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November 25, 2005

Golden Apple, Oh I Fucking Don't Care, Hell Yes!

Golden Apple

I've checked in at Moscow's super-duper (I hate the prefix "uber") modern hotel, the Golden Apple.

It's friggin 4:33PM and I'm already tipsy.

I just finished lunch at their restaurant - I asked for a gin tonic and my glass pretty much consisted of gin... almost NO tonic.

Hey - it's free booze. at a hotel. I ain't complainin. LOL.




Contrary to what it looks like (I know what you're thinking - it looks like a fuckin mental institution on pictures), it's actually quite nice and modern. I like how the room key controls everything, including the elevator. It even makes this robotic sound whenever you insert the key on various holes throughout the hotels. It's fun!



You can bombard me if you want with all your animal lovin photos and videos but I'm a fucking insensitive, heartless, evil bitch - I'll wear my furs loud and proud (yes, that includes carcasses and face-less foxes such as my scarf above).

They're soft, they're warm and I love them.

Enjoy these imagery I found on google. I LOVE THEM. I hope you'll love them too as much as I do.



I will NEVER, EVER apologize (or feel guilty) for:

1) sashaying the catwalks of the world with leather shoes
2) indulging on scrumptious steaks
3) buying leather handbags... or bags made out of exotic skin
4) enjoying McDonald's hamburgers
5) wearing some of the world's most fabulous cashmere and woollen items
6) last but not the least, wearing furs.

Whatever you say, whatever you do, I'll do things that I'll love and enjoy without feeling remotely guilty.

I can do whatever I want.

If that includes throwing a bucket-full of pig's blood on my chinchilla, then so be it.

(I think that would be fabulous.. think of the additional color and the avant-garde touch!)

All I can say is...




Hell Yes!

Just scanned some of the comments on my blog.

* but it surely will never buy you happiness or satisfaction of life that others but not you can achieve.

* truly, all the money in the world can't buy you peace and happiness.


I have never been happier in my life.

In fact, shit man, I am SO happy, satisfied and contented. Sometimes I actually feel whether or not I deserve it all.

How about YOU?

Perhaps all the money in the world can't buy **YOU** happiness. or satisfaction.

But in my case, it can.

You know why?

Because I NEVER, EVER look for true happiness and satisfaction in material stuff.

It's all temporary and instant gratification.

True happiness and satisfaction (at least in my case) comes through different methods.

I'm blessed to have a fantastic family (and personal support system) who is behind me 120% of the time.

... and of course, the ABILITY to DO and GET most of what I want.

(which I'm sure you are soo fucking jealous of)

On that note, I've fulfilled my mission.


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