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November 23, 2005

Fuck You, Bitch!

Fuck You, Bitch!

"ur blog is sooo going down hill. the contents r getting boring, u hv no friends wotsoever and u look extremely lonely. ur shopping habit seems to have slowed down and why would such an "extravagant" person like you opt for a free shitty hotel room."


I don't care if my blog is going downhill.

I blog for myself, not for others.

This is MY diary, my JOURNAL, my blog. I document what I do on a daily basis, my thoughts, etc. so when I turn 75 years old and wear Oscar de la Renta, I'll have something to laugh at.

You're just a guest on this website. NOBODY is fuckin forcing you to read my blog.

In fact, why do you have to come back again... and again... and again if my posts bore you and if my blog is going downhill.

I don't care if I have any friends whatsoever - I don't need to be dependent on others just to make myself happy. I am my OWN support system. Sure, it may be lonely sometimes but fuck, I can stand on my own two feet.

Contrary to what you think, I LOVE my free crappy hotel room. The room that I got usually costs US$380 per night. Check it out yourself. and search for room rates in Moscow.

I love this hotel because the service here is really good.

Besides, it means I've spent the equivalent of your ANNUAL income to one night's worth of free accommodations in exchange for points.

I'm staying here for a couple of nights.

I probably have spent a ten-fold of your income just for a week's stay at this hotel.

So shut your poverty-stricken ass and go shop at Wal-mart... or Asda... or Lidl.

This blog ain't about shopping. If that's all you're after, go find some personal shopper's blog.

When was the last time YOU bought anything anyway. Probably never.

I can smell poverty from afar and it's definitely your fuckin food stamps and welfare checks!

Ugh. I hate people on the dole.


I just got back from dinner at Akademiya restaurant with my gal pal Jane. Took a quick look at Diesel and Zara, bought an oversized cardigan and some jeans.


I need to take a bath. Ugh!

More updates later.


P.S. Just fuckin wait till I get my ass to Paris and Milan. I'm going to raid the damn city like a proper Russian shopper.

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