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July 17, 2005

Funky Friday, Meet Gian, Male Models, Impulse Shopping

It' Sunday, early early morning and I just got up about an hour ago. I pretty much spent my entire Saturday, sleeping. Entire day gone to waste. I got home at around 1 or 2PM yesterday. I can't for the life of god, exactly remember as I didn't pay attention to the time. Anyhoo, I'm feasting on a bar of cadbury dairy milk because I have a sugar craving. No wonder I'm getting fat.

Onto the juicy bits, shall we?

My designer buddy Gian and I checked in at Linden Suites on Friday afternoon because it was the same day as his overhyped/well-promoted/much anticipated fashion show.


That's a Gian Romano tank top I'm wearing ova there, paired off with gray Neil Barrett jeans and a Dior Homme jacket. Anyway, Gian's been working on his collection for god, 4-5 months, after he did his internship with As Four in NYC.


To be honest, I haven't had the chance to take photos of the clothes/models on the runway because everything was sooo fast. I thought the menswear bit are much much better, and stronger than the womenswear, particularly the jackets. My favourite piece has got to be this black women's biker-type jacket etc. It's got such good construction and tailoring.

I saw some of my old-time, the usual, model friends (Razel, Ria, Amy) backstage:



I'll probably post pictures of the collection once it's out on the papers. Overall I think it was a hit. Congrats Gian for the good work --  I hope everything sells out so you'll have the dough for our little trip this fall. ;)

After the show, we all went back to the hotel to chill-out, change outfits and relax. We went to Cafeteria for a quick meal before going to Embassy, ugh, as usual. Everyone, for some reason, ends up at Embassy one way or another.


Saw quite a few familiar faces and a couple of new ones. It's all good. I even had a girl come up to me telling me she reads my blog; I thought that was sweet. I was sooo drunk (and well, whatever) that night nothing registers on my mind anymore. But yes, I thought you were fun -- so please, when you can, email me to say hi. ;)

There was even this really really cute short midget-type guy who was behind me in the queue on the toilets. I forgot his name. I thought he had nice teeth.

And I thought he was sweet because after using the toilets, he came up to me to hand back some rolled paper note I left at the toilet. Not that it mattered anyway, it was less than $2! LOL.

And then there's this couple, Victor and Jenn. Victor is one of those male models that Gian used for the show. That's right my friends, "male model".


I'm probably gonna get flack for this but seriously, what is the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you hear the term "male model"? In my case it's not even zoolander.

It's like whenever I hear that term, I get instant

hallucinations... visions... mental images of tall,

gigantic steroid-taking, gym-bunnying, rock-hard

abs, ogres who take off (and of course, wear)

their clothes, all in the name of "male beauty",

a concept that I kind of don't understand.

I'm sure you all know the stereotypes -- the ones who would use their bodies to befriend, blackmail and sleep with any faggot booking agent, designer, scout, photographer, PR person, society matron, industry fanatics, whatever, just to get some work. And since their careers don't last too long, they all end up being hiv-infected prostitutes, waiters, failed actors, or worse, porn stars.


I dunno. I just find them kind of intimidating in a way. Big bodies and all. Ugh! Or maybe I'm just used to hanging out and seeing girl models. Either way, whatever. It's just me being judgmental.

But Victor and his girlfriend were nice. We had small chats here and there and Victor was kind of suggesting that I get a hobby of some sort. Well, my blog is my hobby and I kinda like to shop. Does that count? Hahaha. I didn't know how to answer that one to be honest.

And fuck the gym. Oh yes, fuck the gym.

I kinda had a fight with Gian because I was too fucked up in the hotel. He wanted to sleep that bad (after clubbing/nose powdering) but being the insomniac that I am, I stayed up all day packing my stuff and being all noisy etc.

And then there was the little drama with Razel. Oh well.

Anyhoo, my driver arrived late, something like 12 or whatever at the hotel, then we dropped Gian off at home, then went all the way down south to drop Jenn and Victor home. Had another trip at McDonald's -- simply couldn't resist having a nice, good ol Big Mac after all that crap.

I hope I'll patch things up with Gian. Soon. Otherwise, I'll just confine to my newly purchased Balenciaga bag for now -- Michael Salientes, you are **such** a bad influence.



Baboosh for now.

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