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July 20, 2005

A little fugly trip down the memory lane.


Let's face it. We're all human. And all

humans have fugly moments.

Sadly, some fugly moments are better than others', like Kate Moss-Doherty's.

And you old farts, particularly the ones from the baby boomer era and everyone who pretty much survived Tropical Cyclone EIGHTies, also have fugly moments too. I'm sure Nan Kempner, may her soul and spirit be wandering around with her Amex card at Yves Saint Laurent, also have her fugly moments too. Fuck beauty, glamour and chic. For now at least.

Let's all embrace the inner fugly from within and

take a quick fugly trip to downtown memory lane

shall we?

After a 2-day no talk, no mistake, Paris-Nicole fight enchalada with my friend Gian, we finally aligned our crystal balls over the phone earlier ala Miss Cleo and La Toya Jackson. We catched up on our usual goss and reconciled. I can totally understand that you are simply taking care of me -- I know and it's sad that sometimes I simply just can't accept my limitations and I know you just don't want me to get OD'ed again. So.... I'm sorry. I really am.

Anyhoo he's been getting a lot of press (Manila Bulletin), press (, press (Manila Bulletin again) and press (Manila Times) lately about his latest collection. He's pretty much on every newspaper, with the Inquirer and Star features coming up later this week. Keep it working bitch.

He threatened me over the phone that he will never, ever, ever, ever, ever talk to me again if I post this.

Limitations again sweetie? Ugh!!!! I really need to learn when to stop.

I think you'll see it in a good light. And here's my apologies IN ADVANCE. Gian, I really am sorry. There. But fuck it babe, I simply cannot resist. It's amazing how you've lost major calorification back from 1999 to now. How long have I known you for anyway? 7 years? since 1998? I dunno. God we're old. Bah. Click the picture for a larger version. You were sooo cuddly back then. And I was/still sooo gay....

Proof that some things never change. HAH!


I have another incriminating fugly picture of Gian but I won't post it anymore. Only when we get into a disagreement again and at which point I'll use it to blackmail you. Minimal mistake, minimal damage, minimal impact. I love you buddy!

Now, onto the main course.

You see, about 5-6 years ago, I had it all.

A complimentary membership to Purgeaholics Anonymous.

Emaciated arms that would put the SkeleTwins to shame.


A 22-23-inch waist that can even go down to 21 inches on a good day.  A size 38 Gucci or a size 0 would be BAGGY to me.

Gawd. I can't believe I was soo skinny back then.

Here's another FUGLY photo. This was like almost a decade ago? Who knows. Definitely before I saw the light. This one is so worthy of an International Award for Crimes to Fashion.


Don't I look so anime on this one? fuck, I'm even MORE anime than pokemon.

On a different note, my usual dose of rivotril pretty much knocked me out the entire day. I had just gotten up after *gasp* 12 hours of sleep.

Those folks at the Lil Kim forums are a blast. Registration required. Bryanboy loves y'all over there. What's funny though is this certain mongrel called "Hella". I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh when someone told him he looks like "an ET PHONE HOME WRECKAGE". Gawd. That really made me laugh for HOURS.


Lip gloss anyone?

I'm done with my infatuation now. Obsession is more expensive than Love. But screw Obsession cause it's Calvin Klein. I'm no Brooke Shields or Kate Moss.

Besides, we all know Raul Bova and Chris Evans are mortals. They're not worthy of me.

One more picture of them and off to the mental ward I go.

Oh god Raul just fuck me already. Ugh. *weeps*

I need a pair of Boucheron sunglasses. Yep. Boucheron.

Thanks to my new friend from Mexico, I now have a new handbag to lust for, courtesy of Nancy Gonzalez. Love the exotics and love the white python clutch. *ponders* It's not often I succumb to temptation.

This particular message goes to a person who know who **HE** is. Yep, it's a **HE**.

Don't do anything that I won't do.

Now that has been said, let's go back to our regular programming.


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