celebration, brought me to their work places, drive me around town etc. They're all oh so wonderful and they knew how to take very good care of me.

I can't believe I'm leaving Moscow in 3 days and the thought of doing so brings tears in my eyes.

Travelling solo has its ups and downs - the ocassional pang of loneliness and homesickness etc. but it's all worth it in the end.

I get exposed to soo many cultures, see soo many different things, meet all sorts of people from all walks of life.

Bah. I don't want to be emotional. Last time I've checked, I've got the soul of a dirty brown bitch and a heart made out of fine murano glass Italian marble.

Red Square at Night (and Moscow by Day)

Just got back here at the hotel and it's only friggin 6:12PM. These pictures were taken at around 4 and it's already fuckin dark. Ugh. Winter eh?


Can you believe it's only 4 degrees celsius? Apparently this winter is one of Moscow's warmer winters. By this time the city should be covered in a blanket of snow. Ya gotta blame global warming and old women matronairs who use airspray to keep their fuckin bouffants alive.


Yes, that's a real monkey I'm holding in his/her winter regalia. Now THIS is real animal abuse, not me and my chinchilla fur; these monkeys must be fuckin freezing their balls off. Where the hell are those PETA fuckers when you need them.


I look sooo pale on that photo. I think it's the camera flash... it's too bright. Also, my skin is AWFUL! I haven't had a facial in about 2 weeks now. I need beautiful skin when I get to Paris. Hell, I NEED cosmetic surgery AND a facial cause I sooo don't have a fuckin jawline. UGH.


Believe it or not, I saw the SUN for the first (or second) time ever since I got here 2 weeks ago.

(view from my room)

Photos below were taken at Pushkinskaya Square where there's a political demonstration whatever. It's election time here in Moscow.


Yeah, like I care about fuckin politics. The only thing I like about politicians are their excesses, wealth and unlimited access to public funds.


I'm 23 years old and I haven't even registered to vote let alone vote for anyone.


All politicians in my side of the third world are the same - they're all old and they smell like soil on a rainy day. I should be the president you know... I'll make my land sooo beautiful the first thing I'll do is MASS CASTRATION and VASECTOMY for all males over the age of 13 and GENOCIDE just to get rid of all the bad and ugly elements of today's society.

Everyone heil Bryanboy!


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